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Programmed deep beneath the surface
in the Homebrew Heaven underground lab,
Good Deal Games is proud to present our

1vs1: Baseball, 1vs1: Pro Tennis, 1vs1: Three Point Play, 2048, 2nd Dimension, Acid Trip,
A.I. Project, Alien Attack, Alien Revenge, Asteroid Rescue, Backyard Football, Chase It!,

Clyde's Revenge, Cyplix
, Cyplix II: Kepone's Revenge,
Drakon Croisade, E.T. Book Cart,

E.T. Return to Earth, Escape It!, Fail Boat, Fish FIght, Goblin Chaser, Hot Box, Kar Kombat,
Keepaway, Kite,
Kung Fu Combat, Kung Fu Combat 2, Miss It!, MissAdventure, Monster Ball, Pickle, Pro Bowling, Pro Golf, Road Duel, Rocket Pod,
Root Beer Pong, Shield Shifter, StripOff!,
The Shaman, Sunset Drive, Talvisota, The Realm of No!,Traffic Cop, Wedding Cart,
and The Wisconson Political 2-Pack: MacIver & Balloon Protest.

Plus, we have the EXCLUSIVE license to


and the home of the

3D Ghost Attack, 3D Genesis, 3D Havoc, Atom Smasher, Depth Charge & S.A.C. Alert

and now the only distributor of Packrat Videogames
Muncher, Poseidon, Spaceman Splorf, Venture II, and a dozen more!

  1vs1: Baseball

This is baseball like you played as a kid. Pretending to be in "the big leagues" while playing with "ghost players" because your pal Mikey was grounded and little Johnny couldn't come out and play. No fielding and base running here, you get the glory of pitching or being always at bat.

For one or two players. Limited to only 20 copies.
Originally meant to premiere at CORGS CON 2020 (cancelled due to COVID19)


  1vs1: Pro Tennis

Choose between a clay or grass court and then try your best to ace a power serve. Skillfully place your shot - try to sneak the ball past your opponent, or try to lob it over his head.

For one or two players. Limited to only 20 copies.
Originally meant to premiere at CORGS CON 2020 (cancelled due to COVID19)


  1vs1: Three-Point Play

Compare the new 1vs1 to Atari's own 1978 original and be blown away by the difference. This new rendition is programmed from the ground up and utilizes 16k to bring you a realistic basketball experience.

Fans of Mattel's 1978 Handheld Basketball and One on One Basketball with be amazed when they see a similar game running on the Atari VCS! Better yet, it is THREE GAMES IN ONE: Horse, One on One, and Around the World!

Limited to only 25 copies.
Premiering at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo (PRGE) October, 2019.




In this sliding block puzzle game, you must slide numbered tiles on a grid to combine them and create a tile with the number 2048. Think of it as Candy Crush for math geeks!




  2nd Dimension, The

Todd wants to go back in time by any means possible to attend a Black Sabbath Concert in the 1970's. Todd acquired some rare earth crystals from a witch on Whyte Avenue and some S.E.T.I. technology he found disposed of behind his apartment building. Todd journeyed to mountain in the south to open what he thought would be a time portal. Little did Todd know that in fact the portal would open up a gateway not to the past, but to the 2nd Dimension. You are Todd and with your (ahem) found laser rifle have entered the 2nd Dimension. There you must do battle with various flying 2nd Dimensional Entities to save Earth from this most hostile invader.

This is an unreleased homebrew title from 1995.
I refer to it as a "poor man's GORF!"

Download the MANUAL



3D Ghost Attack

They say the mansion is haunted. But nobody really knows for sure. And you've just got to find out. Armed with your photobeam, you begin your search. Suddenly, there's a flash of light. Then another. And another. They're all around you, coming from walls, doors, windows, everywhere. You reach for your trusty photobeam. Now somebody knows for sure...

This was originally planned as a pack-in cassette game for Amiga's Power Module peripheral, and would have been the first-ever 3-D game for the Atari VCS/2600… and it still is! It was later planned to be 1 of 3 "3-D" games on Power-Play Arcade cart #1. It was programmed by Mike Glass, and Jerry Lawson implemented the use of 3-D. 3 different prototypes exist – each being a different level of the game. Unfortunately, none of the prototypes are 100% complete, but 2 are playable. Everything is included on this cartridge for the sake of completeness. The cart utilizes the same menu program that was originally created for the Power-Play cart, and modified to run the 3 Ghost Attack prototypes separately. As an added bonus, each game includes a set of 3-D glasses!

Only 100 boxed & numbered copies were produced. This is a 16K cartridge.



3D Genesis


In the far future, the planet is overrun with enormous, super insects, who fiercely battle each other for survival. You've chosen a side to fight for, and the enemy has been funneled into a deep crevice, but now you're outnumbered. You put their numbers to the test.

They say the meek shall inherit the Earth, but how long can you defend it?

This is a Tempest clone, but with some unique differences. It was originally planned to be 1 of 3 "3-D" games on Power-Play Arcade cart #1. A screenshot was shown in a catalog for Amiga's Power System, but no description was included. It was programmed by Dan McElroy and Jerry Lawson implemented the use of 3-D. The game appears to be complete. As an added bonus, each game includes a set of 3-D glasses!

Only 100 boxed & numbered copies were produced. This is an 8K cartridge.




3D Havoc

Your stellar cruiser begins to shudder as the hyperwarp drive suddenly cuts out. Slowing down, you realize you've entered an asteroid field. A BIG asteroid field. You bolt for the high-density laser-pulse inverter. Your only chance is to blast your way out. And you'd better start now...

This was originally planned to be a cassette game for Amiga's Power Module peripheral. It was later planned to be 1 of 3 "3-D“ games on Power-Play Arcade cart #1. Jerry Lawson implemented the use of 3-D. The game is close to being complete, but after reaching the end, it cycles back to the 2nd screen where it runs forever. As an added bonus, each game includes a set of 3-D glasses!

Only 100 boxed & numbered copies were produced. This is an 8K cartridge.


  Acid Trip

You have just taken a hit of some experimental acid found in a recently uncovered US research lab from the 1960's. Suddenly you find yourself transported from Earth to the micro-universe on the Atari 2600 Plane of Existence. You find that your body has changed from that of a human to an undead ghost. You have the ability to shoot power pellets out of your head at the various villains who wish to rid you of your unlife. Adventure Dragons chomp at you with their decapitated duck-like heads. Combat tanks approach you as you wonder what this all means. Why does E.T. want to destroy you? And why do the other undead ghosts attempt to eat you? This micro-universe is quite strange and exciting. Perhaps there is a meaning to this after all.


  A.I. Project

We are proud to present the A.I. Project, which is the first Digital Life Form for your Atari 2600 Video Game System. Watch your Sea Cy-Ghost swim around its surroundings gobbling up food, sleeping, and playing. The Sea Cy-Ghost will also react with you via your Joystick. But don't worry, it is friendly. Get your very own Sea Cy-Ghost today.



Alien Attack

You are defending the colony from Alien Attack.

You must defeat 16 waves of 6 aliens to save the colony,
and win 3 mother ship battles (every 6th level).

The aliens will try to knock out your laser cannon
and your laser cannon energy batteries.

Your laser cannon power supply will only last for a count of 60, so each wave must be defeated within that time so that the power supply can recharge between waves, or else your laser cannon will be rendered useless.

You have a shield which can be activated by pulling down on the joystick.

The shield will last for 1 second, but cannot be activated again for 4 seconds. The shield also puts a higher drain on your power (5 units).

Left Difficulty switch toggles between
multi-cannon (B) and single cannon (A) options.

Can you defeat the aliens and save the colony?

Alien Attack was created by ace programmer Edward Smith!
24 Copies were made for the April 2018 Midwest Gaming Classic.



Alien Revenge

This is a sequel to Alien Attack.
The Aliens are back and they are intent on destroying the colony!

Since the last attack, you have constructed a planetary shield defense, but they have discovered the orbiting power station that controls your planet's shield. You control the power station's lasers that will defend the station. You can fire in 8 directions with joystick. Once again time is important, you must defeat each wave within 40 /25 seconds (difficulty B/A) because your station must recharge its power supply. Also, your station cannot withstand more than 10/7 hits per wave (Difficulty B/A). Defend the station by destroying the aliens. You can also shoot the alien missiles. You have a shield which can be activated every 4 seconds by pressing the button.

You have unlimited shots,
but placing TV Type switch to B W limits shots to 40 per wave!

You have 2/1 shields per wave and cannot fire while shield is on.
If you can survive 99 waves you have defeated the attackers.

Alien Revenge was created by ace programmer Edward Smith!
24 Copies were made for the April 2018 Retro Game Con.


  Allia Quest

Fly through the space and destroy the Aliens before they desroy you! You must learn how the eight different Alien races move and attack. Plan you own strategy to get the next level. You must Kill'em all! It's the only way to complete your quest for the mother ship Allia...

It was a simple enough mission, return the ceremonial pants that the Prince of the Agrob system had left behind on his latest diplomatic mission to your home world. The journey to planet G45 was a pretty boring affair. Or so you thought! Not far into your mission, a squadron of ships appears on your radar, but it's not a welcoming committee! After the surprise of shots echoing against your hull, you scramble to get the ship into combat mode, knowing that your simple delivery mission has now turned into a fight for your life!

Allia Quest is Ebivision's second game, written by Igor Barzilai.


  Alligator People

You are lost in the deepest part of the jungle. Six of your friends have fallen under the spell of the Alligator People. They are slowly being transformed into alligators and you are the only one in the world who can save them!

To stop this transformation, you must inoculate each of them with a special antidote that you gather throughout the swamp. You don't have a lot of time! Not to mention, the alligators are chasing you as you attempt to gather vials of the antidote! The longer you wait, the more antidote you need to reverse the effects of the Alligator People!

This prototype appears to have been completed and unlike some prototypes that never saw the light of day, this one is quite enjoyable to play!

  Asteroid Rescue

Commander - your mission is as follows …. As you may be aware, we lost communication with the 'Explorer' spaceship yesterday shortly after it entered an asteroid field. We need you to travel in to the asteroid field and rescue any surviving members of the crew and retrieve the precious cargo which was on board the ship. This is an extremely dangerous mission which will require all of the skills that made you the best pilot in the force. Good luck and God speed.

You pilot the rescue spaceship as it travels through the dangerous asteroid field. The aim of Asteroid Rescue is to avoid the asteroids and hostile ships, whilst maintaining your fuel levels, rescuing surviving members of the 'Explorer' spaceship and collecting gems.

Limited to twenty Copies!





Astronomer is a simulation game of sorts that allows the player to get into the shoes of an astronomer and observe stars with the world's largest telescope.

The goal of the game is to aim the telescope beam at a star and observe it throughout the night. This is achieved by filling up an 'observing bar'. However if the astronomer takes pictures of clouds while observing a star, the entire observation will be ruined and the astronomer will have to start over. This can make his or her life difficult as there is only a certain amount of time allocated to this one observer. Once this time is up, the game is over.

Just like in real life, the observer who can do the most with their time will be considered the best, but this will partially rest on some luck. How high of a score can you get?

Astonomer comes with cartridge and full-color manual.




Atom Smasher


The Atomic Arena is where all sorts of nasty, burly life-forms
come to contest each other in the galaxy's deadliest game!
Armed with a regulation Atom Smasher Blaster, you must
blast unstable atomic particles past your opponent and out of
the arena, but if one hits you, it degrades your very atomic
structure, and the results aren't pretty. But remember,
someone else has the same goal…

This is a head-to-head contest against the computer or another player, and appears to be complete. There's an option for left or right-handed players, and even one to have the computer play itself. The TV Type switch is used to pause a game. This was to be the 1st game under the Video Soft label. but it never saw a release… until now!

Only 100 boxed & numbered copies were produced. This is an 8K cartridge.


  Backyard Football

"1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, 4 Mississippi, 5 Mississippi!"

This is football like you played as a kid. Pretending to be in "the NFL" while playing with the only other kid in the neighborhood. He wasn;t very good, but it was all you had and besides, he owned the football! Can you scores 10 touchdowns before you are sacked 20 times?

For one or two players. Limited to only 20 copies.
Originally meant to premiere at PRGE 2020 (canceled due to COVID19)


  Balloon Girl / Sharkstorm "Double-Ender" Cartridge

Soar through the sky collecting joysticks as Balloon Girl or eradicate laser sharks in Sharkstorm! "Twice the game for twice the price!"

Want to change games? Turn off your console and insert the end with your chosen game label. An obvious modern homebrew nod the two-game XONOX gamepacks of the early 80s.

Includes box, custom 3-D printed dual-sided cartridge, and manual.


  Bomb On Pixel City

Bomb on Pixel City was created by Alain le Guirec in 2012 sort of on a dare. He saw someone else had created an iOS game of the same name which paid homage to Atari pixel based graphics. When he claimed he could write an actual Atari game, they said "show me" and the rest is history! BOPC comes with a small game manual that describes the game and shows a few screen shots. Very cute, but watch out for those crazy birds!

Includes cartridge and mini color manual.



  Cat Trax

It's an age-old battle of cats versus dogs. Take control of one brave cat and race through the maze, but beware--you're not alone! Dogs are lurking to find your cat and turn him into lunch! Race to the potion and transform into the Dog Catcher to impound those puppies...but watch out, they'll be back! It's a mad scramble in which you're out-numbered three to one. Can you out-run--and out-last--your canine opposition? Make CAT TRAX and find out!

Cat Trax is a game originally written for the Emerson Arcadia 2001 by UA Ltd., and apparently slated to be released on the Atari 2600. While it was never commercially released by UA Ltd., it did appear on a European multi-cart under the name Cat N Mouse. It's unknown why this game (and the other UA prototypes) were never released commercially.

Cat Trax includes a professionally printed box, manual and label.


  CGE Adventures

CGE Adventures is an original video game for the Atari VCS Console.

The story revolves around the escapades at CGE 2010 with the Deaf CD Thief. The stage is set in Las Vegas at the 2010 Classic Gaming Expo for this CD heisting hi-jinx.

As the Deaf CD Thief it is your goal to search the Classic Gaming Expo in its glorious entirety from the show floor to the video game museum and ultimately the V.I.P. Lounge, all in hopes of finding and pillaging the CDs from the expo and escaping to freedom on the Las Vegas Strip.

CGE Adventures includes box, manual, and "feelies" such as the pair of purple gambling dice and a CGE RetroGaming roundUp V.I.P. Pass Badge.




Chase It!

Chase It! is a simple but fun and addicting game. Red squares appear upon the screen, and it is your job to collide with them before your opponent. Some variations of the game have barriers that complicate the race! This 16k game is complete with twenty game variations and a demo mode. The first nine variations are two-player games, and games ten through fifteen are single player challenges. Variations sixteen through twenty are "teddy bear" levels featuring a slower moving handicapped opponent to give younger players an advantage.

This game is graphically representative of early Atari titles, but PLAYS LIKE A DREAM. We have priced this game accordingly as a budget title release. The game is not technically groundbreaking, nor is it fancy, but it is JUST PLAIN FUN!

Only thirty copies manufactured.


  Circus Convoy

Are you ready for adventure? Have you conquored your fear of clowns? Then join the Circus Convoy, the new Atari 2600 game from world reknowned designers David Crane and Garry Kitchen!

The Heartland Traveling Circus is on the move, with a huge convoy of semis hauling down the highway. In Circus Convoy, you are Andre the Magnificent, resident strongman a/k/a "The Chameleon". As the Big-Top barrels down the black top, Andre learnes that a rival has sabotaged their gear, possibly scrapping the next show. Andre springs into action because, as everyone knows, the show must go on!

Use Andre's strength, agility, and cunning to leap from truck to truck and fly from convoy to convoy to save the day. But beware, it's hard to tell friend from foe!

So, grab your joystick (and popcorn) and get ready for some old-school retro fun.

Includes box, cartridge, and full-color manual.


  Clyde's Revenge

The tables are turned and Clyde the ghost, saddened at the loss of his wife, is on a quest to destroy all ghost-eaters in his path. Aided by his human friend Samantha, whom has digitally powered-up Clyde to be immune to even power pellets, seeks revenge and obliterates anything in his path. You are Clyde and the World will feel your Wrath!

Download the MANUAL



Tired of trying to juggle two controllers together playing Robotron: 2084 and other dual joystick games? Spending a fortune on duct tape after you realize that your two hands can’t hold them alone. Try one of our new CONTROLLER COUPLERS that do the heavy lifting for you while looking all nice and fancy!

Works with Radar Lock, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Robotron, Solaris, Star Voyager, Stargate / Defender II, and Video Life.

Obviously, controllers are NOT included.
They are simply pictured to display how the couplers look.



  Cosmic Bowling

Have you ever bowled on a cosmic bowling night? Everyone dresses up, the lights are turned off, and the lanes light up. Excitement mounts as the pins begin to glow in the dark. Scott Dayton has put a new twist on the original Atari Bowling to give the feel of a real cosmic bowling night. If you consider yourself to be a bowler at heart, or just love a casual game of bowling, this hack is not one to be passed up!



This game was developed concurrently for the Atari 2600 and 7800, but only the 7800 versiono was released. The 2600 version only has three levels as opposed to six on the 7800, but those three levels are well utilized considering the limitations of the 2600.

As an Ornithologist, you must protect the eggs of the South American Hornbill that are nested in your tree. Various predators attempt to steal the eggs from under your nose. Using your slingshot, you must defend the eggs until the timer runs out. If a predator steals an egg you still have a chance to save it, but you risk losing other eggs from the tree while you are distracted.

Next you must protect the Hornbills that have chosen to nest in the sewers, where the gameplay is the same as the tree level. Finally you move onto a bonus round at the Rooster Ranch, here you must shoot roosters that pop out of windows.

This version of Crack'ed was released at the 2002 Classic Gaming Expo, complete with a unique label, box and instructions.


  Cyplix (NTSC)

The year is 2384 and mankind has been exterminated. What started off as a fad in the 1980's known as Pac-Man Fever has evolved and become a cult. The Ghost Overlord known only as Cyplix recognized by his one eye is the center of this new civilization. His monuments are situated on all continents glorifying the greatness that is Cyplix and his Ghost Religion.

You are Pac-Man and your battle starts with the elimination of the Sea-Ghosts. In the sea you will battle new Ghost enemies such as Danny, Quinty, Babo, and Cipa. There are also the three Sea Cy-Ghosts known only as Cpuwiz, Kepone, and Ezzy who religiously guard the Cyplix's captives: E.T., E.T. Junior, and Ms. Pac-Man. They are in suspended animation and you must free them, as they are mankind's only hope in defeating Cyplix and his Ghost Religion.


  Cyplix II: Kepon's Revenge

The year is 2400. After the rescue of E.T., Ms. Pac-Man and E.T. Junior by Pac-Man, Kepone realizes the great lie of Cyplix and his Ghost Religion. Kepone escapes his underwater prison and takes to the skies to work with Pac-Man in helping free the recently imprisoned E.T.. You are Pac-Man and you start by collecting artifacts in the deep ocean which will make a key to free E.T. You will have to avoid genetically engineered creatues such as Oceanic E.T.s and Aqua Pac-Mans while eating any Sea Ghosts you find. Not all the artifacts are in the Sea, so you must enlist Kepone's help in order to retrieve more artifacts from the high skies. But be careful, Cyplix has made a race of Cloud Ms. Pac-Mans that will prevent Kepone from capturing Sanfransiscoitte HSWs otherwise known as Jerome Domurat Clones.Can you save E.T. from his worst fate yet?



  Dark Mage

If you've ever played a classic text adventure, a genre made famous by Infocom in the early 80s, then Dark Mage will be an unexpected pleasure for you. Greg Troutman managed to squeeze a text adventure into an 8K Atari 2600 cart, and although it's much simpler in execution than Infocom's offerings, it's an enjoyable game nonetheless.

In Dark Mage, you play the role of a jester banished from your kingdom and your goal is to find and return the king's black rose. As in most text adventures you explore the game world by moving through the four compass directions, find and use items and talk with characters you encounter along the way. This is all accomplished with relative ease through the use of the joystick controller, there's no typing here!



  Depth Charge


As a U-boat Commander, your orders are simple: Sail the cold Atlantic waters and engage in unrestricted warfare with Allied supply lines, firing torpedoes at anything that moves. But now you're separated from the wolf pack and running silent, surrounded by an enemy convoy carrying plenty of depth charges. Nobody gets medals for sneaking away...

This was originally planned as a pack-in cassette game for Amiga's Power Module peripheral. The game was billed as the 1st "machine-interactive video game“ offering head-to-head play, with one player the submarine commander and the other the destroyer captain. Each player would have had their own screen display and set of commands. The Power Module was dropped in favor of the Power-Play carts, and the game's development only went as far as this version.

The half that exists is the submarine commander part, and is similar to Sea Wolf. The missing half would have been similar to Atari's Depth Charge or Sega's Sub-Scan.

Only 100 boxed & numbered copies were produced. This is an 4K cartridge.


  Drakon Croisade

This adventure game is based on the original Atari 2600 game by Warren
Robinett, but it has more rooms, improved graphics, and even a few bonus
features. The castles look more like castles, the dragons look more like
dragons, and the rooms are less blocky. The backgrounds are colored which
further enhances the graphical improvements of the game.

The game play is very much the same. The object is to find the chalice and
return it to the gold castle. That pesky bat is still around and he has a
new trick up his sleeves. He now has the power to revive dragons! So even
if you have killed all the dragons the way home may still not be safe. In
order to gain this ability the bat had to give up his stealthiness. He is
silent no more! Whenever he appears on screen you will hear the flapping of
his wings. The sound will bring terror to your heart, especially if you
happen to be carrying the golden chalice at that time.

There is a nice bonus to opening the gold castle. Inside you will find a
magical doorway which will transport you half way across the kingdom. Since this kingdom is larger than the original game this warp device will come in handy from time to time. So, if you like the original Adventure game, you
will certainly like this one. It's more of the same fun in a different




"What you can't see CAN hurt you!"
Force the Entity to move to the highest possible level of existence, through portals in horizontal barriers that continually keep scrolling down. This must be done as fast as possible to prevent the Entity from being pushed into the vat of liquid helium at the base of the screen.

The joystick controls 2 vertical containment walls. You must move the walls to the edges of the portal. When a wall is in position, it locks in and turns red; when both sides are locked, the Entity will pass through the portal. When you lock the first wall, the Entity will then sense that you are about to trap it, and it also turns red and speeds up. This makes it harder to lock the other side!

Can you avoid the Entity's chilling destruction before running out of energy?

This version of Entity was released at the 2003 Classic Gaming Expo, complete with a unique label, box and instructions.


  Escape It!

Escape It! is based on the European VideoPac (Odyssey2) game "Labyrinth." It is a two-player race to the exit game through a maze that is constantly changing while you navigate through the maze.

Since special parts (which are difficult to locate and limited) are required to manufacture this game, the price is a bit higher than our other homebrew games.

Only FORTY cartridges were manufactured.
This is a Good Deal Games EXCLUSIVE release!



  E.T. Book Cart (w/ Alamogordo Landfill Game)

Gray Games in conjuction with Good Deal Games, brings you one of the most revolutionary modern technologies—known as the e-book--retrograded for the Atari 2600, simply and concisely known as the E.T. Book Cart. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial for the Atari 2600, the game that some say brought down an industry, is looked at through various means, and is immortalized even further by a cartridge book focused on the game that helped bring about the video game crash. Use your joystick to choose from the chapters you wish to read or the game you wish to play. Go from page to page with ease as you learn more and more about what the world of E.T. is all about.

Table of Contents:
The Wisdom of E.T.
2nd Interview with HSW
Ode to HSW
Secrets of E.T.
E.T.'s Transmission
Alamogordo Landfill 

Hear the Ancient Wisdom of E.T. through various philosophers both past and present from around the world. Read how Howard Scott Warshaw explains E.T. Pit Theory in the follow-up interview to Charles F. Gray's infamous 1st interview of HSW. Read the poem that almost won an E.T. Sweater. E.T. Historian Random Terrain reveals Secrets of the E.T. game and describes how E.T. transcends the Adventure Template. Listen to the actual E.T. signal that E.T. uses to call the mothership. Play the highly addictive game Alamogordo Landfill and help send buried E.T. cartridges back to the future. What are the secrets of E.T.? And is there really an E.T. 2 Prototype in Paris, France?


  E.T. Return to Earth

E.T.: Return to Earth is an unofficial sequel to the infamous 1982 Atari 2600 Video Game "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial."

The E.T. is lonely for friend Elliot. The E.T. not wanting his kind turns to earth and find mars monsters that eat people and make prisoner to Elliot. The E.T. get angry and have to make Elliot safe. WATCH OUT! Mars monsters HUNGRY. Points go high if weapon made and the E.T. make Elliot safe on earth. If Elliot not rescue and time make zero, the E.T. will die too. You be brave. The E.T. must be brave to help friend Elliot and in truth she make earth happy and well.

E.T. having returned to Earth, discovers that Space Invaders have invaded and conquered the Earth. E.T. Knows that he must rescue Elliot and the other Earthlings by making a neutron bomb with Earth technology. Once the neutron bomb is created, E.T. will call his ship, bring the weapon into space and launch it.

Little does E.T. know is that Howard Scott Warshaw has teamed up on the side on the Space Invaders to help them convert the Earth's environment into an environment very much like the Space Invaders home planet. The Space Invaders have promised Howard Scott Warshaw immunity from the I.R.S., worldwide distribution of his books, and rulership over the area of California.

You are E.T.!
Can you defeat the Space Invaders and Howard Scott Warshaw?

Download the MANUAL




Euchre is an adaptation of the card game of the same name that is popular in the midwestern and northeast United States.

Includes cartridge and a full-color, sixteen page manual.




Explosive Diarrhea

Someone at the Redneck family reunion forgot to check if the clams were any good before serving them. Turns out they weren't. So now everyone has to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately for the Rednecks, they held their family reunion next to a minefield and the outhouse is on the other side of it! How many Rednecks can you guide to the outhouse?

Comes with cartridge and full-color manual.







The long-lost Atari game originally developed by Skill Screen Games of Ontario, Canada in the early eighties. Syd Bolton and The Personal Computer Museum released 100 copies which quickly sold out in advance before even shipping. We helped them with the release of the game and per our agreement are now able to sell copies exclusively on the GDG Homebrew Heaven website.

Price includes a $5 donation to the Personal Computer Museum.



FAILboat is a beer and pretzels game -- you play it with a bunch of your buddies just for laughs.  You control the boat that starts in the middle of the screen. You have about two minutes to rack up the highest score you can while not touching the top or bottom of the screen (which freezes your score) or the runaway boat going the other direction (detracts points from your score).  There are also currents to watch out for, as they can push your boat into the obstacles and you have to compensate for that.  Since the score racks up so quickly and the obstacles are hard to avoid, determining the winner sometimes comes down to just a few points.  It's everything a party game should be -- simple to pick up, over with quickly, and keeps the players bunced up enough that you don't know who's ultimately going to win.



  Fall Down

Fall Down pits the ever-opposed forces of RED and BLUE against each other in an ultimate battle to capture scrolling platforms! The first player to fall past a platform captures it and scores a point. Taking time to collect power-ups can give some advantage, but taking too long only results in death at the top of the screen. Watch out, because as you progress, the platforms slowly accelerate!

Fall Down includes both two-player and single-player modes against a highly effective computer opponent. Fall Down includes eight game variations!

Compatible with Richard Hutchinson's AtariVox.


  Fish Fight

As a hungry dolphin you must fight for fish in competition with a hungry shark. Make contact with the enemy and you'll find yourself temporarily stunned while the shark forges ahead. Retaliate by snatching a starfish and hurling it back at him! Can you "out-shark" the shark and devour more fish? Don't forget to surface for air, or it is belly-up for you!

For one or two players. Limited to only 20 copies.
Originally meant to premiere at PRGE 2020 (cancelled due to COVID19)



  Funky Fish

Monsters have taken over the ocean and enlisted the creatures of the sea as their guardians. You are FUNKY FISH, and it's up to you to rid the waters of the armies of evil! Shoot small enemies with your bubble cannon to turn them into fruit, then steal the monster's energy! But don't get too confident, the next wave is faster and nestled amid an ocean bed of obstacles! One wrong move and you're sunk! Are you fish enough to save the ocean?

Funky Fish is a port of the 1981 arcade game by Sun Electronics. It was programmed by UA Ltd., the same company that programmed all the games for the Emerson Arcadia 2001. It's unknown why this game (and the other UA prototypes) was never released commercially.

Funky Fish includes a professionally printed box, manual and label.


  Goblin Chaser

Remember the good old days playing Dungeons & Dragons with your friends? Well these days are back with Goblin Chaser. Lord Gray has requested your attendance at his Castle. He requests your help pushing back the goblin invasion before it is too late. You are a great warrior who must seek out and slay the evil goblins who are infesting the Kingdom of Zumwalt. Can you slay the beasts or will the land be overrun by the goblin horde.


  Hot Box

The classic sandlot game is now on the Atari VCS. Hot Box is for 2 players and uses the joystick controllers. Players alternate between controlling the runner and the throwers. When the runner is tagged out while off base, the players swap roles. The first player to steal 11 bases wins the game.

For two players only. Limited to only 20 copies.
Originally meant to premiere at PRGE 2020 (cancelled due to COVID19)




Jammed is based on the board game Rush Hour. In this version, you must steal the car of your dreams from a crowded parking lot, but you must first move all the cars that stand in your way! Jammed features 600 unique levels--can you solve each of them in the minimum number of moves?

This cartridge has both NTSC/PAL support built-in!




Control one to nine hopping creatures in unison. They hop in realtime as opposed to turn-based. Hopping on enemies first enables you to add baby creatures to a waiting queue which you can then add to your group at any time with the action button. Baby creatures can only grow to full size by hopping on the green enemies. Anything else will kill them. Alternatively, being hopped on by enemies causes you to lose that specific creature. There are various enemy types including an indestructible boot! The ultimate goal each level is to catch up with the pink creature before it reaches the rainbow finish line at the end.

Kabobber comes in the standard Activision style cartridge case.


  Kar Kombat

Steer your car through the maze hunting your opponent. Target them and then blast away until victorious... or obliterated. This game includes four pre-programmed mazes for variety. Please note that this a 2-player game only.

This game was released at
The Video Game Summit! Limited to twenty Copies!



The objective of Keepaway is to keep / get four points to win the match. Deliver the puck to your goal to score. When the two players fight for the puck, the highest player wins. The top and bottom of the playfield are fumble areas where the puck may be dropped. The player with the puck moves slower. * Deliver it to the other players goal to give them a point. Loose a point if the other player scores.



Programmed deep beneath the surface in the Homebrew Heaven underground lab, this is a Good Deal Games EXCLUSIVE release!

and will NOT play correctly on US televisions.

It is weekend time and you decide to spend a nice day with your brand new ELLIOT kite. You awake and get up early in the morning, drive outside the city and launch your kite before the sun has even risen. Unfortunately the weather is not as good as expected, but you still stick to your plans...

You control your kite with lines attached to handles in both of your hands.
Pulling each line makes the kite turn into this direction. Try to collect as many dots as possible and avoid any collision with lightning, the bird and of course the ground. Your kite can take three hits of the lightning or the bird before it crashes. The color of the kite gets darker with every hit.

Programmed by Simon Quernhorst.



  Kung-Fu Combat

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting
... and now you can too! If you played Froggo's Karate on the VCS, you were certainly disappointed. Good Deal Games has taken it upon ourselves to right their wrong. Programmed from the ground up by Edward Smith, this is the first one-on-one fighting game worth your time on the 2600. Punch, Jump, and Kick your friend or compete against a very smart computer opponent. If need be, practice against missiles in the training mode.

Released at the CORGS show in the summer of 2019.
Only Thirty copies manufactured.


  Kung-Fu Combat 2

Your betrothed sweetheart, the beautiful Princess Hana, has been captured by the evil martial arts master Aku, whose romantic advances she once spurned. She is being held prisoner inside his compound on the Island of Shima. As an accomplished fighter yourself, you resolve to sail to the island and rescue Hana from the clutches of Aku.

But beware: Aku has fighters who will try to stop you. You must defeat them, and also deflect the obstacles they will hurl at you along the way. Once you make it to Aku’s dojo, you must square off against him. Only after defeating him can you and your beloved Hana live happily ever after Are you skilled enough to save her, or will you, too, end up a prisoner in Aku’s dungeon.

Engage in this campaign to save the beautiful Hana or fight head-to-head against a human opponent in 2-player mode.

Only 100 copies manufactured. HUGE 32K game. Title screen, multiple levels, huge sprites, map screen, bonus boards, credit screens, and even animated backgrounds. This title is one of the most technically impressive and far-reaching titles ever released on the VCS!

Kung Fu Combat 2 includes a professionally printed box, manual, label, and headband.



A 3-D shooting gallery. Blast the targets before the time expires, but be sure to avoid hitting the rotating mirrors or you may just be your worst enemy and blast yourself.

Originally designed by 20th Century Fox, Lasercade was eventually released at the 2007 Classic Gaming Expo, complete with a unique label, box and instructions.


  Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

In this text adventure by Adam Thornton, you play the role of Frodo Baggins, hobbit and inadvertent Ringbearer. Your mission is too take the Ring to the Inn of the Prancing Pony in Bree, where you will meet the wizard Gandalf and deliver the Ring into his care.




Mazy Match

This game is fully playable. Originally meant to be released in 1983 by the Taiwanese company Datatech. Features include a 2 player mode and eight difficulty levels.

Walk an invisible path on a randomly generated grid to the top of the screen in order to touch symbols. Be sure to avoid UFO's and bird droppings.

Reaching a plus (+) sign nets you 1000 points and allows you to destroy UFO's by colliding with them. If you can grab the sword, you'll be awarded 500 points and the grid becomes invisible and fully maneuverable. Don't touch the minus (-) sign, or you'll lose 300 points. Be careful, because sometimes paths change position and you will fall off and loose a life.
It is possible to teleport from one vertical path to another. One reaching a symbol, return to the bottom of the screen to get new energy.



  Mental Kombat

Mental Kombat is a two player puzzle game based on a concept developed by Simon and a friend originally for the Commodore 64. The rules of Mental Kombat are as follows:

Each player has their own color.
You have to connect tiles of your color vertically or horizontally.
You can move every tile of every color, this means that you could connect a row of tiles of your opponent's color if you don't move carefully enough.
To prevent deadlock situations you can't undo the last move.
If you complete a row of your stones your opponent will lose energy.
If one player runs out of energy the battle is over.

Includes cartridge and full-color manual.


  Miss it!

In the fast-paced game of MISS IT!, you must avoid all the enemies moving and bouncing around the screen.  As time passes, the speed and quantity of enemies grow until it becomes an impossible frenzy! The game ends upon a collision – how long can you survive?  

This game is graphically representative of early Atari titles, but PLAYS LIKE A DREAM. We have priced this game accordingly as a budget title release. The game is not technically groundbreaking, nor is it fancy, but it is JUST PLAIN FUN!

Only Fifty copies manufactured.



This game was released
The Video Game

Limited to
Twenty Copies!



We don't typically deal with hacks, but this one we found very worthy of a physical release. It is harder and much bigger than the original Adventure game. The catacombs in the cave take a while to figure out, and with over 100 rooms, there are a lot of places to look when searching for a needed object. The dragons have hit points; it takes several tries to kill one and things can get interesting fast with five of them roaming the kingdom.

The randomizing routine in the original version did not separate the objects very well, and there was a screen roll issue when played on original hardware; both of which have been addressed. The room connections have been moved around in an attempt to make the bat and the dragons move more freely about the kingdom. A warp room has been added and the fractured tunnels were changed into a forest to improve mobility. You can tell what forest you are in by the color of the trees. Two rooms have been added - a lake and a pyramid.

The object is to find princess Penelope and bring her back to the Emerald Palace. She is locked away in one of the 3 original castles or the cave. The red key opens the cave, the Emerald Palace, and the red castle. There are 5 dragons. A blue dragon named Bargle is intorduced, as well as a baby dragon named Squeak. Every game is winnable. The keys should not appear randomly in places where you cant get to them. There are no secret rooms beyond the solid lines. There is one room that you can only get into with the bridge. The bat can pick up the original three dragons, but not the other two. Bargle likes to guard the red key. The magnet does not attract the princess, but it will attract the red key. The magnet only works when it is on the screen. Plus more!!


  Monster Ball

It is Halloween and a living crazy jackolatern is on the loose gobbling up candy and people in the quiet town of Foster. What can Greg do to stop this evil menace? Greg decides to go to the local graveyard and cast the spell Animate Dead. Through the black dirt came forth two drunk zombies Charles and Derek. Did they eat Greg? No, luckily Greg still had mind control over these undead creatures. So Greg sent the zombies Charles and Derek to bounce out this wicked jackolatern out of town once and for all.

Control Notes:
Fire to pass the TITLE screen.
SELECT to pick levels 1-8.
The game has 10 levels.  It is endless but maxes out at 10.
From level select, press FIRE and up to accept level.
The egg is only in-game, FIRE and down.
The egg gives you 5000 points and can only be done once.
To exit the EGG and resume one presses FIRE and UP.




You're an astronaut who has crashed on an alien planet. You must journey across the planet surface to collect and eat all the food that was scattered around during the crash.

There are native aliens who chase and try to eat you as you do your best to survive. There are 9 levels where the alien(s) behave differently.

Comes with cartridge and full-color manual.




It's truly a sad day in the Atari Universe. Evil aliens have invaded and kidnapped all of your favorite Atari characters. The aliens are holding them captive and it's your mission as the Packrat to recapture the characters and restore order to the Atari Universe.

In each stage you must collect nine Character Icons to uncover the Magic Key from the Boss Alien. Once you recover the key, you have saved that character and returned it to the Atari Universe. There's no time to rest, there are many Atari characters to save!

Can you save all of the Atari characters??
Can you name what games they are from??

Comes with cartridge and full-color manual.


  Pick Up

This is an adult themed game in which you attempt to take a girl to a hotel for intimate encounters. You control the male character at the bottom of the screen, and the girl is on a platform to the left. In get to her, you must shoot various objects that are falling from the sky such as a heart, a wine glass, a car, and other items that are deemed as assets to the girl.

If you accidentally shoot the same type of item twice, you loose that item and the girl's platform drops one notch. If the platform touches the ground, you loose a life. Sometimes a falling item will flash, which means you must shoot it quickly or you will be penalized. Once you have shot each type of item once, you run over and "Pick Up" the girl and take her off the screen.

Next is the hotel screen, where you and the girl enter the hotel and close the blinds. The hotel sign then displays your "score", and level starts over.

Originally designed by 20th Century Fox, Pick-Up was eventually released at the 2002 Classic Gaming Expo, complete with a unique label, box and instructions.





The classic sandlot game is now on the Atari VCS. Pickle is for 2 players and uses the joystick controllers. Players alternate between controlling the runner and the throwers. When the runner is tagged out while off base, the players swap roles. The first player to steal 11 bases wins the game.

Gameplay Instructions
1. The runner must be tagged with the ball while off base. Then the players switch roles
2. While throwing, if the joystick is pressed up or down, the top and bottom throwers, respectively, will return toward their bases after throwing. Otherwise they will stay in place.
3. Throwers cannot cross the midway line.
4. Thrower cannot stall------ must throw every 12 seconds
5. Runner must steal a base every 60 seconds
6. First one to steal 11 bases win
7. Runner's initial lead-off toward destination base is limited while that base's thrower holds ball (P0 difficulty B)
8. Occasional Random throwing errors will happen.
9. Runner will occasionally "fall" (color will turn black and runner will be immobilized for 1 second).
10. Option to allow “Pegs”, where runner is out if hit by ball while off base (P1 difficulty A) Runner can side step in this mode.




Hostile aliens are looking for trouble--and they've found you! Race to your spaceship, it's time to defend against wave after wave of alien invaders, attack the mother ship, and weave through a tight runway of parked spacecraft! If you survive to the end, get ready, because it's not over yet. They'll be back--and faster than ever! Are you ready to take on PLEIADES and save the galaxy?

Pleiades is a port of the Centuri arcade game of the same name. It was programmed by UA Ltd., the same company that programmed all the games for the Emerson Arcadia 2001. Pleiades features three unique waves of action and seems to be nearly complete in terms of programming. It's unknown why this game (and the other UA prototypes) was never released commercially.

Pleiades includes a professionally printed box, manual and label.




In ancient times, there was a mighty god named Poseidon who ruled the sea in peace and harmony. One day an imposter snuck into the palace and spiked Poseidon's power drink. He drank more than his usual fill that day and soon was smashed and passed out. The Evil Sea Creatures then took Poseidon and dumped him in a remote part of the sea. With the great Poseidon gone, the ocean soon fell into the hands of the Evil Sea Creatures. The entire ocean was covered in a depressing, murky darkness. You, as Poseidon, soon wake up with a terrible headache. Luckily, the Evil Sea Creatures left you with your Trident. Now it's time for payback!

Comes with cartridge and full-color manual.



  Power Off!

Robots took control of the system. Deactivate all the energy pills to switch off the computer!

You play the role of Brian Mareck, who must deactivate a computer that has run amuck! This new super computer, designed by your father, was created to help mankind with its instantaneous computing abilities. But something went catastrophically wrong when your father switched the machine on and now you must run through level after level of the giant laboratory and deactivate all the energy pills before it's too late! While doing this, you must avoid the robots, who have been programmed by the computer to protect it at all costs!

Includes BOX, cartridge and manual.


  Prehistoric Times

Prehistoric Times follows the plight of a lone prehistoric man fighting for survival by hunting wily beasts in a sun-scorched forest. Nourish yourself on the carcasses of felled prey before setting off in quest of a mysterious god spoken of only in legend. Beware, no one has ever returned alive.

Three stages of action: "Hunt for Survival", "Fire of the Volcano" and "???".

Only a handful of games were released at the May 2009 Too Many Games show, selling out in minutes. We have acquired the license and this title is now available again exclusively through GDG's Homebrew Heaven.



  Pressure Gauge

In Pressure Gauge, you play the part of a hot shot plumber left in charge of controlling a water system in dire circumstances. You must manually operate the main water valve every time a pressure spike hits, and all that you have to go off of is a huge pressure gauge. If you mess up, your young plumbing career will be over. Succeed and you'll be the town hero!

Comes with cartridge and full-color manual.



Pro Bowling

Larry Kaplan's Bowling game for the VCS in 1979 was good for the time, but this new 2019 release will really bowl you over!




Pro Golf

Compare the new Pro Golf to Atari's own 1980 original and be blown away by the difference. This new rendition is programmed from the ground up and utilizes 16k to bring you a realistic 18-hole golf simulation.

Limited to only 50 Boxed copies.
Premiering at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo (PRGE) October, 2019.

Comes with cartridge, Box, Score Card, printed Golf Tee stating "Atari Pro Golf", and a 16-page full-color manual.


  Road Duel

Navigate your vehicle in this horizontal racer. Move up and down with the joystick while avoiding all other cars. Collect fuel canisters marked as a "F" and once five have been obtained you can race to victory and to the next level, where faster action and a greater challenge awaits.


  Rocket Pod

Navigate your ship through a series of complex manuevers through maze walls and other obstacles to the safety of the landing pad. Rocket Pod features six levels and adds increasing difficulty for each iteration.




Root Beer Pong

The popular game of Beer Pong with a the r
oot bark of the sassafras tree and some sarsaparilla added for good measure. Despite the lack of alcohol, you can play with or without an "impairment". Can you aim and bounce the balls into the cups before your opponent?

Limited to only 20 copies. This is a two-player game.
Originally meant to premiere at CORGS CON 2020 (canceled due to COVID19)


#225 of 250

  Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube 3D is a completely different version of the Rubik's Cube game that Atari eventually released. The version Atari released is a pretty simple 2D affair, but this prototype is an astonishing 3D version of the game. This prototype was found in 2002 by David Winter and came as a surprise as its existence was not previously known. This version of the game includes a solve option and will also allow you to change the colors of individual tiles. We can only speculate as to why this version of the game was passed over in favor of the 2D version eventually released.

Rubik's Cube includes a professionally printed box, manual and label.




S.A.C. Alert

You're guiding your plane through a routine surveillance mission when suddenly, you're surrounded by enemy bombers and fighters. But they've seen you first. And you'd better think fast. You squeeze off a few rounds, just to let them know it isn't going to be easy. You pull back hard on the
stick, and head straight for the sky. It's not going to be easy for you either...

This was originally planned to be a cassette game for Amiga's Power Module peripheral, and is one of the games designed for use with The Joyboard controller. It was later planned to be 1 of 4 games on Power Play Arcade cart #5. According to a press kit, this was to be a 1st-person flying simulation with a true "through the cockpit“ viewpoint and featuring both land and sea game variations. The game appears to be complete.

Only 100 boxed & numbered copies were produced. This is an 4K cartridge.




You are Hotot, a cybernetic life form from a serene planet in a distant galaxy. Unfortunately, even in a galaxy far far away not everything is as peaceful as it first seems, for Hotot has discovered an alien missile base hidden on his planet. Manned by strange blue aliens, these evil intruders are using your planet as a launching site for their deadly warhead which is posed to destroy the galaxy's power source. With the help of the birdlike Gorfons, you must destroy the warhead, and prevent the destruction of the galaxy! Good luck Hotot. You are the Saboteur.

Saboteur includes cartridge and manual only.
All boxed versions have been sold, and will no longer be available.


  Save the Whales

They Save the Whales was intended to be part one of a trio of games whose proceeds were to benefit various environmental groups. Save the Whales was going to benefit Green Peace, but the game was never released and no funds were raised. The other games were Dutch Elm Defender and Attack of the Baby Seals, although neither of those two were ever programmed.

You control a submarine whose mission is to protect the whales at the bottom of the screen from the whaling ship at the top of the screen. Harpoons and nets are thrown down at the whales and you must shoot them before they hit the whales or your submarine. You can take five hits before the game is over and all the whales die.

Originally designed by 20th Century Fox, Save the Whales was eventually released at the 2002 Classic Gaming Expo, complete with a unique label, box and instructions.



  Sea Battle

The object of the game is to deploy your battleships, submarines, aircraft carriers and more from your harbors. Then strategically battle your way across the seas in an effort to gain access and infiltrate your opponent's harbors. It's a bitter fight to the end!

Sea Battle was finished at M Network in the 1980’s, but never released. In 2000, Intellivision Productions released this game complete with a simple box and manual. Sea Battle is the Atari 2600 version of the Intellivision game of the same name. At one point it was called High Seas, which was consistent with M Network’s policy of changing the name of a game when it appeared on a different system.

This release of Sea Battle includes a full-color, M Network style manual created by Dale Crum.


  Shaman, The

You are The Shaman Quinten Todd Mandryk living peacefully on Earth with your seven cats. You have been teleported in your terracraft from your forest home on Earth to the far away Galaxy ST41. There you must do battle against the evil forces of the undead overlord Darrel the Lich of Whyte. Can you stop Darrel's wicked plans to destroy Galaxy ST41?


  Shield Shifter

Programmed deep beneath the surface in the Homebrew Heaven underground lab, this is a Good Deal Games EXCLUSIVE release!

Shield Shifter was premiered at GameCore on Sept. 12th, 2010.

Shoot your way through the Alien shifting shields to give yourself a clean shot at the attacking Alien Queen.The Alien Queen shoots lasers and drops sticky bombs. Sticky Bombs will block your ships path for a few moments. The spaceship moves closer to the shield each time 10 alien Queens are destroyed. Play against the computer or duel against a friend in the 2-player Battle Mode. Download complete instructions.




Skeleton+ is a 3D maze game written by Eric Ball. In order to escape this labyrinth you need to hunt down and eliminate 80 skeletons lurking about without being killed yourself! There are eight mazes, with each maze containing 10 skeletons. Complete all eight mazes and you'll gain your freedom!

Skeleton+ offers: Life and kill counters, new undead locator to help track skeletons, five vs ten Skeletons per level (selectable), various difficulty settings and more.

If your Atari 2600 has been modified for stereo output,
takes advantage of this to help you locate Skeletons in the maze!



  Space Instigators

Space Instigators is a version of the popular arcade game Space Invaders that is more faithful to the original than Atari's 2600 port. This version fits nine invaders in a row without flicker, an impressive feat on the Atari 2600. The graphics, colors and sounds are truer to the original version than Atari's effort.

Includes cartridge, manual, and plastic case.



  Space Invaders Vector

Space Invaders like it was meant to be played!

All of the graphics have been changed to represent the original arcade version of Space Invaders. Public opinion of this hack is that it makes Space Invaders much more fun to play. We certainly agree - taking Space Invaders back to its roots makes the game all the more enjoyable.


  Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom

You are Splorf, Space Corp Sanitation Engineer 5th Class, Lavatorial Division. A small yet vital cog in the corporate machine. You are good at your job.

The rumors have reached even the lowest levels of Methane Station; the harvest ships have brought disastrous news concerning the defensive system protecting Space Corp's interests from space pirates and fierce competitors!

"You there", a middle manager shouts at you, "Commander Splix needs a volunteer! Get your lazy plarp up to level 17 immediately!" The rumours were true! Exploding gasteroids have damaged the disintegration fence above planet doom, and Commander Splix wants you to fix it! Repairman Splorf to the rescue...

Working quickly to fix the damaged shield generator before evil space pirates steal the precious gas resources from the planet below, you suddenly see your company issued spanner drifting off towards the planet.

Using your jetpack you desperately follow the spanner into a particularly pungent gasteroid field - just as the now fully operational disintegration fence above you turns itself back on...

Comes with Box, cartridge, full-color manual and Splorf art cards.
Limited to only 100 copies.



Based on the "Skill with prizes" redemption game, where the goal of the game is to align rows of moving blocks on top of each other. Stacker for the Atari 2600 is a limited edition game. LAI games only allowed fifty (50) Atari 2600 cartridges to be made of their game.




Programmed deep beneath the surface in the Homebrew Heaven underground lab, this is a Good Deal Games EXCLUSIVE release!

StripOff! premiered at VGXPO on Oct. 10th, 2010.

Score points by killing the alien ships. The game ends when all of your barrier blocks have been stripped away by the invading aliens. The alien doubles in speed when your barrier is reduced to 10 barrier chunks. Barrier gets replenished every thirty alien kills. Download complete instructions.




Sunset Drive

This is the world's first Atari game featuring a high resolution 96x96 scrolling bitmap. It uses just about every VCS trick in the book from bank indexing to interlacing and even flicker display to achieve the first game of its kind on the Atari 2600 console!

You are the Candyman and you have just found out your girlfriend is a user. You are sitting in a dive bar infamously known as Lusters located on the mean streets of Edmonton, Alberta. You look around the smokey bar and see users, losers, and chain-smoking boozers. You finish off your beer and it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. It is like you are looking at a room of living corpses who don't know they are dead yet. You get up to leave, and a random gal asks, "Hey babe, can I catch a lift?" You smile, shake your head and answer, "I don't look back." As you leave Lusters, you just can't wait to get back to the country. You get in your old and rusty F-150 Pick-Up Truck and drive into the country. You feel the gritty road beneath you as your tires crunch over the gravel road. Wind flies through your hair as the AM station plays a familiar song. You are going too fast, but you don't care. "Death makes angels of us all...", you remember. You just need to clear your mind. The sun is setting, so what a better time to go on a Sunset Drive.

You will encounter all sorts of crazy things on the lonely country road. The longer distance you drive, the more CANDY you will get as indicated by your CANDY COUNTER. Remember how much you like giving CANDY to the waitresses at the bar, so drive well. You will find GAS CANS that will give you fuel so that you may continue your wild drive and fuel your TRUCK and lawnmower. There are SLEAZY HITCHHIKERS who want to catch a ride, but look out, they will rob you of all your CANDY and slow you down. Beware of those tempting BOTTLES OF BEER. They will get you drunk and you will lose 1 CANDY for each BOTTLE OF BEER you drink. Also, BOTTLES OF BEER can slow you down, if you drink too much. Even if you are wasted, please stay on the ROAD. If you drive on the GRASS, you will use up more fuel. So keep on truckin'. You are the CANDYMAN.

Download the MANUAL




Two knights face each other at the edge of the universe. They slowly advance on each other, their laser swords tightly gripped as they prepare to fight to the death. Destroy your opponent before being destroyed yourself, no mercy, there can be only one!

Swordfight was finished at M Network in the 1980's, but never released. In 2000, Intellivision Productions released this game complete with a simple box and manual. Swordfight requires two players, which is possibly why the game was not released in the first place.

This release of Swordfight includes a full-color, M Network style manual created by Dale Crum.




Sync is a unique collection of puzzle and rhythm games that require you to think fast and improve your dexterity to get higher scores! Sync includes seven games in total and you're sure to find several (if not all!) to your liking! Many of the games have a wide variety of settings for you to try to keep them interesting--you'll never get bored of all the variety Sync has to offer!

Compatible with Richard Hutchinson's AtariVox.
This cartridge has both NTSC/PAL60 support built-in!



Fight the enemy while watching your heart rate.

You are a sniper in Finland and the Soviet army is attacking! Hold your position as long as possible to enable the evacuation of civilians. The score shows how many people have safely fled because of your brave fight!

Take a look at your heart rate (Heartbeat, Life bar). Every missed shot and every surviving enemy will increase your heart rate. A higher heart rate will make it more difficult to aim targets. If your heart-rate gets critical high, you will surrender and the game is over. The only way to lower the heart rate is to hit the tank.


Soldiers. The soldiers try to reach one of the two bunker in the middle. Try to stop them.

Bunker-Machine-Gun - See the fire from out of the bunker and shoot it to stop Machine-Gun fire.

Trucks. They will transport supply for the enemy - set it under fire

Tank. Indestructable with your small gun, but every hit will reduce your heart-rate. Try to hit tanks as often as possible.

Planes. Slow enough to try to shot them down.

Machine-Gun - Small target but it will not disappear. You have time to aim and hit the target




The Realm of No!

A great evil has overtaken the upper and lower kingdoms in the land of Wynnick. Reports of strange creatures both beautiful and horrific roam the lands. The tyrant ruler King Bill has twisted the land to meet his own wicked ends. You have been summoned by Prince Kori of the under kingdom to defeat King Bill and rid the upper kingdom of this horrible curse.

As a tribute to both role playing games of the 1980's and text adventure games for the Timex Sinclair 1000, The Realm of No! succeeds in both regards. With the exciting adventure of fantasy role playing games mixed with the gritty feel of a black and white Timex Sinclair 1000 dream, enter into the horrifying Realm of No!. We dare you!

Originally written and submitted in 1985 by a writer using the pen name Kim Ryan, The  Realm of No! started out as a 10 copy module submission to a well known publisher of role playing game modules. This module was never published, and never returned to the author, but somehow the 10 copies made it into private collections. Over the years, various The Realm of No! modules would be discovered or rediscovered. Considered vastly unpopular my many modern role-playing historians, people still seemed to be fascinated by the history of the module and the strangeness of the module itself.

Download the MANUAL



  This Planet Sucks!

This Planet Sucks by Greg Troutman is based on the Taito arcade game Lunar Rescue. Your goal in This Planet Sucks is to rescue colonists trapped on the planet's surface, while avoiding the asteroid belt between your mother ship and the colonists. In addition to fighting gravity and avoiding the asteroids, care must also be taken not to squash the poor colonists you're trying to save! And to make matters worse, the asteroids turn into enemy ships after rescuing a colonist!


  Traffic Cop: Deluxe Version

It's the classic game of cops and robbers. A simple game with a simple premise... but loads of fun! Player 1 (cop) must ram Player 2 (criminal) six times (four if right difficulty switch is on A) before the timer runs out while Player 2 must survive in that time.

The Deluxe Edition of Traffic Cop, available only at GDG's Homebrew Heaven, includes 2 additional single-player levels and 3 additional multi-player levels and the EXCLUSIVE BONUS GAME: CAR SOCCER!



  Ultra SCSIcide

In SCSIcide you play the role of a hard drive read head. As the different colored bits scroll by on the hard drive platter, you need to quickly read them in the correct order before you suffer a buffer underflow. As you complete each level, the data scrolls by more and more quickly! How far can you go? If you're a fan of Activision's Kaboom!, then you'll love SCSIcide.

Joe Grand's Ultra SCSIcide is packaged with a 12 page, full-color manual, within an anti-static bag in keeping with the hard drive theme of the game.



  Venture II

Venture II: The Abysmal Abyss is the sequel to the popular dungeon-delving video game of monsters, magic, and mayhem!

The dungeon's chambers are even more difficult to traverse this time around. The monsters are faster and more cunning. But the fabulous wealth you may discover will make the adventure worth it! (If you can stay alive...)

Take it from us, Venture II is a necessity for everyone's collection.

Comes with cartridge and full-color manual.



Wedding Photo

Atari VCS
Screen Grab

Zoomed in Close Up

The image when seen on an actual television looks much better on the screen as the image is made using an interlace technique. A screen grab only gets half the image quality - one of two repeating frames.








































Wedding Cart

Customers have been requesting this for years. While it may be odd that anyone would want a cartridge that contains a cartridge that displays a wedding photo of my wife and myself, it is a technical achievement that hasn't been surpassed. The Custom Image Cart/Memory Cart has a long documented history. Here goes...

Back in the late 90's, Greg Zumwalt came up with a code to produce Image Carts © that used a stretch 32x24 image. It wasn't very nice but it was a start and it led to the creation of the Photo Carts © from 2002-2008. These Photo Carts included improved color palettes and resolution now at 48x64 pixels. Davies and Rideout vastly improved upon the code while Greg took some time away and created multibank versions that basically created animated GIF's. Upon returning to the scene, Greg began work on increasing color display, and following the works of several others, he was able to produce my own 460 colour palette display. YES, on the Atari 2600!

While all very impressive, especially for the Atari 2600, they all lack one major aspect, they are nothing more than demos with no interactive function. In short, they are not games. Another major setback is that these all require special chips, SuperCart or TigerVision, to work and that translates into increased costs. So much so that most of these were released in ROM format only. Greg decided to start anew. Greg would create a high resolution multi-colour display that is interactive and works in an 8K chip. His first successful demo is Luna. It is simple, in display, not code, but worked, if not a little buggy. It is only a single layer B&W with vertical scrolling and a single sprite that moves horizontally.

Over the months, Greg improved upon the code and was able to produce a 96x140 display. But now Greg was back to the issue of no room left to do anything more.

It was at this point in time Greg was able to juggle around some code and came up with a 4K demo! Not very stable, overscan issues, but heading in the right direction. In 2008, Greg worked on Gray Games releases such as the Tron Guy Picture Cart and the Digital Photo Album which shows a series of pictures at intervals. Unfortunately, these releases were expensive to make utilizing customized Tigervision boards and expensive board components to make these work on an Atari 2600.

In 2014, interest was renewed due to Michael Thomasson's (of Good Deal Games) wish to have his wedding photo to be digitized on the Atari 2600. Charles F. Gray of Gray Games felt it was possible to improve the image, so Greg went back to 8K and corrected a number of bugs including that ever troublesome overscan. The result, a clean steady 96x70 high-res 64 colour image with just enough code left to have some fun. Back in 1995, Michael Thomasson attended a Mardi Gras party and was meeting his friend Steve Seng. Steve was running late and she was the only person that Michael recognized. He went up to her and fumbled out something like, "I know that your name is "something-Ann." and she corrected him that it was JoAnn and not "SomethingAnn." It wasn't until a few hours later when Michael was leaving that she ran up to him and demanded that Michael dance with her before he left, saying something like, "Aren't you going to dance with me before you leave?" Her mother and friend Barbara were visiting KY from Buffalo and told her mum that she would eventually marry Michael that very evening... and they did three years later on May 30th, 1998.

Michael was recently quoted as saying, "We make a good team. But living with me, "Everyday is like Christmas!" so she has it easy. Seriously, we are both very flexible individuals and generally very positive thinking people. Like all couples, we've had our share of misfortune but we prop each other up and there for each other when either of us is in need. Videogames have been a large portion of our time together. While JoAnn is more of a casual player, she religiously went garage sale hunting and flea markets with me every weekend, scoured the Sunday newspaper scouring for deals and would accompany me during the early dawn waiting for store doors to open to nab a deal. We'd hit the store racks as partners with a plan of action and then more time together cleaning and organizing the treasures we found on our endeavors. We've boxed up orders together and she has made more trips to the postal service to mail out boxes full of games more times than I can count. So, our relationship isn't based on games, but a grand amount of time together over the last several decades included them in one manner or another and more than just sitting on the couch cuddled together pressing buttons."

In the future of 2014, Charles and Greg both knew that the code had to be better. More detail and a larger size in the images had to be realized. The pixel had to be made smaller or somehow cut apart. Michael's 1998 Wedding Picture began to be worked on again. As Greg coded, Charles researched and came up with the following:

Hi Greg, you are utilizing what is now known as a Zumwalt Pixel. This was copyrighted under the Artistic Copyright of 2014. To my knowledge no one has ever even theorized a smaller pixel, much less has created one for the Atari 2600. I've theorized a smaller pixel "Gray Pixel" and even a smaller one "Thomasson Pixel" after that. I think the Gray Pixel can be done. Any deeper then you will destroy reality as we know it.

1/4 of a bit using 16 Zumwalt Pixels

1/8th of a bit using 32 Gray Pixels -theoretical but possible

1/16th of a bit using 64 Thomasson Pixels
-entirely theoretical
-deals with string theory itself.

This is what could happen ;)

Bang bang. Bang bang. Bang bang. There it was again. Greg woke up from his dream. His mind clouded with horrible images at the sub-atomic level.

If you keep going deeper and deeper, you said it can look ugly, something which I have not seen. But then you can go deeper and deeper into the subatomic layers and deeper still. Then you hit the bottom. It is there but almost to the depths of what holds reality together itself.

At the bottom of the code, you see an image, crystal clear. You see your landlord which half a bottle of whisky and a thawed bowl of ice cream. The image starts to move and you can actually hear sound. "Greg, get that damn furnace started. My bitch sister left the damn door open again." Suddenly you see the contents of his room melting and then he begins to melt, then everything on the screen begins to melt, then your laptop begins to melt. You've broken through the last barrier between fiction and reality. Hours later in outer space the Earth melts in upon itself. The a few hours after than the entire universe and all existence melts into one single square pixel. the camera zooms back and the entire area is white except for one tiny black pixel. Greg has destroyed reality.
-- Charles

Greg made more advancements with the code, far beyond even what Charles or Michael expected out of a machine built in 1977. Charles needed something that still worked with standard boards and standard chips. This meant no Tigervision, no Sara, and no Custom Boards. Greg had this to say in early 2015:

I am working at the sub-pixel level! In terms of physics, I am working at 1/4 of a bit using 16 sub-pixels per screen pixel and 8 pixels per row that may be interlaced with 8 or 16 more for colour. Hell, Nolan never even thought it was possible.

The alphas/betas and Michael's came in at the end of 2014. All version 4+ are 2015.

In programming, you go from WORDS (too smart for the Atari) to BYTES (machine code) to BITS (1's and 0's) to NIBBLES (fractional BITS). That is the level I am working at. Lower than that an you are into FLAVORS (atomic particles) that require a special Neutron laser to move electrons around. This is what was used to write the entire content of the Encyclopedia Britannica on the head of a pin. It cost $2.8 million. I don't see any Atari enthusiasts paying that much for a new game. Although, it would make for one hell of a huge Twisterplot.

Again though, fractional pixelization code has been explored before. I've just taken it a step further, like my code was advanced by others, and round and round it goes.

I am already using pixel sizes that are 1/32 of the original and only 4 times larger than modern computers. The real issues are scanline timing which is CRT technology; Lack of vertical colouring which must be done in a very tricky fashion; And space within the banks. The smaller the pixels, the better the resolution, but the more data is required to fill the same space. Take 10 large balls, place them into a box. Take 100 small balls and place them into the same box. You are still only filling the box, but it takes a lot more balls This is why my newest image cart code now requires 16Kb.

Greeting Cart 32x24x64 color 2K Packrat
ImageCart v1 64x24x64 2K Orange Blossum
ImageCart v2 32x32x128 4K Gray Games
ImageCart v3 64x32x128 4K Gray Games
ImageCart v4-6 96x96x(2 B&W, or 128) 8K Gray Games
ImageCart v7 160x192x256 8K Good Deal Games

Like Michael and JoAnn's amazing marriage, the image technology is better than ever. in 2015 the image software was expanded, tweaked and refined to create a defined digital image which will display using an Atari 2600. The Wedding Image now uses 8k and looks fantastic. Any picture can be put onto one of these Custom Image Carts. These are about capturing a specific and important moment in time on an Atari 2600 cartridge.


for the SET


Wisconson Political 2-Pack:
MacIver and Balloon Protest

Programmed deep beneath the surface in the Homebrew Heaven underground lab, these are Good Deal Games EXCLUSIVE releases!

One game features the
Wisconsin union protestors
and one based on the RESPONSE to the Wisconsin union protestors.

Cartridge 1: MacIver

The story... The game author works for a think tank in Madison, called MacIver, and during the major protests this year they were taking pictures and documenting it. There were some real screwballs that didn't like them hanging around. There were zombie protesters that interrupted a ceremony for the special olympics, a guy on a segway who staged disruptions during committee meetings, and finally there was this guy in a pink dress who chased their intern around the Capitol for taking pictures. That's where the idea for this game came from.

Cartridge 2: Balloon Protest

During the Madison protests this year, protesters started bringing heart shaped balloons into the Capitol and releasing them in the rotunda. Their goal was to fill up the dome with these balloons. One day a staffer, who was going crazy from the months of protest chanting and singing in the building, snapped. He grabbed a letter opener and tried to pop these balloons. So in the game, you try to navigate heart shaped balloons up into the Capitol dome, while dodging the enraged staffer.




The player plays as a wizard from Irata (Atari spelled backwards) and battles Imps. It takes place in a maze , but it's not a symmetric battle: the player is faster than the enemy, but the enemy can go through walls and fire faster than the player can.

Wizard was innovative in several ways. There was no need to aim, as the angle of the player's fire was automatically sent in the direction of the player's enemy. The enemy remained invisible when it was behind a wall, making it one of the first games to implement a line-of-sight algorithm. It also had a very realistic (for the time) heart beat, which would become louder as the player got closer to the enemy.



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