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Meet the man that makes this mess!

Michael Thomasson is one of the most widely respected videogame historians in the videogame field today. He currently teaches college level videogame history, design, and graphics courses for several colleges. For television, Michael conducted research for MTV's videogame related program Video MODS. With much fanfare, Michael contributed to the Inventor of Home Videogames' publication, Videogames in the Beginning by Ralph Baer, as well as several other historical videogame texts including his own solo project Downright Bizarre Games: Video Games that Crossed the Line. Michael has written several business plans for several videogame vendors and managed almost a dozen game-related retail stores spanning two decades. His historical columns have been distributed worldwide in newspapers and magazines. He has also contributed towards or published dozens of games for several consoles, such as the Atari VCS, Sega CD, Colecovision, Atari Jaguar, Intellivision, 3DO, CD-i and Vectrex. Furthermore, Michael has the World's Largest Video Game Collection certified by the Guinness Book of World Records!  

Michael Thomasson

Michael Thomasson is an All-Around-Good-Guy! He started programming games when he began to read at the young age of 5 on the Commodore PET -- later branching into the TRS-80, Vic-20, TI-99, and eventually the Atari line of computers. Michael was previously a full-time 3D Animator, so videogames are as much a form of research, as they are entertainment. Dissecting the newer 3D games through their technology, and examining the classic games he thinks such things as, "How did they do THAT w/ only 2K of memory!"


Ralph Baer - Father of the Home Video Game Industry!


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Creator of PONG
Nolan Bushnell
Founder of Atari
Ed Averett
The Odyssey2 Programmer
and Father of K.C. Munchkin
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The Voice of Mario
and other
Nintendo characters
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Atari Programmer
Activision Founder
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First Game Journalists
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Comedian Magician
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Atari Hardware Designer
Dan Kitchen
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The First Game Journalist
Adam Sessler
TV Host of X-Play
Keith Robinson
Intellivision Programmer
w/ JoAnn Thomasson

Manci Games
Magazine Staff

Classic Gamer Mag
Magazine Staff

The World's Largest
Video Game Collection
Guinness Certified

(other than publishing dozens upon dozens of video game titles)

• Professor for Canisius College teaching The History of Video Games,
        Game Design, Animation for Gaming and Advanced 2D Animation
• Professor for Villa Maria College teaching The History of Video Games
• Historical writer for the college textbook Fifty Key Video Games
• Chief Editor and historical writer for ColecoVision Experience Magazine
• Historical writer for retro PLAYER Magazine
• Historical writer for Old School Gamer Magazine
• Wrote the Foreword to The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion by Brian Matherne
• Historical writer for little PLAYER Magazine
• Author of the cult hit book
        Downright Bizarre Games: Video Games that Crossed the Line
• Historical writer for the college textbook
        The Routledge Companion to Media Technology and Obsolescence  
• Consultant for AtGames Flashback video game units
• Historical writer and leading contributor for both volumes of
Brett Weiss' The SNES Omnibus books.
• Cover designer for The Arcade and Other Strange Tales by Brett Weiss
• Owns the Guinness certified Largest Collection of Video Games in the World
• Historical writer for RETRO Magazine
• Historical writer for the college textbook
        The Routledge Companion to Video Game Studies       
• Awarded personal Trading Card by Twin Galaxies - Card #531
• Historical writer and leading contributor for both volumes of the
        Encyclopedia of Videogames
college texts
• Competitive Gamer breaking 152 RetroCade World Records in 152 consecutive days
• Historical writer and Art Director for Video Game Trader Magazine
• Publisher of the book Down From the Top of Its Game: The Story of Infocom
• Historical writer for Game Room Magazine
• Historical writer for Hardcore Gamer Magazine
• Contributed to the publication Confessions of the Game Doctor by Bill Kunkle
• Historian for MTV's VideoMods television program
• Co-authored Gyruss based military sci-fi novel From Neptune to Earth
• Contributed to the publication Videogames: In the Beginning by Ralph Baer
• Historical writer for Video Game Collector Magazine
• Management for GameStop, Inc, the largest videogame retailer in the world (13 years)
• Publisher of the Arcade Ambiance audio CD set.
• Syndicated writer and historian for the Knight-Ridder REZN-8 Gaming column
• Owner, web designer, content director of
• Published dozens of games for VCS, Colecovision, Sega CD, Philips CD-i, Vectrex +
• Contributed to the publication ABC to the VCS 2nd Ed.
• Book cover designer & co-editor for Phoenix: The Fall and Rise of Videogames 4th Ed.
• Historical writer for Manci Games Magazine with own column
• Pixel artist and 3D modeler for Songbird Productions (Atari Lynx & Atari Jaguar)
• Artist and Cover Designer for Classic Gamer Magazine
• Station Manager of WGDG Videogame Radio
• Contributed to the publication Video Game Bible, The.
• Committee member and contributor of the CinciClassic Videogame Expo
• Sponsor of dozens of classic gaming tradeshows including the Classic Gaming Expo,    Portland Retro Gaming Expo, CinciClassic, The Videogame Summit, Philly Classic +more
• Beta-Tester and Cover Designer for Classic Game Creations' Vectrex Gravitrex
• Cover artist of Ralph 'Father of Videogames' Baer's autobiography
• Logo designer and artist for Syzygy Videogame Magazine
• Cover Designer for Classic Game Creations' Vectrex Vectopia!
• Previous chain manager of Let's Play and L.A. Videogame stores
• Volunteer for Bluegrass Electronics Center
   (service organization that reprogrammed games for disabled players)
• E3 Software Analyst for videogame rental chain stores
• Consumer Electronic Show (CES) Software Analyst for videogame rental chain stores

   and more that I can't seem pull out of my head at the moment…

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