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Videogame Fan Fiction

Based on the classic game Gyruss
"From Neptune to Earth"

by David Cuciz, James Krych and Michael Thomasson

The Story of the 357th JMFAS
(Joint Military Forces Attack Squadron)
Most Highly Decorated Unit of the Ideoclan War

"O the battles we fought
And the missions we flew.
Fighting on,
Until the battle was won.
The friends gained,
And the friends we lost.
Fallen, but not forgotten,
But remembered forever.
One day we'll fly again
Together, among the stars,
At peace, and not at war."
357th JMFAS

Foreword by Col. W.L. Barts, Commanding Officer 13th Fighter Group

"History is replete with the insanity of war, of groups going on unobserved, attacking when least expected. And almost fatally, underestimating their abilities to fight, and die, for their cause. The Ideoclan were just the latest in this long line of groups thinking that only they should dominate, and their way of life, rule. History is also full of the heroics of those who despite the odds stand up above all the rest. It was my pleasure to be the C.O. to the 357th JMFAS Gyruss Squadron. Above all else, they proved their abilities to adapt to changing enemy tactics, destroying vast enemy resources, in particular their fighters and satellites, and inflicting enormous damage to the Ideoclan. That their carrier, the Lexington, was individually targeted by no less than a legion of Ideoclan fighters says something of their fighting ability. There were other squadrons that may have destroyed more, but the 357th proved to be the trump card in many a situation. Which is why they were the highest decorated unit of the Ideoclan War. Many books have been written of the Ideoclan War, "Stepping Stones to Victory" by Stephen Ambrose V, "Victory Achieved, Freedom Won" by the Rev. L. McCreary II, Chaplin of the 13th Fighter Group, "The Ideoclan" by P.F. Hunt III, and "The War Was Won at Mars!" by Adm. Al "Fighting Al" Albergottie are all highly recommended. The 357th was a remarkable group of people, this book is their story."

A brilliant multi-chaptered Serial

Chapter 1: A Call To Arms (unedited)
Chapter 2: Neptune: Blood, Sweat & Tears
Chapter 3: Uranus: Long Days in Hell 
Chapter 4: Saturn: Enter, The Dogs of War
Chapter 5: Jupiter: Farewell, Old Friends 
Chapter 6: Mars: The God of War - The Tide Turns

Gyruss Terms

Outer Colonies
(in order of discovery/settlement)

If you want to read the second half of this popular series, be sure to pick up a printed copy of this popular series. The paperback version is fully edited and contains twice the content. The book has a low print run and will certainly become a collectable. Order your copy and save Earth now! Autographed for free upon request.

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