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Videogame Fan Fiction

"From Neptune to Earth"
by David Cuciz & James Krych



Unclassified specs for the F-911 Gyruss Attack Craft
Twin pulse cannons
Fast and agile
Medium Shielding
Extended stay cabin for pilot-up to 36 hours in the cabin without returning to the carrier/mother ship
Normally single-pilot
Advanced-fuel propulsion, can fly and fight in space and or atmospheric conditions
(Fighter craft can fly at full throttle for 48 straight hours depending on maintenance of the craft)

Some terminology:
JMF: Joint Military Forces, the Armed Forces of the Outer Colonies
JMFAS: JMF Attack Squadron
JMFI: JMF Infantry-used to be known as the Colonial Marine Corps

"Paradise Planet": JMF basic indoctrination planet. All Navy, Infantry, and pilot initial Basic training. Also has flight schools, medical training, industrial facilities-but limited when compared to the rest of the Outer Colonies. It's Earth-sized, but lies closer to it's sun. Twin moons; military facilities on each. High humidity and temperature. One major continent with numerous small islands in shallow seas. Infamous for it's morning, afternoon, and evening fleas that make marches hell.

Outer Colonies: Settled by Terrans for over 120. They were basically allowed to
develop on their own for the past 70 years. They began training their own military and building their own fleets. But, not fully independent until after the Ideoclan War. A republic of some 13 earth-style planets.

Ideoclan: A combined religious-scientific people group. "The enemy". Residing on a single planet that was basically harsh and mountainous. Vast inner caverns allowed them to have unobserved development of their forces. Unrestrained cloning allowed for an enormous population. A pathological hatred of everyone except their own. They are a combination of the most fanatical zealots throughout history, a famous historian called them the children of Wafen SS fathers with suicide-bomber mothers. Their religion was installed at infancy, leading to the fact that the Ideoclan never surrendered and never took prisoners. A fact we learned the hard way up to the climatic battle at Earth, though at Mars the conflict became just a matter of time.

Ideoclan War: Started with the surprise attack of the Ideoclan on the outskirts of the Solar System. The Battlecarriers Washington, New York, and the Pennsylvania, which were on guard duty at Neptune were totally destroyed. The Ideoclan and their demand for surrender of the Earth held all planets from Neptune to the outskirts of Earth. The call went out, and the Outer Colonies declared war on the Ideoclan. Starting slowly and building up, the JMF went from planet to planet, starting with the initial base at Pluto and attacking the forces of the Ideoclan. JMFAS units would take out the Ideoclan fighter craft and pave the way for the Fleet and for the JMFI, who would fight on the planets or moons if there were land forces to contend with. The conflict was a total of 20-long months, concluding with the battle at Earth.

Carriers: Converted freighters used by the JMF for the initial invasions. Though slow and underpowered, they provided much-needed firepower and support until the advent of the Super Battlecarriers, the "Dreadnought" class. But even then, the remaining and surviving carriers fought up even to the battle at Earth.

Battlecarriers: Earth's capital ships. They are the size of three Nimmitz-class 20th century carriers. They have various compliments of squadrons; recon, attack, troop-support, and bombers(heavy fighters).

Super Battlecarriers: The creme-de-le-creme of carrier design. These monsters are both fast and extremely well armored. Initially thought of by the JMF 20 years before the Ideoclan War, only mock-ups were made. The weapons alone are worth ten Battlecariers, with numerous compliments of squadrons and support craft. They are about the size of ten Nimmitz-class carriers laid end-to-end. First seen at the Grand Battle of Mars. The JMFNS Dreadnought was the first. The 357th was assigned to the JMFNS Victory after the loss of their carrier, the Lexington at the end of the Battle of Jupiter's Moons.

Auxiliary Craft: "AC's" Troop transports, medical evacuation craft, etc.

M-26: Combined pulse-rifle, grenade launcher, flame thrower.
M2111: Hand pistol, fires an explosive charged round, aka "Elephant killer"
FTX: Field Training Exercise
MRE: Meal, Ready to Eat

Squadron Organization
The JMFAS are typically organized into three wings, with a wing leader, wingman, and wing pilots per each wing. Depending on how much the squadron has suffered in combat, a fully combat-ready squadron may have from 10 to 15 members. In the early stages of the Ideoclan War, many JMFAS units were totally eliminated by the Ideoclan, with perhaps 1 or 2 surviving pilots and these squadrons were dissolved and the members absorbed into another squadron.


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