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ReCap '03 by Michael Thomasson

Classic Gamer Magazine
Arrives in Las Vegas
Partial Waiting Line to Enter
the Classic Gaming Expo2K3
Atari Yars Revenge
and E.T. Programmer
Howard Scott Warshaw
Pac-Man Having Lunch at
the Good Deal Games Booth
Founder of Atari Nolan Bushnell
JoAnn with Puppy Pong
Intellivision Pioneer Joe King
Rare Atari Video Music
Pac-Man World Record
Holder Billy Mitchell
Billy Mitchell admitting
defeat to Michael Thomasson
INTV Ketih Robinson gives
some good lovin' to JoAnn
Vintage Pitfall
Activision Party Wear
JoAnn with GDG Banner
Atari, Sega & Nintendo
Programmer Steve Woita
Handheld Games in the Museum
More Vintage Handheld
Games in the Museum
Guests enjoying classic
arcade coin-ops on Free Play
GDG Premiers Daniel Bienvenu's
Colecovision GamePack #1
An Atari Combat Lamp and Table
Unreleased Atari Cosmos
Holographic Portable Prototype
Older Games & Good Deal Games
George "Box" Reese
and the original Electronic Games Staff, Katz, Kunkel and Worley
George Pelonis releases the
Vectrex War of the Robots
at the Good Deal Games booth!
Nolan Bushnell signs
one of many autographs
A Colecovision ADAM Computer
Intellivision Programmers
Keynote Speech
A Studio II Machine and a
Bally Astrocade Console
Billy Mitchell Special Effects
Wow - an Adventurevision!
The Unreleased Sega Neptune
Yet another line builds up
at the Good Deal Games booth
NES Peripherals a plenty
Raina Lee and 1-UP Magazine
The Auction!
Channel F and Games
The first home console,
the Original Odyssey
Kitchen and Thomasson
R.W. and Kitchen
Classic Gamer Magazine Crew
Feel the Excitement!
An Intellivision Keyboard
The Coleco Telstar Arcade
The Guts of a Vectrex
George Pelonis and Michael

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