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Classic Gaming Expo 2001 RECAP
by Michael Thomasson

Good Deal Games, Classic Gamer Magazine, and Syzygy Magazine

Michael Thomasson, Penn Jillette and Leonard Herman
Michael Thomasson, Teller
and Chris Cavanaugh
Bally Computer
Michael Thomasson,
Tommy Tallerico and Dave Perry
Vectrex Internals
Data Age Audio Record
and misc. buttons
Centipede Board Game
GameSpot TV
and Michael Thomasson
Don Bluth and Rick Dyer
Autographing Dragon's Lair and Space Ace Posters
John Pomeroy and Gary Goldman
Autographing Dragon's Lair and Space Ace Posters

Bill Kunkel
and Michael Thomasson

Blastin' bugs on the Sega CD
More Memorabilia!
Computer Keyboard
Classic Table Top Games
Unreleased Parker Brothers Titles
Prototype Atari Cosmos Unit
Ben Heckendorn
& his Portable Atari VCSp
Ben Heckendorn
& his Portable Atari VCSp
Pink and Babu Blue
"His and Hers" Atari Lynx Units.
Atari 5200 Starcon Joystick
Activision Decathlon Jacket
and several Activision Patches
Demon Attack Poster
and Japanese Atari 2600


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