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Downright Bizarre Games:
Video Games that Crossed the Line

Downright Bizarre Games pokes fun at the video game industry, an entertainment business that often takes itself much too seriously. This is a hilarious look at the odd side of the industry, from games outside of the norm to bad art and outlandish dialogue. Also featured are unfortunate headlines, marketing fiascos and publicity stunts gone awry. All these eccentric and strange events are documented within this book which gaming professionals wish had never seen print. 224 Pages, FULL COLOR!

by Author for FREE upon request !!!

Deluxe HardCover available for only $49.99

($29.99 Softcover OR $39.99 Hardcover)


  The book that would not die!
ABC to the VCS by Leonard Herman
Famed author of Phoenix: The Fall and Rise of Videogames!

ABC To The VCS is the ultimate summary guide to the Atari 2600. Originally written in 1983 during the height of the 2600's popularity, the first edition of this book was finally released in 1996 thanks to an overwhelming demand from collectors. Now, nearly a decade later, the 2600 is still popular among collectors and programmers alike. Unreleased games from the eighties are constantly being discovered and released and new 'homebrew' games are still being written for this system that ceased production in 1991. In all there are 163 more titles in the 2nd edition than were in the 1st edition.

• Atari 2600 Today List
• Inclusion of Sears titles
• Summaries of over 700 games
• Screen shots of nearly everygame


  Arcade Fever by John Sellers

Have you mastered the delicate art of hyperspace? Can you say "joystick" in polite conversation without blushing? Do you remember the difference between playing "singles" and "doubles"?

If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, Arcade Fever is the book for you-the world's first illustrated history of video games, with tributes to 50 all-time favorites like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Defender, Q*Bert, Tetris, and many, many others. You want little-known tips, tricks, and secrets? You want behind-the-scenes creation stories from the original programmers? You want to read about the first guy who actually DIED playing a video game, or the arcade classic that inspired an episode of Seinfeld? It's all right here, in a jam-packed celebration of '70s and '80s arcade culture.

Interviews with programmers, musicians, animators, and other legends from the golden age of video games, A chronological history of video arcades-from the first coin-operated arcade game to obscure classics like Elevator Action, Crazy Climber, and Food Fight. Tonns of rad '80s spin-off products, including home systems, pajamas, alarm clocks, Saturday morning cartoons, sugar-coated breakfast cereals, and a movie starring Jeff Bridges as a programmer who gets sucked into a computer.


  Classic 80s Home Video Games

The early 80s was a pioneering time for home video games. Consoles from Atari, Mattel, Coleco, and others dominated many American living rooms. This guide takes an in-depth look at the classic consoles, games, accessories, and related merchandise manufactured between the introduction of the Atari VCS in 1977 and the great video game crash of 1984. The great consoles from Atari--the 2600 VCS, 5200 SuperSystem, and 7800 ProSystem are all covered in depth, as well as the amazing Coleco Vision, Intellivision, Odyssey 2 , and Vectrex gaming systems. More than 2,000 full-color photographs complement detailed listings for loose and boxed items. Consoles, cartridges, manuals, accessories, and related merchandise are listed and priced in an easy-to-use, checklist format. Products are listed by console and manufacturer for easy reference. See Donkey Kong, Frogger, Asteroids, Centipede, Pac-Man, and many other famous stars from the 1980s systems in this must-have title on classic video games.


  Classic Home Video Games: 1972 - 1984 by Brett Weiss

This thoroughly researched reference work provides a comprehensive guide to popular and obscure video games of the 1970s and early 1980s, covering virtually every official United States release for programmable home game consoles of the pre–Nintendo NES era. Included are the following systems: Adventure Vision, APF MP1000, Arcadia 2001, Astrocade, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, ColecoVision, Fairchild Channel F, Intellivision, Microvision, Odyssey, Odyssey2, RCA Studio II, Telstar Arcade, and Vectrex.

Organized alphabetically by console brand, each chapter includes a history and description of the game system, followed by substantive, encyclopedia-style entries for every game released for that console, regardless of when the game was produced. Each video game entry includes publisher/developer information and the release year, along with a detailed description and, frequently, the author’s critique. A glossary provides a helpful guide to the classic video game genres and terms referenced throughout the work. An appendix lists a number of “homebrew” titles that have been created by fans and amateur programmers and are available for download or purchase.


  Classic Home Video Games: 1985 - 1988 by Brett Weiss

A follow up to 2007's Classic Home Video Games, 1972-1984, this reference work provides detailed descriptions and reviews of every U.S.-released game for the Nintendo NES, the Atari 7800, and the Sega Master System, all of which are considered among the most popular video game systems ever produced. Organized alphabetically by console brand, each chapter includes a description of the game system followed by substantive entries for every game released for that console. Video game entries include publisher/developer data, release year, gameplay information, and, typically, the author's critique. A glossary provides a helpful guide to the classic video game genres and terms referenced throughout the work, and a preface provides a comparison between the modern gaming industry and the industry of the late 1980s.



Classic Home Video Games: 1989 - 1990 by Brett Weiss

The third in a series about home video games, this detailed reference work features descriptions and reviews of every official U.S.-released game for the Neo Geo, Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx-16, which, in 1989, ushered in the 16-bit era of gaming. Organized alphabetically by console brand, each chapter includes a description of the game system followed by substantive entries for every game released for that console. Video game entries include historical information, gameplay details, the author's critique, and, when appropriate, comparisons to similar games. Appendices list and offer brief descriptions of all the games for the Atari Lynx and Nintendo Game Boy, and catalogue and describe the add-ons to the consoles covered herein--Neo Geo CD, Sega CD, Sega 32X and TurboGrafx-CD.

Hardcover Edition!


  Confessions of the Game Doctor by Bill Kunkel
Go behind the scenes w/ the man who covered
the Electronic Games Business from Day One!

In 1981 Bill Kunkel co-founded Electronic Games Magazine, the first magazine devoted entirely to the new generation of plugged-in entertainment, from video and computer games to tabletop games, handhelds, coin-ops and more. Now, Bill Kunkel, a.k.a. The Game Doctor, reveals the untold stories behind both the magazine and the people who brought us the 'classic' era of electronic gaming. Whether you’re a fan of games, comic books, or simply love to hear good inside stories told with a spark of wit and candor, gather round; Confessions of the Game Doctor is just what the doctor ordered.

This book has been sold out for year... until we found one more single copy while cleaning out the warehouse!


  Down From the Top of it's Game:
The Story of Infocom

The success and failure of Infocom, a company founded by members of MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science, resulted from a combination of factors. Infocom succeeded not only because it made Zork , a text-adventure game, available on personal computers, but also because it developed an effective system for supporting new platforms, maintained an engineering culture that excelled at writing computer games, and marketed its products to the right audience.

Similarly, Infocom did not fail simply because it decided to shift its focus to business software by making Cornerstone , a relational database. Infocom failed for many reasons that were closely tied to how the company managed the transition to business products. Behind the scenes, the transition created a litany of problems that hurt both the games and the business divisions of the company. Combined with some bad luck, these problems—not simply the development of Cornerstone —ultimately led to Infocom's downfall


  Encyclopedia of Game Machines 2nd Edition: 1972-2012
by Winnie Forster

The history of computer and videogames in detailed chapters, tables and over 700 exclusive photos. Printed in color throughout, Game Machines 1972-2012 is the reference book for every gamer and anyone interested in the history of computer entertainment. Following the success of the sold-out first edition, this updated and extended volume presents classic videogame consoles, handhelds and home computers along with classic software in all of its pixelated glory. From Atari 2600 to Nintendo 3DS, from Apple II to iPhone: among the almost 500 gaming systems covered are million-sellers and exotic variants, dream machines and bizarre oddities.



Autographed for FREE!

From Neptune to Earth by Cuciz, Krych & Thomasson

Inspired by the classic arcade game Gyruss, this military science-fiction book tells the tale of the thirteen Outer Colonies joining together and fight a bloody war to free the Earth from a ruthless and cruel nemy.This is the story of a single squadron during the Ideoclan War. Journey with them as they first meet during a “Call to Arms”, become hardened veterans through exhausting campaigns, lose friends in battle, re-gain their edge, and in the process help win precious freedom for the Earth and eventual independence for their Colonies.

300 Pages - 51/2 x 81/4


  I Am 8-Bit
Art Inspired by Classic VideoGames of the '80s

Pac-Man. Frogger. Super Mario Bros. These classic videogames are burned into the collective consciousness of an entire generation, thanks to countless hours spent at pizza parlors and bowling alleys across the country. Now artists such as Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, and Ashley Wood put their memories to paper, canvas, and wood to create original works of art inspired by the art of the videogame. Chuck Klosterman shares his thoughts in his distinctively insightful and entertaining style in a foreword on how videogames created a new playground for artistic expression. With more than 100 thought-provoking, amusing, and simply fun pieces of original art, i am 8-bit is a pixilated stroll down memory lane.


  Lucky Wander Boy by D. Weiss

Adam Pennyman is ruled by an obsession of his own creation: the Catalogue of Obsolete Entertainments, an encyclopedic directory referencing every video game ever played.  But his chronicling hits a snag when Adam realizes that no matter where he looks, he can find nothing about “Lucky Wander Boy,” the game that meant the world to him as a kid.

Then his luck starts to turn: A chance encounter lands him a copywriting job at Portal Entertainment, the monolithic media company that holds the film rights to the “Lucky Wander Boy” concept.  Soon Adam embarks on a journey through the corporate sprawl of Hollywood that will ultimately lead him to the game's beautiful creator, Araki Itachi.  But even with the help of a plucky fellow game-head named Clio, such a reckless expedition will require the agility of Pac-Man, the nerves of Mario, and the tenacity of Frogger. Not to mention, a whole lot of luck.


  Perfect Dark: Initial Vector

Continuing the epic storyline featured in the Xbox 360 game.

The year is 2020: Corporations control everything. In the name of domination, these sprawling organizations have recruited their own military forces to fight clandestine battles against one another---a war fought in the boardrooms and won in the shadows, with the public none the wiser.

Ex--bounty hunter Joanna Dark has unwillingly seen the front lines of this war. Her run-in with dataDyne, the world's most powerful hypercorporation, has left her with a wound that only vengeance can heal. Daniel Carrington, the charismatic founder of the Carrington Institute, has been locked in an ongoing war with dataDyne for years and sees Joanna's deadly skills as the key to victory over their mutual enemy. But Joanna is young and lost, unable to accept her abilities as virtues or fully trust Carrington's intentions.

But when an explosive secret is unearthed---one that could finally bring down the threat of dataDyne once and for all---Joanna finds herself thrust back into the fight, one that brings her face to face with her past . . . and the forces shaping her future.


Only $22.75

Special Edition Cover autographed FREE by cover artist Michael Thomasson upon request
  Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of Videogames: Third Edition
by Leonard Herman

Finally, another run of the previously sold-out book rated as the second-best videogame book of all time by Game Informer Magazine. Grab a copy before the tenth printing is gone and it is back in "sold out" status again.

Since its initial release in 1994, Phoenix has been regarded worldwide as the Bible of videogame industry. Phoenix explores the complete history of videogames from Spacewar on mainframe computers to Microsoft’s Xbox and everything in between. For this third edition, Phoenix explores the history of the industry through the year 2000 and includes dozens of photos and fact-filled focus-On sections. You’ll find yourself coming back to Phoenix over and over again for more details on videogame history than can possibly be imagined!

• Phoenix is the first place to start in any study of videogame history - Game Informer
• One of the most fascinating books ever written on the subject -
• Highly recommended to anyone interested in the history of videogames - Factsheet 5
• Herman has done an outstanding job. Highly recommended - Game Room
• In short, if you’re reading this magazine, you should own this book - Next Generation
• The ultimate game Bible - Maniac
• Videogame’s definitive history - Wired
• Breathtaking detailed history - Alternative Press
• The most comprehensive history of gaming currently available -
• Highly recommended - Tips & Tricks
• The best chronicle of videogame history available -
• Platinum rating - PSE2
• You WILL learn something when you read Phoenix -


  Prince of Persia Graphic Novel


Long ago in Persia, there lived a Prince -- a man of honor, of valor, and full of strength -- a man for his people, who lived with them and took on their trials and hardships.  And he was loved.

His name is no longer remembered.  When people speak of him, they call him merely, 'The Prince of Persia,' as if there have been no others, and his descendants are enjoined to live like him, to be like him, to the ends of their days.

Long ago in Persia, there were many princes, one following another, sometimes quick, sometimes slow, sometimes fat, clever, joyous, and all more or less honorable.  And in some of those princes there shone the spirit of The Prince of Persia, for in Persia time spins like a wheel, and what is to come has already happened, and then happens again, year in and year out. 

This is the story of two of those princes, and of the destiny that threads their lives together. 


  Programming Games for the Colecovision and ADAM in Assembler (BOOK)
by Tony Cruise

You love the ColecoVision and would like to learn how to develop your own games for the machine?

This book is all about the authors love of gaming and the want to share with fellow enthusiasts, the understanding of the steps and process that go into creating games! Perhaps the first of many volumes, this book aims to provide an overall guide on the steps required to start creating games for the ColecoVision 8-bit game console and its bigger cousin, the ColecoVision Adam Computer. 8 1/2 x 12 inches - 259 Pages.


  Programming Games for Intellivision (BOOK)
by Oscar Toledo

The excitement of having your own games console, the unrivaled emotion of opening a new game, the awe of discovery and the thrilling atmosphere of the 80s. Now you can feel all the excitement again, while developing your own games for Intellivision consoles. A smooth trip using an easily readable language across the foundations of game programming, including the complete source code to 4 amazing games: Game of Ball, Monkey Moon, Space Raider and Bouncy Cube. All tools and information are provided, as well as links to download the required development software. 190 Pages.


SALE $24.75


Videogames: In the Beginning by Ralph Baer
Told by the Father of the Home Videogame!

Videogames: In the Beginning is a whopping 280 pages and presented in full-color. The book contains 280 pages full of original internal memos from Sanders Associates, the company that allowed Mr. Baer to put together the device, and Magnavox, which ultimately released the device as the Odyssey in 1972. The book also includes over 150 photos, schematics, patent description pages, as well as the 4-page treatise that Mr. Baer wrote upon conceiving the idea of attaching a device to a television to play games.



  Vintage Game Consoles by Bill Loguidice and Matt Barton

Vintage Game Consoles tells the story of the most influential videogame platforms of all time, including the Apple II, Commodore 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, Sony PlayStation, and many more. It uncovers the details behind the consoles, computers, handhelds, and arcade machines that made videogames possible. Drawing on extensive research and the authors' own lifelong experience with videogames,  Vintage Game Consoles  explores each system's development, history, fan community, its most important games, and information for collectors and emulation enthusiasts. It also features hundreds of exclusive full-color screenshots and images that help bring each system's unique story to life.  Vintage Game Consoles  is the ideal book for gamers, students, and professionals who want to know the story behind their favorite computers, handhelds, and consoles, without forgetting about why they play in the first place - the fun!
    CDs & DVDs




Arcade Ambiance: Volume 1981 Audio CD

These are the pivotal years
and you walk the halls of your local arcade...

This collection is as it was.

Filled with the electronic hums and beeps you remember
along with classic sounds such as the shuffle of the crowd,
coin changer samples, Attract modes and more!



Arcade Ambiance: Volume 1983 Audio CD

"If I close my eyes while listening to Arcade Ambiance, I can clearly envision myself hanging out at the local Golfland Arcade circa 1983 sporting the latest in early 80's fashion (camouflage Vans and a Members Only jacket), while feeding quarter after quarter into Dig Dug, Galaga and Phoenix. Thanks for taking me back to a happier time."

"Arcade Ambiance takes me back to the awe of the big arcades from my childhood, when my biggest concern in life was running out of quarters! Great nostalgia!"

David Lewis



Arcade Ambiance: Volume 1986 Audio CD

"I closed my eyes today and took a virtual walk through a mid 80s arcade. I accomplished this seemingly impossible feat via the latest edition of GDG's Arcade Ambiance series. Soon, I could almost smell the snacks and see the players, hear their arguements and the small sounds of quarters being lined up along the coin-op controller rims in order to determine order of play. Then, like a symphony conductor, my ear would seek out familiar groupings of sound effects and delightfully manic arcade machine music, allowing me to identify a game here, a game there. But mostly I allowed the sounds of a wonderful past time to simply wash over me. For veteran gamers, this is mood audio of the first order."

Bill Kunkel "The Game Doctor"
Electronic Games Magazine

SALE - ONLY $9.99!



Arcade Ambiance: Volume 1992 Audio CD

Great video game beeps and bloops NOW WITH PINBALL!



  Classic Game Room DVD

Classic Game Room was the first classic video game review show on the Internet in 1999 and 2000. It returns as a feature-length comedy film about the triumphant story of online success, failure, obscurity, resurrection and success again!

The legendary show was produced in the early days of online video by Mark Bussler and David Crosson at an Internet startup with one camera, a green screen and $50 budgets. The show was objective, entertaining and obnoxious with beer-drinking, bottle-throwing, joystick-slinging, car-crashing classic game reviews. A cult following developed and the reviews kept coming, but how long could it last until the money ran out?

Reviews: Berzerk for Atari 2600, Duck Hunt for NES, X-Men for Sega Genesis, Joust for Playstation, Sega GT for Dreamcast, Frogger for Atari 2600, SeaMan for Dreamcast, Missile Command for Playstation, Perfect Dark for Nintendo N64 ,Yar's Revenge for Atari 2600 and Alien for Atari 2600.



  Coin-Op TV: Volume #1 DVD

COIN-OP TV is a show about the video gaming industry and culture. The disc contains interviews with classic arcade game world record holders, industry and anything else related to both modern and old school gaming!

COIN-OP TV DVD VOLUME 1 contains the following:
Over 90 minutes of COIN-OP TV episodes re-mastered for DVD

Interviews with Walter Day, Todd Rogers, Mike Halley (Gravitar/Star Wars), Jon Gibson (i am 8-bit), Dwayne Richard, Steve Hertz, Keith Robinson (Intellivision), SNK, Capcom, Namco and more including the 'All Girl Air Hockey Game' from Funspot 2005

Most people featured in the movie THE KING OF KONG (Seth Gordon) are interviewed on this DVD.

Bonus Content - 2 never before released episodes - interviews with Scott Evans (Atari Collector) and David Cruz (Tron World Record Holder.) Plus, Never before seen audition tapes of Taryn Southern and Nafeesa DeFlorias


  Coin-Op TV: Volume #2 DVD

CCOIN-OP TV DVD Volume 2 brings more unique interviews and event coverage to you from events all over the world! Volume 2 includes interviews with Eugene Jarvis (Robotron and Defender creator), Cliff Bleszinski (Gears of War), Tommy Tallarico (Video Games Live), Falcoon (King of Fighters SNK), Donald Hayes (World Record Holder), Leonard Herman (Author of Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of Videogames), Jeff Anderson (Videotopia), Adam Wood (World Record Holder from The King of Kong movie), Man-Faye and other cosplayers from Anime Expo 2006, numerous artists from the 'I am 8-bit' art shows from 2005 and 2006 like Craola and Jon Gibson (Nerdcore Calendar), a Galaxian tribute and more!

All episodes have been re-mastered for DVD featuring over 90 minutes of content! Bonus content with never before seen audition tape with Cyndee San Luis (host on upcoming volume 3 release) and Top 5 Arcade Games with Hailey Bright!



  Joysticks DVD

There's something going on at the local game arcade, and it's not on the screen. Lovely, young bikini-clad girls manipulate the joy sticks with surprising rapidity.

If you like coming of age movies like Porky's with mischevous teens and vintage arcade games, then you'll truly appreciate this 1982 movie set in the age of the "Big" arcades!


*Only $11.99 when
purchased with Power Tour
  Nintendo Quest DVD

Nintendo Quest: The Most Unofficial and Unauthorized Nintendo Documentary Ever! is a 2015 Canadian/American documentary road film directed by Rob McCallum about Jay Bartlett and his quest to acquire all 678 licensed Nintendo Entertainment System games within the span of 30 days, without purchasing any games online


  Nintendo Quest: Power Tour DVD

Join Jay and Rob as they tour their film, “Nintendo Quest,” across North America and meet dozens of awesome gamers in the process. Of course, a road trip with these two wouldn't be complete without some game hunting, sarcastic banter, and more surprises! See new shops, meet key members of the gaming community, and revisit with “Nintendo Quest” personalities as the tour takes the duo from LA to Vegas, through Texas, their home town and ends in Portland, OR. GAME ON!



  Odyssey DVD

Enjoy a fantastic assortment of Odyssey 2 commercials that will take you back to when everything Odyssey was exciting and new. The coverage of the Pick Axe Pete! Pick-Off is a ton of fun, and you'll laugh your pants off watching "A Video Game Caper." Where else can you find a 45-minute comedy show based entirely on the Odyssey 2? The 1983 CES videos and Odyssey 3 prototype footage are priceless! Region Free. 63 Minutes.

• Odyssey 2 Fourth Quarter 1981 Commercial
• Wizard of Odyssey - The Keyboard! Commercial
• Wizard of Odyssey - Pick Axe Pete! Commercial
• Wizard of Odyssey - Quest for the Rings! Commercial
• Wizard of Odyssey - The Voice! Commercial
• McDade's Odyssey 2 Christmas Commercial
• Pick Axe Pete! Pick-Off News Coverage
•Odyssey 3 1983 CES Introduction Video
• Odyssey 3 1983 CES Peripherals Video
• Odyssey 3 Prototype Footage
• "A Video Game Caper" Comedy Show by Second City



Ralph Baer: The Father of Videogames Anthology
Limited Edition DVD

This fantastic DVD details the life of videogame pioneer Ralph Baer. From escaping Nazi persecution during World War II to becoming an engineer at Sanders & Associates. The film covers the creation of the home video game industrydetailing the development of the original prototype hardware including the "Brown Box" which ultimately becomes reality with the release of the Magnavox Odyssey leading to him being rewarded the National Medal of Technology by President Bush.



  Starcade: First Edition #1 DVD

Five Original espisodes of STARCADE! - Five of the original episodes that aired in 1981-83 including: Show#19 Contestants: Robert Dang vs Alex Clemens; Games: Super Pa Man, Buck Rogers, Tac Scan, Star Trek and Super Zaxxon. Grand Prize: Pooyan; Show #59 Contestants: Chris Curtin vs Mike Schoenwetter; Games: Joust, Star Wars, Bally's Journey, Donkey Kong Jr and Pole Position. Grand Prize: BumpNJump; Show #60 Contestants: Thomas Luchini vs Jordan Silber; Games: Donkey Kong Jr, Congo Bongo, Munch Mobile, BurgerTime and Mappy. Grand Prize: Tron; Show #62 Contestants: Leo Schwab vs Vance McGirt; Games: BagMan, Super Pac Man, Super Zaxxon, Pole Position and Star Trek. Grand Prize: BurgerTime; Show #63 Invitational Contestants: Winners from the 4 shows above; Games: Zoo Keeper, Star Wars, Pole Position, Gyruss and Krull. Grand Prize. RB5X Robot.

PLUS Behind the scenes footage during the taping of STARCADE!, including shots of the crew at work and play. Hang out with the crew and see contestants getting ready for their STARCADE! show. Among the clips are the crew's Pelican and Frog STARCADE! show and the Sinistar Blues composed and performed by a STARCADE! crew member!

Autographed for FREE

  Video Game Trader Issue # 34
Michael Thomasson's Just 4 Qix
Arcade Column: Robotron: 2084

• Interview with Kevin Flair of I Play Games

• Press Start Comic
Snack Break: Pac-Man Vitamins
• Excerpts: Picker's Pocket Guide - Toys
• Page Turners: Atari 2600 Encyclopedia: Volume One
• Homebrew Review: Dungeon Hunt (Atari 8-Bit Computers)

• Prices, PRICES and MORE PRICES!!!


Autographed for FREE

Video Game Trader Issue # 33

Michael Thomasson's Just 4 Qix
Arcade Column: Tempest

• The AmiiBOOM!

• Press Start Comic
D.I.Y. Storage Units
Snack Break: Mario Soup
• Homebrew Review: Sydney Hunter (Intellivision)
• Bit for Bit: David Brevik of Diablo and Marvel Heroes

• Prices, PRICES and MORE PRICES!!!


  Video Game Trader Issue # 32

Michael Thomasson's Just 4 Qix
Arcade Column: Shoot the Bear

• The History of Video Games: The Early Years

• Press Start Comic
• Homebrew Review: Happy Bird (Odyssey2)
• Homebrew Review: Space Raid (Intellivision)
• Made in Japan: Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (PS3)

• Prices, PRICES and MORE PRICES!!!


Autographed for FREE

  Video Game Trader Issue # 28

Michael Thomasson's Just 4 Qix
Arcade Column: Atari's vector Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

• Game Over Videogames by Brett Weiss

• Press Start Comic
• Point and Click NES Games
• Hidden Gems: Three Dirty Dwarves (Sega Saturn)

• Bit for Bit: Interview with Ron Gilbert
                  of Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island among others

• Prices, PRICES and MORE PRICES!!!


Autographed for FREE

  Video Game Trader Issue # 27

Michael Thomasson's Just 4 Qix
Arcade Column: Virtua Racing

• Video Game Board Games by Brett Weiss

• Press Start Comic
• Hidden Gems: Spirou (SNES)

• Slipped Discs LaserDisc Gaming
• Bit for Bit: Interview with Jane Jensen (Gabriel Knight)

• Prices, PRICES and MORE PRICES!!!


Autographed for FREE
  Video Game Trader Issue # 26

• Michael Thomasson is "Going For the Record"

• Press Start Comic
• Battle of the Eras
• The Cover Project
• Made in Japan: Aquapazza (PS3)

• Bit for Bit: Dave Swanson and Dan Baker of Madden NFL

• Prices, PRICES and MORE PRICES!!!


Autographed for FREE
  Video Game Trader Issue # 25

Michael Thomasson's Just 4 Qix
Arcade Column: Nintendo's Wild Gunman

Tips on Putting on your own Retro Gaming Show

• Press Start Comic
• Token Appreciation: Gauntlet
• Hidden Gems: Lucky Luke (GBC)
• Page Turners: Atari Inc. Business is Fun
• Made in Japan: Gundam Extreme Vs. (PS3)
• Flashback: Atari, Activision to Broadcast Games to Homes (12/31/83)

• Prices, PRICES and MORE PRICES!!!


Autographed for FREE

  Video Game Trader Issue # 24

Michael Thomasson's Just 4 Qix
Arcade Column: Meteors

Sega Ultimate Portable Game Player
• Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (GameCube)

• Press Start Comic
• Hidden Gems: Vice: Project Doom (NES)
• Made in Japan: Gundam Extreme Vs. (PS3)

• Prices, PRICES and MORE PRICES!!!


Autographed for FREE

Video Game Trader Issue # 23

Homebrew Review:
• Moon Cresta (Atari 7800)
• Boulder Dash (Atari 2600)
• Christmas Carol (Intellivision)

Michael Thomasson's Just 4 Qix
Arcade Column: Donkey Kong 3

• Pikmin

• Retron 3

• Press Start Comic
• Token Appreciation: Mario Bros.

• Hidden Gems: Earnest Evans (Genesis)

• Prices, PRICES and MORE PRICES!!!


Autographed for FREE


Video Game Trader Issue # 22

Homebrew Review:
• D2K (Intellivision)
• Space Instigators (Atari VCS)

Michael Thomasson's Just 4 Qix
Arcade Column: Puckman Pockimon

• TinTin: Prisoners of the Sun (SNES)

• Interview: Mickey Cendrowski
• Advergaming
• Press Start Comic
• Great Games Under $5: Carnival (Colecovision)
• ReBoot This: Mutant League Football (Genesis)
• Hidden Gems: Legend of the Mystical Ninja (SNES)

• Prices, PRICES and MORE PRICES!!!


Autographed for FREE
  Video Game Trader Issue # 21

• Alien (Atari VCS)

Michael Thomasson's Just 4 Qix
Arcade Column: I, Robot

• Press Start Comic
• Book Review: Before the Crash
• Hidden Gems: Asterix & Obelix (SNES)
• Made in Japan: Hajime No Ippo - The Fighting (GameBoy Advance)

• Expanded: Now covering 36 consoles!!!


Autographed for FREE

Video Game Trader Issue # 20

Feature Story
• Exclusive interview with Atari Co-Founder Ted Dabney

Michael Thomasson's Just 4 Qix
Arcade Column: Rampart

• Hidden Gems: Rolo to the Rescue (Sega Genesis)
• Made in Japan: Super Mario Bros. 2
• Book Review: Driving Crazy by Brett Weiss
• History of Super Fighter Team

• From Atari 2600 to Wii and everything in between.


Autographed for FREE
  Video Game Trader Issue # 19

Feature Story
• The Strong Museum of Play
   & the International Center for the History of Electronic Games

Michael Thomasson's Just 4 Qix
Arcade Column: Bally-Midway's Root Beer Tapper

• Hidden Gems: Clockwork Knight (Sega Saturn)
• Made in Japan: Mushihime-Sama Futari (X-Box 360 SHMUP!)
• Excerpts from Classic Home Video Games 1989-1990
   by Brett Weiss w/ Leonard Herman

• Expanded: Now with modern consoles and much more!!!


Autographed for FREE

Video Game Trader Issue # 18

Feature Story
• History of Tron

Homebrew Review:
• Pac-Man Collection (Colecovision)

Michael Thomasson's Just 4 Qix
Arcade Column: Double Dragon Series

• Press Start Comic
• Hidden Gems: Amidar (Arcade)
• In Retrospect : Pioneer LaserActive (with Price Guide)

• Expanded: Now with modern consoles and much more!!!


Autographed for FREE
  Video Game Trader Issue # 17

Feature Story
• NEC PC-FX w/ Price Guide

Homebrew Review:
• Fail Safe (Atari 7800)

Michael Thomasson's Just 4 Qix
Arcade Column: SegaSonic the Hedgehog

• Made in Japan: Radiant Silvergun
• Hidden Gems: Bloody Wolf (TG-16)
• Page Turners: Down From the Top of it's Game: The Story of Infocom

• Expanded: Now with modern consoles and much more!!!


Autographed for FREE

Video Game Trader Issue # 16

Feature Stories
• Toy Story Feature w/ Toy Story Price Guide
• Ad Wars: Rise to the bit Wars
• Vectrex Times
• Interview w/ VecFury's George Pelonis

Homebrew Reviews:
• Road Fighter (ColecoVision)
• Gravitrex Plus (Vectrex)

Retro Reviews:
• Retrode (USB)
• X-Man (Atari 2600)

Revival: Lynxopoly Review
Token Appreciation: 720 Degrees
Page Turners: Horror Video Games
Made in Japan: Elevator Action Old & New
Intellivision Archives: Scooby-Doos's Maze Chase
Hidden Gems: Vice Project Doom (NES), Treasure Master (NES)

Michael Thomasson's Just 4 Qix Arcade Column: Space Invaders
VIDEO GAME PRICE GUIDE (now with modern consoles) and much more!!!


Autographed for FREE!

Video Game Trader Issue # 15

Homebrew Reviews:
• Zaku (Atari Lynx)
• Royal 21 (Vectrex)
• Strip Off (Atari 2600)
• Shield Shifter (Atari 2600)
• Ghost N Zombies (ColecoVision)

Retro Reviews:
• Coin-Op TV: Vol 2
• Alf (Sega Master System)
• VectrexMad! Autofire Dongle

Made in Japan: Bangai-O
Token Appreciation: Q*Bert
Intellivision: Intelligent Television
The Legend of Zelda: Game Maker
Six Feet Under: Video Game Mascots
Revival: Lady Bug (Atari 2600) Review
Alien versus Predator: The Video Games
NES Archives: Wrecking Crew & Super C
Intellivision Archives: Major League Baseball
Review: GenMobile Handheld Video Game Console
16-Bits Below Zero: Splatterhouse (Turbo Grafx-16)
Page Turners: Classic Home Video Games 1985-1988
Hidden Gems: Total Recall (NES) & Mr. Bones (Sega Saturn)
The Winner is Really You: Video Games Invade Pro Wrestling

Michael Thomasson's Just 4 Qix Arcade Column: Berzerk
VIDEO GAME PRICE GUIDE (now with Game & Watch) and much more!!!


Autographed for FREE!
  Video Game Trader Issue # 14

SPIKE: Alive and well in the land of vectors!
Bubsy: What could possibly go wrong?

Homebrew Reviews:
• Ultimate Frogger Championship (NES)
• Phantasm (Atari 2600)
• Mad Bodies (Atari Jaguar)

Hidden Gems:
• Blue's Journey (Neo-Geo)
• Dragon's Lair (NES)

Retro Reviews:
• Coin-Op TV: Vol 2
• Alf (Sega Master System)
• VectrexMad! Autofire Dongle

NES Archives: Wrecking Crew
Made in Japan: Twinkle Star Sprites
The return of Michael Thomasson's Just 4 Qix Arcade Column!
VIDEO GAME PRICE GUIDE (now with 3DO) and much more!!!


Autographed for FREE!

Video Game Trader Issue # 13

The Secret Origin of Super Hero Video Games

Homebrew Reviews:
• Legend of Wukong (Genesis)
• This Planet Sucks (Atari 2600)
• Prehistoric Times (Atari 2600)

New Columns:
• Made in Japan
• Six Feet Under
• Token Appreciation

NES Archives: Wolverine
Feature Review:
GameBoy Advance Programming: Part III
VIDEO GAME PRICE GUIDE and much more!!!



Autographed for FREE!
  Video Game Trader Issue # 12

Star Trek: A History in Video Games

Game Battle: Nintendo 64 Star Wars Battle

NES Archives: Star Wars

Homebrew Reviews— Complete Onside Soccer for 3DO

Doin’ the Slide and Shoot


And Much more!!!


  Video Game Trader Issue # 11

Vectrex Retrospective:
A look at the past and the future of this popular classic system

Interview with Rob Fulop

Feature Review: FC Mobile (NES Portable)

Homebrew Reviews — Rent Wars

Programming the Game Boy Advance (Part 2)


And Much more!!!


  Video Game Trader Issue # 10

Duke Nukem: It’s Time to Kick Ass and Chew Bubble Gum, While Saving Babes!

Chasing the Chuckwagon: Interview with “So Cal” Mike of the Auction Site

Classic Reviews:
• Video Game Collector
• Madtronix 3D Imager

Homebrew Reviews — Puzzle Piece Panic for the Odyssey 2
NES Archives — River City Ransom
Exclusive First Look at the new Genesis game Legend of Wukong
Game Battle —Kirby Clash

VIDEO GAME PRICE GUIDE – Now includes Odyssey 2!


  Video Game Trader Issue # 9

A GAME OF YOU: The Legalities and Pitfalls of Fan Tributes

Interview with the Authors of Classic 80’s Home Video Games ID & Value Guide

Classic Reviews:
• Halloween (Atari 2600)
• Adventure for Atari 2600

Homebrew Reviews — Actionauts for the Atari 2600
NES Archives — North and South
Video Game programming: Programming the Game Boy Advance (Part 1)
Game Battle —Ninja Golf vs. Food Fight

VIDEO GAME PRICE GUIDE – Now includes Intellivision!


Autographed for FREE!
  Video Game Trader Issue # 8

Donkey Kong: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
They Story behind Amiga
Whatever happened to that Atari Jaguar thing?
Classic Ad Wars
Special Book Excerpt: Classic 80’s Home Video Games ID & Value Guide
NES Archives — Deja Vu
Classic Emulation: Para-JVE Vectrex Emulator
Game Battle —Readers Choice: Mario Battle




Price Includes
Issue #45
and TG-16 Games

in Action











ReVival Issue # 45

ock 'n Chase style game with 5-Player Turbo-Tap support PLUS two (2) additional SHMUP* shoot-em-up games
the classic Ozma Wars and the new RT2A!

                RT2A                                 OZMA WARS


Home Console Tests:
Mage (Odyssey2)
Mayhem (Odyssey2)
Bang Bang Busters (Neo-Geo)
Princess Quest (MSX)
Christmas Carol (Intellivision)
Crazy Brix (Atari 7800)
The Way of Exploding Foot (Colecovision)
Downfall (Atari Jaguar-CD)
Titan Warrior (NES)
Fireman (Colecovision)
Treasure of Carribean (Neo-Geo)
Hot Dog (Atari Lynx)
Heroes Arena (MSX)
Seawed Assault (Atari 2600)
Moon Cresta (Atari 7800)
Overdrive (Vectrex)
Interview Howard Scott Warshaw
The Making-of REVIVAL CHASE (NEC PCEngine Super CDRom2)




ReVival Issue # 44


In Short
Home Console Tests:
• Bitchy (Lynx)
• Thruster (Zodiac)
• Irides (Dreamcast)
• Kitty's Catch (NES)
• Puzzli (Colecovision)
• Relief Pitcher (Lynx)
• Sundance (Vectrex)
• V-Hockey (Vectrex)
• Vector Pilot (Vectrex)
• Ozma Wars (Colecovision)
• Crazy Climber (Astrocade)
• Debris Revisited (Vectrex)
• Penguin Land (Colecovision)
• War of the Worlds (Vectrex)
• Alien Greed Saga (Atari 2600)
• Superfly DX (Atari Jaguar-CD)
• Motocross Challenge (GameBoy Advance)

And more!




ReVival Issue # 43


In Short
Home Console Tests:
• Poker (Lynx)
• Battle Kid (NES)
• Zantis (Vectrex)
• Halo (Atari 2600)
• Blade Buster (NES)
• Kobashi (Colecovision)
• Bound High (Virtual Boy)
• Gorf (GameBoy Advance)
• Colorclash Slim (Vectrex)
• Smurf Challenge (Colecovision)

And more!




ReVival Issue # 42


In Short
Home Console Tests:
• Sectis (Vectrex)
• Dux (Dreamcast)
• Hoppin' Mad (NES)
• Fast Striker (MVS)
• Lead (Atari VCS 2600)
• The Void (Colecovision)
• Neo Pang (Neo-Geo CD)
• Do the Same (Jaguar-CD)

• Pac-Man (Fairchild Channel-F)
• Shield Shifter (Atari VCS 2600)
• Orion_'s Compilation (Jaguar-CD)
• Jr Pac-Man (Atari 7800 ProSystem)
Test Bench: Harmony Cart (Atari VCS 2600)
Interview: NGDev.Team (Dux on Dreamcast)
Interview: Brandon Cobb, Osman Celimli (Zaku on Lynx)



  ReVival Issue # 41


In Short
Home Console Tests:
• 3D Sector X (Vectrex)
• Mean Santa (Atari 2600)
• X-Mas Demo 2009 (NES)
• Zaku (Atari Lynx)
• Ghostblaster (Colecovision)
• Insanity (NEC PC-Engine)
• Pac-Man Collection (Colecovision)
• Worm (Atari 7800)

3D Sector-X Strategy Guide


  ReVival Issue # 40


In Short
Home Console Tests:
• Wolfenstein (Atari 2600)
• Mystic Pillars (NES)
• Royal 21 (Vectrex)
• Ghost'n Zombies (Colecovision)
• Lynxopoly (Atari Lynx)
• Mad Bodies (Atari Jaguar)
• Juno First (Atari 2600)
• Road Fighter (Colecovision)

• Ultimate Frogger Championship (NES)
Do the Same (Jaguar): Genesis
Interview: Chaos Reins
Exerion / Exerizer


  ReVival BONUS Issue

of the mini 12-Page Adventurevision ReVival Special,
or you can purchase a physical copy for only $1.99.




ReVival Issue # 39

Home Console Tests:
• Mr. Chin (Colecovision)
• SuperNESnake 2 (NES)
• MegaPak Vol. 1 (Atari Lynx)
• I, Project (Atari 2600)
• Mr. Chin (Colecovision)
• Yastuna Vol. 1 (Atari Lynx)
• 4K4U (Atari 2600)
• Championship Tennis (Intellivision)

• Lady Bug (Atari 2600)
• Ghost House (Sega Master System)
• Martian Threat (Odyssey)
• Canadian Mini-Game Vol. 1 (Colecovision)
• Isaiah's Wii Chase (Atari 2600)
• Dark Tower (Vectrex)
• Montana Jones (3DO)

• Wind & Waters: Puzzle Battles (Dreamcast)
RGC 2008 Coverage
Interview: Retrozone
Sega Master System Homebrews


  ReVival Issue # 38

Home Console Tests:
• Alex Kidd BMX Trial (Sega Mark-III)
• Vectrexians (Vectrex)
• Double Header (3DO)
• Actionauts (Atari 2600)
• Cye (Colecovision)
• Jeepeers Creepers (Colecovision)
• Glider (Nintendo NES)
• Lasercade (Atari 2600)
• Baku Baku Animals (SegaSaturn)
• Asteroids Deluxe (Atari 7800)
• Monster Masher (Colecovision)
• Swoops! (Atari 2600)
• Addams Family (TurbografX-16)
Vectrex Repro Stand
Lynx Support
Interview: CollectorVision



ReVival Issue # 37

Home Console Tests:
• Space Duel (Atari 2600)
• Jet Block - preview (Colecovision)
• Encaved (Atari 2600)
• Retrogames (Atari 2600)
• Pac-Man Collection (Atari 7800)
• POD (Gizmondo)
• Squares! (Colecovision)
• Terra Attack (Colecovision)
• Jim Power (Nec CDRom)
• Beef Drop VE (Atari 7800)
• Space Patrol (Intellivision)
• Vectoblox (Vectrex)
• Gingerbread Man (Atari 2600)
• Mr Roboto (Videopac)
Test Bench:Nes Powerpak
Interview: Packrat Video Games
Interview Martijn Wenting (ReVival Studios)
History: Colorvision (Bazin/Romtec)


  ReVival Issue # 36

Home consoles tests
• Icebreaker 2 (3DO)
• Yastuna vol.2 (Lynx)
• Sudoku 2007 (Nintendo Nes)
• Search for the stolen crown jewels 2 (Colecovision)
• Last Hope (NeoGeo CD)
• City Bomber (Vectrex)
• and more ...
Test Bench: Cuttle Cart 3 (Intellivision)
Odyssey2 feature: The Hidden Face of the Odyssey2
• Shark Hunter
• Spider-Man
Report: Retro Gaming Connexion 2007
CGE Report: Museum


  ReVival Issue # 35

Home console tests
Puzzle Piece Panic
Phantom II / Pirates
Blast Arena Advance
Trigger Exelica
Woody Pop
and more
Vectrex Wraps
Master System/Mark III: Specific paddle controller games
Interview: Super Fighter Team
AtariVox ... Populi + tests:
Strat O Gems deluxe
Fall Down


  ReVival Issue # 34

Home console tests
• Beggar Prince (Megadrive/Genesis)
• Atomic (Jaguar-CD)
• Last Hope (Dreamcast)
• Double Feature #1 (Jaguar-CD)
• Same Game and Robots (Intellivision)
• Flash Koibito Kun (WonderSwan)
• Police Bust (Supervision)
• 3D Lord of the Robots (Vectrex 3D Imager)
VecFlash USB
Features: Commodore C64TV
Atari VCS 2600 features:
• Blip Footbll
• Santa Simon (7800)
• Medieval Mayhem
• Haunted Adventure Trilogy
• Phantom II / Pirates
• ToyShop Trouble



ReVival Issue # 33

Home consoles tests:
• Flash Koibito Kun (WonderSwan)
• A VCS Tec Challenge(Atari VCS 2600)
• Under Defeat (Dreamcast)
• Soulstar (Sega CD)
• Last Hope (Neo Geo AES)
• Colorclash (Vectrex)
• Vector 21 a fistful of wildcards (Vectrex)
Colecovision features: Homebrew on Colecovision
• Astro Invader
• Cosmo Fighter 2
• Magical Tree
• Atarimax 128 in 1
Jaguar features:
• Seaplane preview
• Attack of Mutant Penguins
• Diam-Jag
All about MB Microvision!



ReVival Issue # 32

Interview: NG.DEV.TEAM Last Hope (Neo-Geo & Dreamcast)
Home consoles tests:
• Dr Hauzer (3D0)
• Mental Kombat (Atari VCS 2600)
• Under Defeat (Dreamcast)
• Chip Chan Kick (NEC Pc-FX)
• Force Striker: Burning Fists (Sega CD)
• Power Strike 2 (Sega Master System)
Vectrex features:
• Spikes Circus
• Space Frenzy
• Vector 2
• Debris EE (review)
Jaguar features:
• Project Apocalypse
• Gorf Classic
• Fight for Life: beta
Arcades at Home
"Nomad" feature
• Rally Pop (GP32)
• Virtual Bowling (Virtual Boy)


  ReVival Issue # 31

Jaguar Total Carnage

Intellivision Defender of the Crown Development

Dreamcast Cool Herders

Vectrex Debris

and MUCH more!


  ReVival Issue # 30

Atari 7800 Cuttle Cart

Duranik's Bonus Cartridge

Several New Vectrex Titles

and MUCH more!


  ReVival Issue # 29       (Premiere English Issue!)

ReVival is a quarterly European fanzine that made its debut in 1997. Previously only available overseas and in the French language. In 2004, Good Deal Games made a distribution agreement and now publishes this great periodical available in English stateside and throughout the world.

ReVival is the voice of the hidden side of videogames. ReVival gives you news on all alternative consoles, retrogaming, games and/or hardware tests without concession. ReVival features interviews of individuals active with alternative video games, historical articles, and more specific reports and columns.

Programming your Atari Jaguar
Interview with Johaness Graf of Duranik

Extensive coverage for Intellivision, Jaguar, Nuon, Super CD-Rom 2, GP32, Vectrex, Wonderswan, Lynx, NeoGeo Pocket Color, Dreamcast, and more!



Classic Video Gamer # 3

- Zaku for the Atari Lynx
- NWCE 2009 Show Report
- Review: USB CX-40 Joystick
- Review: StripOff! for the Atari VCS
- Review: DUX for the Sega Dreamcast
- Review: Shield Shifter for the Atari VCS
- Sega Dreamcast Rush Rush Rally Racing
- Events Central & What's on Tap Columns
- Game Over: 30 Years After Pac-Man Fever
- Review: Last Hope: Pink Bullets for the Sega Dreamcast
- Interviews with Developers and Classic Gaming Community Icons



Classic Video Gamer # 2

- Atari Batari Programming
- Eight Classic Game Reviews
- Five Classic Advertisements
- Atari Jaguar Mad Bodies Coverage
- Interviews with Scott higgins & Eduardo Mello
- Interview with Terrance Williams of Force Design
- Interview with Super Fighter Team's Brandon Cobb
- Dreamcast Anniversary Special w/ Cool Herders coverage


Autographed for FREE!

Video Game Collector Issue # 11

This issue's features:
- 14 Retro Reviews
- Neo Geo Fighting Games
- The King of Fighters Retrospect
- Made in Japan: Rhythm-based Imports
- Full Video Game Price Guide (14,000 listings)
- DanceDanceRevolution: Games and Soundtracks
- Interview with Tomm Hullet of Konami's Silent Hill
- Photo Checklist of every U.S. Sega Dreamcast title
- Interview with Cryptic Allusions (Dreamcast Feet of Fury)
- Cast in Plastic: Detailing Models of Fighting Game Characters
- Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Development & Interviews
- Dreamcast's Propellar Arena prototype info by GDG's Michael Thomasson


Autographed for FREE!

Video Game Collector Issue # 10

This issue's features:
- Indiana Jones retrospect.
- Giant-sized Atari Special Issue.
- Competitive world record circuit.
- Interviews with developer David Perry.
- Video game-based figures and dioramas.
- Interviews with composer Tommy Talarico.
- Interviews with The Angry Video Game Nerd.
- Anime series based on famous fighting game franchises.
- Seven Atari 2600 prototype games detailed and reviewed.
- The lost chapter of Kunkel's Confessions of a Game Doctor book.
- Steve Wolta recalls the creation of the Atari 2600 title QuadRun.
- Atari 2600 Photo Checklist with full-color pics of every US VCS title!
- An opening editorial by guest editor Bill Kunkel a/k/a The Game Doctor.
- History of video game full-motion video by Michael Thomasson of GDG.
- Bit rot and disc rot and how to protect your games by Michael of GDG.

Plus: Video Game Reviews, Made in Japan, Collector's Spotlight, Market Watch, News & Notes, Twin Galaxies Scoreboard & Price Guide.


Autographed for FREE!

Video Game Collector Issue # 9

This issue's features:
- Rare Systems feature.
- Saturn Final Five feature.
- Japanese Video game Collectibles.
- Collecting Video Game Soundtracks.
- Anime Feature: It Came from Saturn.
- The Simpsons History in Video Games.
- Creator's Spotlight featuring Garry Kitchen.
- Proto Patrol by Michael Thomasson of Good Deal Games.
- VGC Book Report: Classic Home Video Games by Brett Weiss.
- Retro Retail Report: Ground Kontrol & 1984 Arcade by MT of GDG.
- Sega Nights cover story by Michael Thomasson of Good Deal Games.
- Sega Saturn Photo Checklist with full-color pics of every US Saturn title!
- Walter Day's response to the film The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.

Plus: Video Game Reviews, Made in Japan, Collector's Spotlight, Market Watch, News & Notes, Twin Galaxies Scoreboard & Price Guide.



Video Game Collector Issue # 8

This issue's features:
- Ask a 16-bit Boss
- Interview with Rob Fulop.
- Pushing Consoles - Harder!
- Collecting Video Game Memorabilia.
- Cover Story: MegaMan Series Retrospective.
- Cast in Plastic - Mario and Metal Gear Solid collectibles.
- Atari 5200 Photo Checklist with full-color pics of every US 5200 title!
- Atari 7800 Photo Checklist with full-color pics of every US 7800 title!

Plus: Video Game Reviews, Made in Japan, Collector's Spotlight,
        Market Watch, Twin Galaxies Scoreboard & Price Guide.


  Video Game Collector Issue # 7

This issue's features:
- GIANT-SIZED year-end special!
- System Showdown - PS3 vs. Genesis 3.
- Interview with Defender creator Eugene Jarvis!
- Castlevania series retrospective and interviews.
- NES A-Z - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the NES.
- Collecting Guide: Activision Patches with bonus checklist.
- NES Photo Checklist with full-color pics of every US NES title!
- Collecting Guide: Game & Watch systems with bonus price guide.
- The Last Quarter: Eugene Jarvis (Defender, Robotron & Cruisn' Series.)
- Mortal Kombat series retrospective & interview with co-creator Ed Boon.

Video Game Reviews:
Lego Star wars 2
• Bucky O'hare
• Ultra Bust-a-Move
• Menace Beach

Plus: Made in Japan, Collector's Spotlight, Market Watch,
        Twin Galaxies Scoreboard & Price Guide.


  Video Game Collector Issue # 6

This issue's features:
-System Showdown - Wii vs. CD-I.
-The Last Quarter - Collecting arcade marquees.
-Superman's history in video gamesTurboGrafx Timeline.
-TurboGrafx-16 Photo Checklist with full-color pics of every US TG-16 title!

Video Game Reviews:
Word Zapper (Atari 2600)
• The Dynastic Hero (Turbo CD)
• Jetson's Ways with Words (Intellivision)
• New Super Mario Bros. (DS)
• Bookworm (GBA)
• Worms Open Warfare (DS)
• Ultimate Puzzle Games (GBA)
• Wordtris (SNES)
• Rampage Total Destruction (PS2)
• Word Feud (ColecoVision)
• Magical Chase (TG-16)
• Gotzendiener (PC-Engine import)
• Meteor Blaster DX (Turbo CD homebrew)

Plus: Market Watch, Retail Report, Collector's Spotlight, Made in Japan,         Homebrew Haven, Twin Galaxies Scoreboard & Price Guide.



Video Game Collector Issue # 5
w/ Includes Rare Collectable Plastic Dragon's Lair Cel Card!

This issue's features:
Featuring an exclusive interview with all three Dragon's Lair creators.
Don Bluth, Rick Dyer and Gary Goldman and VGC uncovers the lost "Pirate King" musical Dragon's Lair 2 scene, complete with Don Bluth's never before seen hand drawn storyboards! Plus an exclusive bonus interview with David Foster, founder of ReadySoft and Digital Leisure.

Excerpt from the new book (Confessions of the Game Doctor)
by legendary video game journalist Bill Kunkel a/k/a The Game Doctor.

Working Designs Timeline -- An in depths look at the publisher of some of the most sought after video games including Arc the Lad Collection, Lunar, Albert Odyssey, Popful Mail and Magic Knight Rayearth among others.

-Nintendo e-Reader Special Report.
-Made in Japan: Japanese music games!
-Homebrew Alert: Genesis RPG Beggar Prince.
-System Showdown: Odyssey 2 vs. Xbox 360.
-Old School with Atari and Sega programmer Steve Woita.
-Intellivision Timeline -- An in-depth look at the history of Intellivision.
-Full-color photo checklist of every boxed Intellivision game ever made.
-Interview w/ Paul Brown, concerning Bio Force Ape (fake) NES prototype.

Video game reviews:
It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (ColecoVision)
• Electroplankton (Nintendo DS)
• Rhapsody (PS1)
• Guitar Hero (PS2)
• Trapt (PS2)
• Gunstar Super Heroes (GBA)

Plus: Market Watch, Retail Report, Twin Galaxies Scoreboard & Price Guide


  Video Game Collector Issue # 4

This issue's features:
-Star Wars Videogames.
-Nintendo Timeline by Leonard Herman.
-The Last Quarter: Early Nintendo Coin-ops!
-Proto Patrol: Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors.
-Vivid Video - Video game graphic technology over time.

Video Game Reviews:
Earth Bound (SNES)
• Contra Force (NES)
• Fantatsic Four (Playstation)
• Lucien's Quest (3DO)
• Dai Senryaku VII (X-Box)
• Sega Classic Collection (PS2)

Plus: Market Watch, Retail Report, Collector's Spotlight, Made in Japan,         News & Notes, Twin Galaxies Scoreboard & Price Guide.


  Video Game Collector Issue # 3

This issue's features:
-Age of Atari Timeline.
-The Last Quarter: Tron Games.
-Old School: Howard Scott Warshaw speaks!
-Interview with Atari foundder Nolan Bushnell.

Homebrew Haven
Climber 5, Dark Mage, Gunfight, Oystron, SCSIcide, Skeleton+,
Space Treat Deluxe, This Planet Sucks, Thrust+ Platinum
and Vault. Assault.

Proto Patrol
• Saboteur
• Planet of the Apes
• Star Wars: Ewok Adventure
• Unkown Activision Prototype #2

Video Game Reviews:
Guardian Heroes (Saturn)
• Video Life(Atari 2600)
• Power Lords (Odyssey2)
• Power Strike (Sega Master System)
• Growlanser Generations (PS2)
• Suikoden II (Playstation)

Plus: Market Watch, Retail Report, Collector's Spotlight, Made in Japan,         News & Notes, Twin Galaxies Scoreboard & Price Guide.

  Video Game Collector Issue # 2

  Video Game Collector Issue # 1



  Video Game Collector Issue #1/2

Don't miss Video Game Collector #1/2, the largest ever video game price guide magazine! Video Game Collector is the most complete price guide made and includes prices and checklists for every major video game system from Atari to XBox.

• See which games you need to complete your collection!
• Read reviews of classic video games!
• Find out which video games are worth the most,
   with prices for both loose and boxed games!


Autographed for FREE!
  Manci Games Issue #1

- The Lost Zelda games.
Interview with David Crane.
- Full color with tons of pictures!
- The Digital Press Monthly Price Guide.
- Information on NEW games for classic systems.
- Import Feature - Umihara Kawase for Super Famicom.
- "Just 4 Qix" by Michael Thomasson of Good Deal Games.
- Leonard Herman looks at "unique" Game Boy peripherals.
- The Making of Pitfall! for Atari 2600, as told by David Crane.

- Multiple Classic games reviewed from a new perspective
  for these classic systems: Genesis, NES, Master System,
  Neo Geo, TurboGrafx, Atari 2600 and Super Nintendo.



Manci Games Issue #2

- Reader Letters
- The Atari 5200 Controller.
- Ninja Gaiden: XBOX vs. NES.

- Full color with tons of pictures!
- Tengen Tetris vs. Nintendo Tetris for NES.
- Import Feature - Photograph Boy for PC Engine.
- Leonard Herman looks at video cameras in gaming.
- The evolution of game design, as told by Steve Woita.
- The Digital Press Monthly Price Guide w/ intro by Joe Santulli.
- Retro News and Reviews by Zach "Freelance Weasel" Meston.
- A look back at ALL 20 of the baseball games released for the NES.
- Interview w/ Steve Woita (Sonic 2, Sonic Spinball, Kid Chameleon)

- Michael Thomasson of GDG tells the story of arcade classic, Berzerk.

- Information on NEW games for these classic systems:
   Lynx, Sega CD, Atari 2600, Sega Dreamcast.

- Multiple Classic games reviewed from a new perspective
  for these classic systems: Genesis, NES, Master System,
  Neo Geo, TurboGrafx, Atari 2600 and Super Nintendo.



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