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  Action Max DVD

Now you can play all five Action Max games by hooking your Action Max gaming console to your DVD player! No VHS deck required. Or simply sit back and watch and see what you have been missing since 1987.

Fully Interactive Menu and includes the following five games,
including the ultra rare Blue Thunder!

- .38 Ambush Alley
- Blue Thunder
- HydroSub: 2021
- Pops Ghostly
- Sonic Fury



 Atari Cosmos Documents and Superman Hologram

The Atari Cosmos holographic handheld system was never released, but you can own a piece of history! This packet contains the Jan. 5th, 1980 Press Release along with three more pages of promotional material including photos.

The Superman game was to use a hologram of the city of Metropolis. This hologram from Atari labs is also included! This is a TRUE collectable for any Atari fan!



 Capcom Bed Pillow

This promotional item was not available for sale in stores. The "Sweet Dreams" side displays the Capcom Classics Collection, Viewtiful Joe and Megaman Logos. The opposite "Nightmares" side displays the Resident Evil 4, Without Warning and Devil Kings logos.



Charles "Voice of Mario" Martinet Autographed Art

This 8 1/2 by 11 inch full-color print is autographed by the voice of Mario himself: Charles Martinet. Also featured are your other favorite Nintendo characters that Charles also lends his voice talents to bring alive in our beloved Nintendo brand games. This is a one of a kind item! When it is sold it is gone forever...


 CreatiVision Diagnosticart

Only forty (40) copies were manufactured, and this is numbered #35 of 40. Box is autographed by both creators! Compiled from two carts originally believed to be used by staff at Zanussi Elettronica back in the 80's and given by VTech "for internal use only".

Package includes individually numbered deluxe cardboard box with internal cartridge holder, 2-page booklet featuring instructions for all included programs, 1 Mega-bit EPROM including up to 4 ROM programs, professional PCB featuring 2-way DIP Switch to easily select the included ROM programs and specially designed plastic case with individually numbered classic title stickers.

Features the following programs:
Keyboard Test
Video Test
Video + Audio Test

Compatible with CreatiVision, Dick Smith Wizzard, unvision, Rameses, Laser 2001 and Salora Manager.


 Final Fantasy Potion

Restore your "hit points" with this energy drink released by Square Enix in March 2006 to coincide with the release of Final Fantasy XII! It was ONLY released overseas in Japan.

This beverage was released in a collectable box which includes a blue glass vial including a unique glass stopper filled with a fully drinkable eerie blue liquid, and a foil wrapped FFXII card.



  Game & Watch Collection 2 for the Nintendo DS

This game was never made available in stores! You could not even buy this game online. It could only be obtained by purchasing select Nintendo brand titles and submitting proofs of purchase to Club Nintendo. To win this award, it required the purchase of fourteen specific games totalling over five hundred dollars! This cartridge contains the games Parachute and Octopus!



Package Includes:

Game Wave
Game System

Lock 5 game
4 Degrees
4 Degrees Vol. 2 game

Four wireless controllers

 Game Wave Video Game Console and DVD Player
Includes three games and four wireless controllers!

The Game Wave, by ZAPiT, is an obscure Canadian game system released in 2005. The system differs from other video game consoles because of its emphasis on social game play over more graphically intense action or sports-based games. Many of the Game Wave's games are simply technologically-updated versions of casual trivia, board and card games with a clear emphasis on cerebral and communal gaming. The games are easy to learn and play, making them more likely to appeal to non-traditional video gamers. While your grandfather wouldn't know what to make of a PlayStation 3, this might be a more comfortable fit.

The Game Wave can receive signals from up to six color-coded wireless remote controls simultaneously. The remotes have four multiple-choice buttons, DVD controls and a numerical keypad, making it possible to send different types of answers. All items in package NEW, Factory sealed.


 The book that would not die!
Gameboy Advance e-Reader Air Hockey Game

This was a promotional e-Reader card. It was never made available for sale in retail outlets. Now you can play a traditional game of air hockey on the go without carrying around an enormous table. Unused.




Gameboy Advance e-Reader Kirby Slide Game

This was a promotional e-Reader card. It was never made available for sale in retail outlets. This game stars the pink and popular Nintendo character Kirby.


 Hallmark Pac-Man Ornament

Hallmark game-themed ornament of a mini Pac-Man arcade machine complete with sound effects. The ornament, which stands approximately 4.5 in. tall, is battery operated, lights up and plays classic Pac-Man sounds. Wakka-wakka!

The cabinet is all yellow with the very familiar Pac-Man art all over it and is part of the Hallmark Keepsake collection. The cabinet includes the classic buttons and a “screen shot” of the game. The mini joystick in the middle also moves, although very little. NEW, Factory sealed.



 Nintendo Power Lootbags

Goodie lootbags used for parties or Halloween with the Nintendo Power theme including Mario himself. This collectable features eight(8) lootbags direct from 1990!



NUON Merlin Racing

Mario Kart-style racing for your NUON enhanced DVD player. Merlin has been captured by the evil witch Prava, a his fate must be decided by a kart racing tournament. The game contains 25 tracks in unique and lavishly detailed localles such as Jupiter XZ005, Atlantis City, Summer Swamp, Merlin Moat & Neptune Folley.

In addition to strait racing, the game also contains an adventure mode. Navigate your way through the castle, collecting keys by winning races, including magic keys, which allow you to race against boss characters such as Dr. Freo, an evil, snowman type creature who runs rather than use a kart.

This game was designed by Miracle Design, the developer behind Atari Karts on the Atari Jaguar. NEW, Factory sealed.



NUON FreeFall 3050 - AD

Freefall by Total Arkade Software is a unique and not the usual mainstream title. For use with NUON enhanced DVD players only. This refreshing game is a 360 degree free-falling joyride. As a member of the jump police of 3050 A.D., it's your job to keep the skies clear of joyriders and trouble-makers, problem is that there are a lot of lunatics out there. Freefalling at top-speed, you must rotate in 360 degrees while blasting and manuevering, taking out targets to complete missions and 'persueding' criminals to see things your way. Dynamic control scheme, ground-breaking gameplay & techno soundtrack all contribute to a game that breaks the action shooter mold in every conceivable way. NEW, Factory sealed.


 Playstation TITAN A.E. Playable Demo

The game was cancelled before release, but the promotional multiple level playable demo was available for a few days before being pulled from the market. Based on the Fox animated movie with animation by Dragon's Lair and Space Ace animator Don Bluth. This is your chance to the game of what might have been, including a thrid person action level and a 3D space flight level very similar to Sega's Galaxy Force coin-op. NEW, Factory sealed.



 Playstation 2 Pre-Release Full-Game BETA Disc

This is a pre-release full-game BETA Disc of Guilty Gear Isuka playable on the standard Playstation 2. Still sealed direct from Sega in 2004.



 X-Box KIOSK Demo Disc: Release 3.3

This is a demo disk used in retail establishments, and was never available for sale. Pressing quantities were very limited with limited distribution.



 X-Box 360 KIOSK Experience Disc: Release 2.4 (Vers. 2)

This is a demo disk used in retail establishments, and was never available for sale. Pressing quantities were very limited with limited distribution.



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