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  3D Scape

The 3D scape cart is a collection of 3 different demonstrations

'3D Scape:
This demo consists of a 3 dimensional landscape rendered in wireframe vector graphics. As a concept for perhaps a future Vectrex game, the display shows a 64x64 map which the player can move freely across, along with a radar at the top of the screen showing the player's position as a white dot against a smaller rendition of the map.

'Oldskool +3':
Homage to the great 80's C64 scene.
This demo contains many effects common to C64 intros from those days.

'Performance VX':
More specific to the Vectrex, a serious attempt at doing 3D effects on the console. The demo is the first 'trackmo' styled demo for the Vectrex and contains 5 parts of different graphics effects.




3D Sector-X

Journey to the legendary Apocalyptic City. Wage war against the gods of the Netherworld. Reign as overlord of a searing, skyscraping Hell on Earth!


- Unique Hybrid 2D/3D Game Play
- Full Color Vector Graphics
- 10 Chaotic Sectors
- Ship Damage Scenarios

Includes cartridge, box and manual.
No more production runs EVER!


  All Good Things

All Good Things, was the world´s first 16K Vectrex cartridge, created by John Dondzila. Compiled together were four great games on the one cartridge.

- More Invaders
- Rockaroids
- Vectris
- Spike's Water Balloons

Plus there is a secret bonus game too!

Rockaroids is the name for this Asteroids clone. This is the feature game in the release and sports all the features of the "Asteroids" type games.

More Invaders! is the sequel to Vector Vaders. Includes some enhanced features, such as splitting Invaders, trick saucers and special bonuses!

Vectris is your typical blocks and lines type puzzle game.

Spike's Water Balloons. Spike returns in this Vectrex version of popular "Kaboom" and "Mad Bomber" style games of the early eighties !


  Asteroid Cowboy

We're in the year 2020 - Earth was destroyed due to the foolishness of an orange-skinned president. Mankind had to escape to foreign planets. You made it to a fertile planet near an asteroid belt. The first people there founded P-Town, and fortunately your old neighbor built a ranch where he offers you a place to live and work. You're responsible for protecting the ranch from asteroids coming too close. Unfortunately, all rocket-launch-control-boards were used to build gaming consoles (yep, it's really boring up there...), so you had to think about other ways. You remember the cheap remote-controlled laser-lasso (without a CE marking!) you ordered from a foreign Asian country before leaving Earth, and your cowboy adventures begin! (Comes with plastic box, box insert, instruction booklet, and game cartridge)

Comes with plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge.


  Bits 'n Bytes

A compilation of seven games and applications on one Vectrex cartridge.

- Vector Pong: Pong game for 1 or 2 players.

- Quick Shot: Test your button mashing skills.

- Frogs n Flies: Eat-em-up game for 1 or 2 players.

- Doodle: Use the Vectrex light-pen or joystick to draw on screen.

- Space Race: Avoid the asteroids and complete `laps´ of the asteroid
.................... field to win. (1 or 2 players)

- Hex: Shoot the enemies and avoid barriers for bonus points in this fast ...........paced action game. Supports Atari Driving controller in port 2.

- Vector Clock: A clock application. Plays random short music on the hour.

Comes with plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge



"The most important thing war took from me was any kind of human emotions. Seeing war's hideous face with your own eyes deadens one's feelings. At some point you simply stop counting or thinking about whose life or which family's member you just took.

You obtusely pull your trigger until your enemies' firing stops - until silence falls. Just one thing counts: Survival. It's either me or them. A harsh lesson, but the only one giving you more time in this war.

Even nightmares stopped becoming more frequent. Then again my brain might just be suppressing them.

My unit has been further decimated with each assignment until I was the one left. Our promised reinforcements never made it to position, but they just might already be dead. I live, fight and die alone..."

It's in your hand to either deal a devastating blow to your enemies or to fail miserably. Experience the newest simulation of war with breathtaking vector graphics you can hardly resist! You stand alone and there is but one way: Ever onward! Dive into the world of BRECHER.



  Color Clash
w/ Xudoku

Colorclash is a fun action game people can just pickup and play.
The player has to shoot the various gems that are falling down from the top of the screen. The gems are marked with symbols and the player has to match up the symbol on his ship with the symbol on the gems. The player has to clear a number of gems each level.

New Features:
- Both Vector and Bitmap modes included
- Internet Highscore uploading
- Atari paddle support
- Various smaller fixes

Original Features:
- Fun pickup and play type game
- Small learning curve
- Vecvoxx support
- Free bonus game: Xudoku



Continuum: The Infernal Tetramorph

Traverse time and space.
Unravel the mysterious Vortex of Lost Souls.
Solve the Leviathan Conundrum. 
Decipher the Enigma of Sorrow.


10 Unique Puzzles!
Pesty Enemies!
Musical Score + Sound FX
Illustratd Instruction Manual


  Debris: Revisited

Debris is a vertical shoot'em up game. The game is fully bitmap based and features rich animation. There are 32 stages to clear with an endboss at each of the stages.

- 16 New levels, new enemies and new attack patterns
- New unlockable game modes: Reversed, Hardcore and Invaders mode
- 2 Player vs. coop mode
- Optimised to run in a single frame (50fps framerate)
- Progress indicator, Lives indicator and Endboss healthbar
- Amped up boss fights (with different strengths & behaviour)
- Ampedd up shooting and Fireing enemies
- New and improved boosting system using button 1 & 2
- Endboss fading & highlighting upon impact
- Rewards/Achievement system
- Internet highscore/reward uploading
- Level unlock system
- Enemy shielding
- Ingame Pause feature
- Improved vecvox support
- Improved gameplay
- Astrododge bonus game



"FLAK brings science fiction directly to your Vectrex!

You man the antispacecraft guns of a space station about to be taken over by enemies from another galaxy. But the attackers know they first have to destroy those antispacecraft guns in order to invade unhindered.

Bombs have been sent through the ventilation shafts with just one goal: To destroy your cannons! Intercept the bombs with your tractor shield and disarm them to prevent heavy damage.

Additionally enemy ships on a kamikaze mission, fitted with explosives, try to hinder you, break through your defences and destroy your position!
Sent those ships with rockets docking to your enemies back through the ventilation shafts through which they came and out of the space station.
But beware! Your rockets will hit your own station, causing tremendous damage, should they not find their targets!"


Vectoblox $44.99 B M $26.38 -26.38 3 79.14 $134.97


Cover artwork
designed by
GDG's own
Michael Thomasson
autographed for free
upon request.

  Gravitrex Plus

Your mission is to travel to these worlds, rescue the human captives, destroy the enemy bunkers and ultimately the enemy planets themselves!

3 Levels With 6 Worlds! Most worlds contain multiple sections for a total mind blowing, finger numbing experience!

2 Game Modes: Standard and Arcade.
Arcade mode features faster, more intense play for advanced gamers!

Gravitrex Plus Features:
64K Bank Switched Program
Level Select Passwords
Remappable Controller Buttons
Digitized Speech
Awesome Retro Intro
Musical Title/Menu Screens

Includes the bonus game Patriots III and a NEW Hidden Bonus Game!

Comes with plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge.


  I, Cyborg

I, CYBORG for the Vectrex is first person 3D shooter. You play a lone Cyborg that has escaped from jail on a prison planet, run entirely by maniacle robots. At the end of each of the four levels there is a sinister boss. Move your Cyborg through the game seeking revenge for your wrongful imprisonment.


  Karl Quappe

Karl needs to get home quickly! On his way he will have to avoid many dangers. First he must cross a highway, avoiding traffic. Then he must cross a rapid river to reach his home.

His mortal enemies are out in force to get him, but can you outsmart them?
Can you rescue Karl's girlfiend and bring them both home safely?

Includes Competition, Training and Hardcore modes, plus high score and options saving to the included non-volatile memory.

Note: Each game comes with a unique number on the inside of the box cover, indicating which manufactured game the purchaser has bought, as the games are made. The number shows how many have sold so far, and which one was purchased.

Comes with 'newer' plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge



Label Ends

High quality set of vinyl end labels for the Vectrex. The sheet consists of a full North American set plus a Multicart label. There are 28 labels total. These labels have been expertly designed to look as if they were always supposed to be there and do not get in the way of opening your cartridge. No more wrecked labels when you need to clean your games! Our labels are made to stand up to use! They are waterproof and very durable, not just paper stickers! Don't be fooled by budget offerings elsewhere on the web!


  Odyssey2 Inspiration Pack

These versions of “UFO!” and “Handy Pick Hank!” were inspired by “UFO!” and "Pick Axe Pete!" which were created for the Odyssey2 System and developed by Ed Averett. The original titles were released in 1981 and 1982, respectively. Neither are direct ports, but rather new versions created to honor the originals while taking advantage of the Vectrex system’s unique architecture. This project was authorized by Ed Averett with his blessing. Limited to sixty copies.

Comes with cardboard box, 12-page full-color manual, and game cartridge.



Patriots made its first "official" public appearance at the quarterly collectors meeting at Video Game Connections in Howell, NJ on April 21st, 1996. The game was written by John Dondzila.

Patriots is a clone of a popular arcade game from the 80's. Patriots is faster and more challenging than other missile games. It is visually exciting, with many special effects, including fades, scaling and rotation. Game control is solid with additional options for those who need them.

Patriots code is optimized to make the game run very, very smooth. Vectrex "flicker" is almost nonexistent, except for higher levels with tons of missiles, patriots and explosions all happening at once.

By the way, Patriots contains a "SECRET" game!

Comes with plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge.


  Protector / Y.A.S.I.

Two GREAT GAMES bundled together! These games show how the Vectrex could be pushed to the maximum, creating an outstanding Defender clone, along with an excellent Invaders version with raster (not vector) graphics. Protector / Y*A*S*I is truly one of those ‘must have’ games for the Vectrex. Both games have non-volatile high score memory, and a unique game code on the intro screen (no two games have the same number). Box art may differ.

Y A S I is Vecvoice (AtariVox+) compatible.

Comes with plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge.


  Raid Over Vectrexia

Vectrexia is a land made up of many islands which makes it quite difficult to mount a sustained attack on its bases and supply depots. This is where you come into the picture! By performing bombing runs on the factories, only you can stop the vicious and deadly war machine. While you have an aircraft carrier for support, it is just you !in your attack helicopter as you take this evil country down.

This game was totally inspired by Will Wright's Amazing 1984 game for the c64 called "Raid Over Bungeling Bay". This is not an exact copy, but it certainly captures the spirit of the game. Limited to sixty copies.

Comes with cardboard box, full-color manual, and game cartridge.



Defend you base from incoming enemies. You have only one weapon at your disposal. Raise your mighty shields, and unleash their power at the right time to destroy your foes.

Release is an action gaem that is played using one simple mechanic: press and release your joystick button at the right time. Different enemies with different attack patterns, bonus scores and power ups enhance the action packed gameplay.

Note: Each game comes with a unique number on the inside of the box cover, indicating which manufactured game the purchaser has bought, as the games are made. The number shows how many have sold so far, and which one was purchased.

Comes with 'newer' plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge



Royal 21

Royal 21 Blackjack, Solitaire, and Tetris in one!

Only the most frantic players will be able to place the cards fast enough! Earn Joker bonuses, Blackjack bonuses, the Royal Crown, and many more! Anti-Bust your way to a new scoring plateau and earn even more bonuses!

- Insanely fast game play
- Multiple bonuses
- Top-notch graphics
- Unlimited decks
- Illustrated Instruction manual
- Box packaging
- Cool sound FX

No more production runs EVER!




Shifted is an action puzzle game that requires quick thinking and quick responses. You have to shift columns up and down to make combinations of gems on the centre row. The higher the combination, the more points you will earn. How long can you keep shifting?

- Survival and challenge game modes
- Easy pickup and play gameplay
- A total of 90 challenges across 3 difficulties
- Internet highscore uploading
- Online rewards system
- Vecvox support

Comes with plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge.


  Space Frenzy

The first John Dondzila's last game for the Vectrex, in all its 64K glory!

Intense Arcade Style Gameplay, as you fight off wave after wave of ship fragments, that will form into cruisers to attack and destroy your ship. Doc with other ships after each wave to increase your firepower.

- Features Vectors Plus Digitized Sound *
- Combined Joystick Plus LRTF Button Support
- Vecvoice Support
- In-game Instructions

Contains a playable demo of the never completed SUPER SPIKE WORLD!

* Digitized speech and vectors may not work on all Vectrex systems due to the age of the system. An option to play without this feature is available.

Comes with plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge.


  Spike Hoppin'

The first ever 16K Vectrex game !

Spike Hoppin' is a game where you make Spike hop on blocks, and change all their "colors". Spud returns and will try to stop Spike, as well as other enemies and a few friends too.

Spike Hoppin' includes digitized speech - Spike talks again!
as well as a bonus hidden game and a few other surprises!




Sundance, the 1979 Cinematronics arcade classic, now on the Vectrex.
Control a matrix of black holes and rid the universe of excess suns!

Take on an opponent and battle between two matrixes!

- For One and Two Players
- Six Game Modes
- Fiery Sound Effects
- Illustrated Manual
- Box Packaging


  Tour de France

Similar to HyperChase, but with a very different feel. Tour De France will have you taking a corner too fast and hitting pot-holes. Don't forget to grab some water bottles and you're toast.

Comes with plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge.




V-Hockey is a top-view ice hockey game with arcade overtones, as your lone player (and goalkeeper) fight for control of the puck and attempt to score more goals than the opposition.

- One and two player modes
- Three levels of computer difficulty
- Vecvox support



Vec-Man lives in a maze and is always hungry. His task is to eat all the food pills that are laid out in the maze in order to advance to the next level. Unfortunately, the mazes are inhabited by hostile ghosts who are also hungry and want to eat Vec-Man. If Vec-Man is caught by a ghost, he looses one of his lives. With higher levels the number of ghosts will increase, and the ghosts will move faster. Also the layout of the mazes will become more and more difficult. Some mazes contain power pills. If Vec-Man eats a power pill, then for a short period of time he will be able to eat the ghosts. A bonus life will be awarded if all present ghosts are eaten. Vec-Man features great game play, progressive challenging levels, with 255 levels in all. Clear mazes of increasing difficulty, earn extra lives by clearing mazes of ghosts, use 5 different bonus items, and outwit the ghosts. How many levels can you get through? (

Comes with plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge.


  Vec Sports Boxing

Select your boxer. Train with your coach.
Challenge your friend in a 2-Player Match!
Programmed by our good friend
Manu Pärssinen.
Also includes a hidden game and a hidden teaser!

Cartridge Only.




The world's first 64K Vectrex cartridge!

Star Fire Spirits:
Destroy waves of enemy fighters, skim the surface of the alien planet, fly through narrow chasms and try to destroy the planet's central core in this incredible 3D space fighter!

Manuever your ship to destroy the mother fortress while sentry ships pursue and attack. Take too long and the mother ship will leave the fortress core and attack you full force!

Bird's of Prey:
Take flight through five levels against a fleet of alien space birds bent on your destruction and the mothership herself!

Also includes remixed versions of Vector Vaders, Patriots and Rockaroids. Also includes: Disc Duel Demo and Abyss Demo.



Vectoblox is an exciting puzzle game for the Vectrex arcade system, with no less than 40 different puzzles to solve! The player has to clear each puzzle by shoving all the boxes in each level to their respective target areas.
Are you skilled enough to clear all 40 puzzles ???

- Addictive and challenging puzzlegame
- 40 different puzzles + 10 bonus puzzles
- Many other bonus puzzles to be unlocked
- Vecvoxx support


Cover artwork
designed by
GDG's own
Michael Thomasson
autographed for free
upon request.


The world's 2nd 64K Vectrex game cartridge featuring 2 all NEW games: WORMHOLE and TRAKKERS

A 4 Player, 9 Track playable demo of: VECTROPOLIS 500
The Analog Controller version of: SPIKE'S WATER BALLOONS

Plus early drafts of other games both released and some which never made it very far past the drawing board:



Vector 21

Vector 21 is a fast-paced Blackjack/Solitaire hybrid in which players race against the clock to form as many card combinations of 21 as possible. Includes Star Fury 3D Demo!
Includes cartridge, box and manual.

No more production runs EVER!


  Vector Vaders

Here's where it all started, the first NEW Vectrex Game Since 1984, written by John Donzila!

Vector Vaders is a Vectrex "Invaders" type game. A game which for some reason, was never originally created for the Vectrex. Every other home system had one, so John felt this was a great choice for his first Vectrex programming effort.

Since there are so many vectors involved in drawing all those invaders, the game tends to run a bit slow until you kill a few invaders. As a result, when the level starts, there is some slight flickering (Most gamers have mentioned this is only a very minor annoyance).

Aside from that, it plays well. The flying saucer with the mystery points is here, the 10, 20 and 30 point invaders are here, and so are the bunkers. There are increasing skill levels, high score recording and a chance to win a free base to increase your score.

Comes with plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge.



"One Hero Must Save The Planet"

Our civilization is in grave danger, we are threatened by aliens. Their spaceships approach our solar system and prepare to launch deadly weapons upon us. Pilot Major Rex is our only hope! His new ship ‘Vectorblade’ is equipped with the latest technology. Together with his lightning fast reflexes the aliens do not stand a chance against humankind... or do they?"

Vectorblade features over 100 unique levels of gameplay and four boss-fights. With more than four dozen different bonuses to collect you can upgrade your ship to be invincible -- nearly.

Vectoreblade is currently the largest Vectrex game so far, coming in at 192k.

* Note that progress and high scores save to this cartridge.

Comes with cardboard box, box insert, manual, overlay, and game cartridge.




Vectral is a massive and feature rich 64kb title.

Wireout-RE 2X:

Wireout-RE 2X is an Antigrav ship racing game. This improved version of Wireout-RE Significantly increases the speed of the game, features smoother curves, bends, and transitions. Short jumps have been added in some circuits. New scenery elements, such as dark tunnels and dirt trenches, have been added. Don't forget to destroy your rivals with missiles!

A beautiful bear has decided to dance on the highest shelf in the house, much to her daddy's despair. Everything from honey jars to grandma's Vectrex! Help Papa Bear limit the damage by grabbing as many objects as you can, but be careful not to hurt yourself! Players can take on the role of Honey and her daddy, and swap roles throughout the game!

Nuka Bomb
Nuclear war is no longer a threat, it's a reality, and bombs are raining down on your favorite Megapolis! Fortunately, the high command has equipped you with a weapon as unconventional as it is effective in saving the population: the Vecto Cannon!

The top-down motorcycle game Street Judges is also included!

Note: Honey and Nuka Bomb are LightPen titles.
Wireout-RE 2X and Street Judges are played with the traditional joystick.

Includes cartridge, case and 24-page, full-color, bilingual French-English booklet printed on high-quality 130-gram paper + eight Encyclopedic cards.



A new game for the classic Vectrex console for 2016! Avoid hitting the walls while the difficulty increases, with everyhing moving faster and faster in beat to the pumping soundtrack.

Programmed by Andreas Gustafsson, music by Yerzmyey (of AY-Riders), and based off a game concept by Terry Cavanagh.

Note: Each game comes with a unique number on the inside of the box cover.

Includes cartridge, case and manual.



War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds, the 1979 Cinematronics arcade classic by Tim Skelly, now on the Vectrex. Control your tank at the bottom of the screen and shoot at the descending Tripods robots in a first person perspective. The player only has movement, cannon fire and shields to protect them from the Tripods' lasers.

- Classic Tripod Action!
- Brilliant Animation
- Strong Enemy Artificial Intelligence
- Updated Game Play
- Huge Mothership Bonus Phase
- Multiple Game Skill Levels
- Eerie Musical Score and Sound Effects
- Illustrated Instruction Manual
- Box Packaging




Zantis is "very loosely based" on the Spiders arcade game.

Players control a gun at the bottom of the screen, which they had to shoot spiders and various projectiles that emerged from any part of the onscreen web and made their way to the bottom of the screen towards the player’s gun.



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