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  240p Test Patterns Super CD

Unleash the FULL POWER of your DISPLAY

Contains test patterns, color bars, scrolling tests,
and a lag test to test your monitor or display.


  Chiki Chiki Boys Super CD

Chiki Chiki Boys (also known as Mega Twins) is an arcade conversion from Capcom's CPS platform, featuring cute characters in a horizontally scrolling platformer.

The game features two twins who are attempting to re-take control of their land, Alurea, after a monster unexpectedly attacks, destroying everything in its path. The people of Alurea have lived in peace for a thousand years and have forgotten how to fight, yet the land's only survivors, the twin sons of the king, must take up the challenge and return their kingdom to its former glory. The two twins, aged around 15 at the time the game takes place, venture forth in search of a legendary stone known as "Dragon Blue Eyes", which is rumoured to be able to put everything back to rights.


  Cycho Rider Super CD

Cycho Rider is a 2-minute caravan shooting game, very similar to Hudson's entries to the Star Soldier series or Naxat's contributions to the festival shoot'em up series Nexzr or Alzadick.


  Deden No Den Super CD

Deden No Den is a multiplayer-only version of Bomberman 94, that allows the use of the popular Kabuki-den character from Tengai Makyo series. Program is in English.


  Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari Super CD

Converted from Nintendo's Famicom is Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari. This game is known as River City Ransom in the United States. The PCE version features improved sprite artwork and backgrounds as well as a nice CD soundtrack. Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari merged the scrolling beat up action from Nekketsu Koha Kunio-kun (Arcade) with slight RPG elements (like shopping and building up your character's attributes) to create of the NES' true cult classics.

Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari comes with an Anniversary Sticker and an (exchangable) alternative cover artwork.


  Faussete Amour Super CD

The game tells the adventures of Koruku Ransu, a young blue-haired warrior girl. The evil lord Goat Bone has kidnaped her beloved sister and also controls the minds of most of her best friends. Koruku wears a strong pink armor - like lady warriors always do - and her main weapon is a double ended-spear that can extend into a long chain and function as a hook, handy feature allowing her to swing and reach high platforms. Koruku can also cast three kinds of magic spells: Green for magic-waves, Red for forward-stars and Blue for vertical-arrows.

Fairies are also scattered around each level, they often hide themselves in the background and will stay hidden until Kokuru finds them. They drop power-ups when hit, like magic spells or spare armors. An amusing detail, obviously borrowed from Capcom 's Ghost'n Goblins , is the spectacle depicted when Kokuru gets hit by an enemy - she loses her armor and walks around in white underwear. If she gets hit once more, she then loses her thin protection and the game is over. The game features seven long stages and one of Kokuru 's friend awaits at the end of each one of them - however, she will have to defeat their dark side first and free their controlled minds.


  Force Gear Super CD

Force Gear is a horizontal shoot'em in which you take the role of a powerful mech fighting your way through some of the largest enemies you've ever seen on the PCE to eventually fight the boss battle of your life.


  Gunhed Super CD

The so called “Special Version” of Gunhed. Gunhed Special was used by Hudson in 1989 as their first “official caravan soft”. It features two game modes (a 2-minute and a 5-minute run) based on (but slightly different than) the 3rd stage of the original Gunhed (Blazing Lasers in the US). Gunhed Special wasn't available in stores, instead it was exclusively available through a small number of marketing campaigns.


  Horror Story Super CD

Horror Story (also known as Demon's World) is the only home conversion of Toaplan's auto-scrolling action platformer. Horror Story consists of several linear autoscrolling stages. Armed with a gun, complete with energy pack similar to the Ghostbusters, the player must shoot or jump on various ghosts and monsters that infest each area. Along the way, the player can collect a power-up to change his gun to fire lasers, bombs, or even 3-way bullets.

The game's opening stages begin in an eastern setting, featuring various spirits and creatures of Japanese folklore. Some of these include ghostly karakasa, chochinobake, kappa, hitotsume-kozou and rokurokubi. The game then changes course, moving to a ghostly pirate ship and then the haunted American Old West, featuring a ghost townand a canyon inhabited by traditional ghosts and monsters from western culture such as Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, and even Jason Voorhees-style masked monsters. The game's final stretch takes place in a medieval setting complete with cursed castles and dungeons infested with haunted armor, goblins and dragons.


  Hyper NovaBlast Super CD

31 years ago the invaders came; wave after wave of them. A lone soldier defended our cities for as long as he could, but eventually his efforts were for naught. And our domed cities fell. Our civilization was destroyed. The few survivers rebuilt as best they could; improving in some ways, but mainly just trying to reclaim the lifestyle that had been wrongly taken from them.

Now the invaders have returned, they are more numerous than before, but luckily our technology has also evolved. Although we still live in the domed cities, we have a hope - a single soldier who will defend our livelihood and civilization. With 5 ships at your disposal, we know that the attacking forces can be defeated and turned back. You are our last hope. You can save us. Are you up for the challenge?

The re-imagining of the 1983 Colecovision game in grand form!

You select one of 5 ships to pilot, and must uses bombs and lasers to protect your domed cities from the alien invaders. You have a limited amount of energy, which doubles as your shields, and when a city gets too low, you will need to decide whether to save your city, or keep more energy for yourself. Your game is over when either all of your ship's energy has been depleted, or when all of your cities have fallen.




Implode Super CD

How far can you go before you implode?

Implode takes the familiar falling block puzzle game and turns it upside down. Rows of new blocks are inserted into the playing field from the bottom, and it is up to you to remove groups of 3 or more similarly colored blocks.

In addition to blocks, bombs also appear, and if played correctly, can help you clear out the playing field to make room for more blocks. Additionally, flashing blocks will appear -- these are block that only stay the same color for a brief amount of time. Be careful, or else the opportunity to remove a flashing block may evade you if it gets pushed up while you are waiting for it to cycle around to your desired color.

As the game progress things get more difficult. The game gets faster, the number of different colored blocks on screen goes up, and the number of rows needed to move on to the next level increase.


  Insanity Super CD

A re-imagining of the classic arcade game Berzerk, now on TurboGrafx-16. The evil robot master has imprisoned you in his lair. The electrified walls destroy all who come in contact. The only way out is to endure the insanity of room after room full of robots programmed to destroy you! If you like Berzerk or Frenzy, you'll love Insanity.

The game features Redbook AND chiptune soundtracks, digitized voices, 1980s arcade action, and a few hidden modes!

The game is professionally pressed onto a CD and comes in a jewel case complete with thermal printed disc art, full color front insert, and spine tray.


  Kaze Kiri Ninja Action Super CD

Kaze Kiri Ninja Action is a side-scrolling ninja action game that takes place in Feudal Japan where the kingdom princess Shizuhime is abducted by a group of mysterious ninjas. A feared swordsman called Kaze Kiri, hero of the game,is given the task to rescue the poor girl and restore order. The ninja can can use a broad variety of fightings skills - he can run, jump, dash and slash without mercy anyone who gets in his way. His primary weapon is a Katana sword but he can also use deadly Kunai daggers to take out his enemies from afar. His ninja skills also allow him to use tricks and disappear for a short amount of time or to regain health by standing still.

Kaze Kiri is a beat'm up at heart and is composed of nineteen sub-stages and follows a traditional beat'em up structure.




Meteor Blaster DX Super CD
with Loop and Caravan

Meteor Blaster DX takes the familiar Asteroids game play and adds in-game cinemas, multiple ships to select from, power ups, CD audio and other new features.

Also included on the CD are 2 bonus games:
Loop and Implode Caravan Version, as well as lots of hidden features.

You can select from one of 4 different ships for the game. Each ship has its own benefits and drawbacks. There are also powerups that will allow you to enhance your ship's performance while in the game.


  Mysterious Song Super CD

Mysterious Song is a fun console-style RPGs that features hand-drawn 2D tile graphics, rendered battle backgrounds, nice original music score, and solid gameplay. Take on the role of Spear, and embark on a quest to discover your true identity. This traditional RPG is a remake of the classic PC RPG produced by Darkness Ethereal in 1999. Ten (10) plus hours of gameplay!


  Nexzr w/ Nexzr Special Summer Carnival Super CDs

Nexzr is another great vertical shoot'em up. It features fantastic technical presention, but combines it with an extreme level of difficulty. Nexzr SPECIAL is included as a bonus disc. It adds a caravan mode - Naxat's Summar Carnival '93.


  Pyramid Plunder Super CD

It's classic arcade maze-game action with an Egyptian theme. Play as Lootin' Larry, on your adventure through the Pyramids of Egypt! Grab all the treasure you can possibly fit in your Jeep!... just watch out for all the creatures that lurk inside! They don't like their treasure being plundered...


  Rainbow Islands Super CD

Taito's 1987 arcade sequel to Bubble Bobble, offering vertically scrolling platform action its purest form.

The main characters are Bubblun and Bobblun, the protagonists of Bubble Bobble (known as "Bub and Bob" in the western releases). However, in this game they appear in their human forms as "Bubby" and "Bobby", as opposed to the "bubble dragons" of the first game - following on from the first game's true ending.

Following the events of Bubble Bobble, Bubby and Bobby set out to defeat the "Dark Shadow" and rescuing the Rainbow Islands. The Dark Shadow is the entity responsible for the events in Bubble Bobble. The game is set on a chain of ten islands, each one with a different theme. Each island provides four rounds of game-play, and once these are complete the player moves to the next island in the chain. In each round the player must get to the top before the sea level rises and kills them. The islands get progressively more difficult, with enemies moving much faster on the later ones. These are depicted on a map screen before the start of each island.

Players can release rainbows that act as both weapons against the enemies and as a makeshift platform. By jumping on them, they fall down beating any enemies below it. Collecting power-ups increases the player's speed, the speed of the rainbows and how many are spawned. If players take too long in a level, water will start to rise up from the bottom of the stage.



  Renny Blaster Super CD

Renny Blaster is a mix between a Castlevania-esque action jump'n'run game and a belt-scrolling beat 'em up. This game features numerous cut scenes and a very dark gothic theme.



Issue #45


with Ozma Wars and RT2A

is a Lock 'n Chase style game with 5-Player Turbo-Tap support PLUS two (2) additional SHMUP* shoot-em-up games: the new RT2A and the classic Ozma Wars!

Price includes a FREE ISSUE of ReVIVAL Magazine #45!!

Watch ReVIVAL CHASE Video in Action


  Rockman (Mega Man) Super CD

Conversion of the 1987 Famicom/NES original.


  Sapphire (Ginga Fukei Densetsu) CD

Sapphire, also known as Galaxy Policewoman Legend Sapphire, is renowned as one of the most technically impressive titles for the PC-Engine. Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire is a vertically scrolling shoot em up developed by the same team that made the popular horizontal shmups Gate of Thunder and Lords of Thunder.


  Seirei Senshi Spriggan CD

This one combines four of the system's most popular shoot'em ups. Seirei Senshi Spriggan is probably the most technical advanced title for systems not yet equipped with a Super System Card. The game runs on the basic CD system, yet rivals even the best Super System Card or even Arcade Card titles. And it not just looks great, but plays like a dream.


  Space Fantasy Zone CD

Space Fantasy Zone
is an unreleased CD-ROM² game originally developed by NEC Avenue. It bridges the gap between Fantasy Zone and Space Harrier,
two games set in the same fictional universe of the "Fantasy Zone".

This rail shooter similar to Space Harrier, but features Fantasy Zone 's Opa Opa as the main character. Enemies are taken from both games and the music is a mix between the two as well. There is a shop similar to the one in Fantasy Zone also, and strangely the introduction sequence bears a resemblance to Galaxy Force.


  Spriggan Mark 2 Super CD

The sequel to Seirei Senshi Spriggan is a great horizontal shoot'em up with a very unique weapon system, basically combining mecha elements (like in Assault Suit Leynos) with a classic scrolling STG title.


  Startling Odyssey II Deluxe Edition Super CD

Startling Odyssey II is classic RPG that was unreleased in the west. The deluxe edition of SOII includes a full color 16-page booklet in English language, a map (with extensive item listings on the back) and even a translation of the manga included with the original Japanese game manual.


  Steam Hearts Super CD

Steam Hearts is an erotic vertical shooter game that started as an adult title on the Japanese PC98 computer system. Although the console versions (both PCE and Saturn) are tuned down in terms of ecchi-ness, the title remains a unique addition to the late PC Engine library. The game features action mixed with adult content, as well as a two-player mode.



  Sylphia Super CD

The game draws from Greek mythology and tells the story of Sylphia, a female warrior with a tragic destiny. Her tale starts as she lays fatally wounded in the temple of Athena - merciless monsters have taken over the city and she perished as she desperately tried to protect innocent villagers. The gods, touched by the sincerity of the young woman's devotion and love, decide to give Sylphia another chance... Now turned into a Sylphid with tremendous powers, the female warrior embarks on a long journey of revenge, ready to fight for her homeland.

Sylphia starts equipped with a fairly basic fire weapon that can be upgraded in various ways - four different types based on the four basic elements are available throughout the game, from Fire (Red), Air (Green), Water (Blue) and Earth (Brown). Each weapon type is associated with an additional sub-weapon which range from Homing Fireballs (Red), Reverse Fire (Blue), Ring Blades (Green) and Rotating Rocks (Brown). Sylphia can also trigger a devastative special attack that deals great damage to on-screen enemies. Various other items are available for the taking, such as extra lives, Mirrors/Gems (slowly increase a health bar located at the bottom of the screen that gives the player an extra life when full) and Green Orbs (increase the active weapon's power level). Sylphia consists of eight stages.


  Twin Bee Returns Super CD

Twin Bee Returns is a time-attack version of Konami's original 80s arcade shoot'em up.

Twin Bee Returns was originally included in Konami's PC Engine version of Tokimeki Memorial. For iliterates of the Japanese language it was almost impossible to access this game. The player had to spend hours after hours playing Konami's dating sim, eventually accessing the game through the in-game's computer club.

While Twin Bee Returns is based on the original arcade version of Twin Bee, meaning that it doesn't have the great graphics Detana Twin Bee offers on the PCE, it's still a great little title, easily surpassing the MSX or other conversions of the original arcade game. Twin Bee Returns is a caravan-style time-attack with a play time ranging from 4-8 minutes, depending on the player's skills.



  Valis: The Fantasm Soldier Super CD

This is a remake for the Super CD of the original Mugen Senshi Valis, the first game of the Valis series originally released primarily for Japanese computers. Please note that this game is entirely in Japanese.

The game introduces the main protagonist, Yuuko Asou, and the worlds where the Valis series takes place.

Yuko Asou is a schoolgirl in late 1980s Japan who is fated to protect three different realms – our own Earth, the land of spirits, and Vecanti, the Dream World – by wielding a mystical sword known as Valis. Demon lord Rogles extinguishes a light in Vecanti which functions as a source of power for those who live there, and in a desperate plea for salvation, its queen Valia reaches out for a brave soul who can help them in their time of despair. Yuko on Earth is the one who answers the call, being summoned by magical forces into Vecanti to liberate them from the evil of Rogles, who brainwashes Yuko's classmate and girlfriend Reiko Kirishima into helping him try and put an end to the Valis warrior. Against increasingly difficult odds, Yuko prevails. Although Reiko is killed in the process, her memory returns as she dies in Yuko's arms.





  Valis II CD

Time passes, and Vecanti is set to rule under its next emperor after Rogles, his brother Megas, who wishes to stamp out any trace of the former tyrant, to the point of murdering any supporters Rogles might have had. Furthermore, his bloodthirsty tendencies recognize Yuko and the Valis sword as viable threats to his claim of the throne, and he orders his minions to eliminate her first before she has the chance to thwart him. Megas, too, falls to her magical blade, and peace once more comes to the dream world, as Yuko again returns home to resume an otherwise ordinary human life.

This package contains two (2) CD-roms including the Japanese and English versions of the game.




  Valis III CD

King Glames leads denizens of the Dark World to destroy both Earth and Vecanti. Against this common foe, Yuko Asou finds help in her new girlfriend, a Vecanti warrior-maiden named Cham, who was born in the Dark World and uses a deadly whip, and her own sister Valna Asou, who grew up within Vecanti and became strong in the ways of magic. Furthermore, the Valis sword is shown to be capable of more than what Yuko has accomplished with it thus far.

During the course of the game, Yuko rescues the kidnapped Cham and Valna from captivity. A visit to the ruler of Vecanti, Nizetti, unleashes the blade's full potential, which culminates in a climactic battle between the three girls and Glames as well the returning antagonist from the first game, Rogmes. The Valis warrior defeats them both, and for her dutiful and unwavering service, Yuko is permitted to step down from being a guardian and become a goddess in Vecanti, leaving Earth behind forever. The Valis sword retires to the heavens as well, as the dream world prepares itself for prosperity, while Cham and Valna wave good-bye to Yuko as she departs to take on her new role.

This package contains two (2) CD-roms including the Japanese and English versions of the game.




  Valis IV CD

Play as Asfal, Amu, or Lena in the final installment of the Valis series.
Please note that this game is entirely in Japanese.

This game also includes the Visual Valis Collection, a compilation CD from the Valis series originally only released in Japan on 1991. The CD contains all the animated cutscenes from Valis II to IV.

This package contains two (2) CD-roms.



  Xak III: The Eternal Recurrence Deluxe Edition Super CD

Xak III is a classic action adventure, not unlike the original Ys series. The ability to form a party of up to three members and have party members act on their own gives the game a little more complexity though and a deeper RPG-touch.

Xak III The Eternal Recurrence deluxe edition of the game comes in a truly stunning looking and embossed deluxe packaging including a full color 16-page booklet in English language.



Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys Super CD

The fourth game in the Ys series, an action role-playing game originally released only in Japanese. Ys IV takes place two years after the events of Ys II, and before the events of Ys III: Wanderers from Ys. To a resurrected continent, the Gods of Destiny, new adventures, and the front lines of battle, a legendary hero has returned.




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