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On a faraway planet there lives a species called the Blobs. These Blobs love participating in puzzle contests. Bob the Blob is our hero. He looks confidently into the future and would like to win (depending upon degree of difficulty) the bronze (easy) silver (normal) or the gold medal (hard) in this contest.

BLOX is based on the principle of games like the 1982 arcade game Sokoban. The game is presented from above with a bird's-eye-view. The idea is to shift the boxes in such a way that each one fits in one of the target tiles.

The crates are moved simply by walking toward one with the d-pad. Crates can only be pushed, not pulled. This is an important point since, as soon as a crate is pushed against a wall, it can't be moved away.

In the Easy mode, there are 10 levels. Normal mode contains 20 additional levels, and Hard mode has a further 30 levels.

Compared to other homebrewn games, this game is breath-taking! The introduction, the ending, the scrolling credits, the funny animations of our hero... they're all extremely well done.

Three levels of difficulty over 60+ stages. Uses a password system.



  Blox 2

More Blox, and do we mean more. This sequel will outlive you with 1800+ puzzles to solve. Save options include both game in progress as well as all solved levels.



  Bound High

In Bound High!, Chalvo, the bouncing robot, travels through space In full 3d-D motion in pursuit of alien invaders that threaten the peaceful inhabitants of Earth. Angling from above, players control rolled up Chalvo, who must destroy all enemies on the playfield by landing on them and throwing them down from the playfield. Falling off the playfield himself, Chalvo will loose a life.

The playfield is in space, or high above the earth, and is made of many little squares, which are composed differently from level to level, once big plain areas, once many small, scattered blocks. Bouncing over the platforms can be quite incalculable and dangerous, while some are solid, other ones vanish after one hit or reveal puzzles, items or other objects and besides a lot of different enemies, Chalvo also has to carefully avoid winds, the deep crevices, sharp spikes and highly charged electric "shockers" that cause his demise. Adding to the difficulty is the rebound angle when you hit a moving enemy - you don't necessarily bounce straight up in the air.

Sometimes blocks lead to an "Another Stage", some kind of mirrored parallel universe with inverted colors and without the dangerous winds.

The game offers four modes of game play:

"Adventure of Chalvo"
The story mode and core of the game starts with an intro sequence taking place in a cinema, where the audience is watching – you guessed it - "Adventure of Chalvo". After that you start into the first level. Now the player is challenged with new platform configurations, riddles and enemies every level. There are three different levels of difficulty with "Easy", "Normal" and "Hard".

There are a total of 4 worlds with a total of 41 levels, plus bosses and bonus stages after every tenth level, while every sixth level is a so called "Plasma Stage". In those, the player finds equal numbers of balls, marked with "-" and "+", which have to be added to pairs. This makes 3000 points a pair. There'S also a blinking pair, which brings 6000 points.

"Score Attack"
Puzzle mode. In 16 special levels, you have to get a given score. In most cases it is not enough to just destroy every enemy, though, and you have to get bonus points for clever maneuvers.

"Random Game"
In the "Random Game" mode, Chalvo is challenged with random level setups and varying levels of difficulty. Here the focus is only on fun, levels or points mean nothing.

"Pocket and Cushion"
In this mode, some kind of mixture between pool and mini golf, you find yourself on a course with several holes and have to get a number of balls into those in a given time limit. You have not only to do that, but also earn enough points to surpass a given score, otherwise you have to try again. You get bonus points for the rermaining time, getting balls in the holes, letting balls bounce of objects or other balls, or for destroying objects. You are given 16 levels at first, but earn 4 more for completing those.


  FaceBall Remastered

An ego shooter with smiley balls. In a maze, you have to hunt down and shoot all enemies in a certain time limit, which gets smaller from level to level. A radar in the upper right corner and a map of the maze, which you can be displayed by pressing Start, help you locate your foes.

There's a total of 11 enemies called "Shot Me", "Ninja", "Death", "Stalker", "Invisible", "Bound", "Shieldman", "Ghost", "Hydra", "Wraith" and "Berserker". Each one is acting different, which requires different tactics. For example "Shieldman" hides behind an undestroyable shield, while "Berserker" runs into the player and knocks you off.

Bonus items which can be colected are bonus shields and speed-ups. Additionally, there is undestroyable glass wall, through which you can see, but not shoot enemies.There are also destroyable walls, which reveal themselves by flashing.

After each level you get points for your remaining time, as well as for the enemies you destroyed, depending on the kind of enemy.

The game is often referred to as "NikoChan Battle", which is just a direct translation of the japanese name "????????". Niko means something like "happy face".



Big fish eat small fish! In Fishbone you play as a fish called Bubbles and go for Highscores in a total of 4 levels by eating as many smaller fish as you can, while avoiding the ones bigger than you, bombs and other harmful things.

- 16 different enemy types
- 3 different victim types
- 5 different attack patterns
- 8 different songs

Every stage consist of 51 unique screens which were created using a level editor that has been programmed from scratch specifically for Fishbone

Every stage has a unique feel by using different sized enemies with different attack patterns



Flappy Cheep Cheep

This is an abandoned incomplete demo of that is very playable. In this side-scroller you controls a bird attempting to fly between columns of green pipes without colliding with them. Later rounds have moving pipes to make the challenge more intense, as well as other neat game play tricks.



  Game Hero

Game Hero brings Virtual Boy homebrews to new heights with the first rhythm/music game to come to the system. "GameHero" is a Guitar Hero clone for the Virtual Boy that let's you play 24 popular video game theme songs including themes from Mario Bros. and other famous Nintendo franchises. Thanks to backup battery support, your best scores per song get saved.


  Hyper Fighting

This famous fighting game was renamed for the Virtual Boy and is a competitive fighting game featuring command-based special moves from a variety of playable characters each with their own unique fighting style.



It's easy to kill a bug, but how about when your're a bug yourself? Strap yourself into a bug's shoes (wait, bugs don't wear shoes, but you know what I mean) and fight to the death. are you strong enough to perform insecticide?

The year is 2047. Mankind has ended because they blew themselves up leaving only bugs behind. Now life on Earth depends on the survival of the fittest. Do you have what it takes to survive?

This game comes with cartridge, instruction booklet, box and more!




Mario Kart Virtual Cup

Another abandoned but playable demo for the Virtual Boy. The gameplay is very similar to Super Mario Kart, but without any other AI racers. There are 3 modes but only Time Trial mode is properly implemented.
Play as either Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Toad, Wario, Peach, Yoshi, or Donkey Kong on any of the following tracks: Mario Circuit, Ghost Valley and Rainbow Road - which isn't very "rainbowy" since it is only red on a black background!



  SD Gundam Dimension War (ENGLISH VERSION)

Based on the popular mecha anime franchise, SD Gundam Dimension War is a turn-based strategy game where you are place in command of a small task force as you travel across the galaxy aiming to wipe out the opposing units you encounter. Gameplay is split in to two parts - a map screen where you maneuver your troops and a close up view for battles.

Both sides mainly consist of the Mobile-Suit fighters but also feature a couple of ships too. You start in the lower half of the battlefield and your opponent starts in the top half. As the “SD” in the game title suggests, the characters are drawn in the 'Super Deformed' style, giving the powerful war machines an amusingly cute and squat design. Though they're well designed your troops look very similar even though you gain new types as you progress; luckily the enemy forces are more varied bunch.

You don't have to destroy every enemy unit to win a battle. To start off with you can win by taking out their battle cruisers, but starting with the third level there is also a heavily armoured foe that you are required to defeat in order to proceed.

The controls are straightforward; you simply click on one of your units and then choose one of the available options. You have two options relating to movement: ‘Ambush' makes the troop/ship stay where it is whilst picking ‘Move' allows you to plot a course. You can only move a few spaces at a time in any of the four expected directions as well as adjusting your altitude up and down which can come in handy for working your way around obstacles.

When you are in range of enemies your two combat options become available. ‘Indirect' allows you to fire on your opponent from safe distance and ‘Attack' allows you to get in close to cause more damage – but also face a beating yourself.

Mobile Suit combat is comprised of two parts. To begin with you and your opponent fly towards each other in a cool animated sequence which makes good use of the Virtual Boy's 3D display. You can fire at your approaching foe essentially beginning the battle.

The action is viewed side on with the left d-pad controlling movement and the right used for attacks: there are three projectile attacks (of varying speed and power) and a sword attack for when you get in close. Taking place on three plains (switched between by using L and R) you both swoop further away and closer to the screen firing away at each other while looking for an opportunity to use your sword.

Mobile suits can also attack enemy cruisers, or for a more fair fight, dispatch a crusier of your own against theirs.

Playing the game can be time-consuming as you plan on where to send your troops but thankfully there are three save files on the cartridge so you can come back to a game later to try and complete all eight levels.



Soviet Union

Get in the ship, comrade!

Some scientists from Vladivostok have invented a time machine and used it to go to back to the 1960s, the time of the Space Race between the USSR and USA.

It worked, but on return to 2010, a malfunction sent them to a parallel universe where the Cold War is still going on. You're one of the members of the Red Army. Save the scientists!



  Space Invaders Virtual Collection

Space Invaders is the founder of the shoot 'em up genre. It's about shooting down all spaceships flying over you - from below, with your spaceship, in a 2-dimensional view - as they approach closer and closer to you and become faster with time, and of course, they can shoot you, too. Once you have destroyed all the enemy spaceships, the next level follows, where from then on, it gets faster and harder.

The adaptation for the Virtual Boy has succeeded relatively well. There is the classical 2D style and the 3D style, which is displayed in a 3-dimensional view from halfway up.

Original 2D: At the beginning, you can choose between the original Invaders and Part 2.

Virtual 3D: Also here, you initially choose between the first and second part of the Space Invaders series. You find yourself in a nice 3D environment again, like, for example, a planet or a space station.

Challenge: At the beginning, you have the choice between Time Attack and Score Attack mode.

Score Attack mode is all about collecting points. Enemies have the added ability make themselves smaller and bigger, requiring more precision shooting.

In Time Attack mode, clear away the whole field in the fastest possible time.





Space Squash

Space Squash plays - is it any wonder - in the future. Your mission is basically to destroy other robots. You do this by playing "Space Squash" against them!

You see the game action from a 3rd person perspective. You steer your little robot with the left joypad cross; with the right one, you let him hit the ball back. Since this is a futuristic form of squash played with a steel ball, you can naturally also use the walls for help, in order to give the ball some nice drifts. You can also "bend" the ball, of course. If you miss the ball, the opponent gets a point and vice versa. It is always played to "best of five." If you get hit by the ball, because you swung too late to hit it back, you will loose one of three heart pieces, your energy. You can also use specials, like an electromagnetic wall that prevents the ball from slipping through to you. You get these specials when you skillfully smash the various boxes in the stage and pick up the bonuses that then appear. There are also speed power-ups, with which you become faster, and health power-ups, where each one gives you back a heart of energy.

The stages themselves are wildly styled. There is, for example, a group of smileys floating around in the middle, and these want to hinder your shots; it's then a matter of skillfully overturning these. With an increasing degree of difficulty, the game also gets faster and faster and more interesting!

The game contains 108 stages, plus every 5th stage contains a Boss battle followed by a memory bonus round.




Tron on the Virtual Boy is a light cycle game mimicking the level from the arcade coin-op. From a bird's eye prespective you see a squre playfield, on which several futuristic bikes build up walls behind them while driving around. These can change their direction only by right angles. The player has to avoid any walls and try to encapsulte his enemies in walls. Or simple survive longer than the others.

At the beginning, there's only one enemy, later they become three of four. Higher levels introduce more and more obstacles in form of little blocks in the middle of the playfield.


  VB Racing

Another abandoned but playable demo for the Virtual Boy. VB Racing is quite polished for an incomplte title and will immediately remind you of Sega's popular Out Run games with the smooth scrolling road and scenery. The AI vehicles are intelligent and make for a solid racing experience. Definetely a program that shows off the untapped power of Nintendo's Virtual Boy.


  Virtual Bowling

Three modes to choose from: the "Standard Mode," where you complete a single game of 10 frames in the pursuit of a high score, the "Tournament Mode," as well as the "Training Mode," where you can freely place the pins in any combination before each practice throw.

The heart of the game is the "Tournament Mode" where you compete against four other players named Max, Davis, Mary and John. Beginning in a small bowling hut called "1st Bowl," successful players later bowl across three other, bigger alleys called "Bowler 2nd," "3 Bowling" and, ultimately, the final and eponymous "Virtual Bowling" alley. Every single tournament consists of three games of 10 frames each. The sum of the points from all three games decides on victory or defeat.

Virtual Bowling setting options:
Type - Your bowling style. Choose normal, power or technique.
Hand - Play left- or right-handed.
Weight - Determine the size and weight of your ball. 6 to 16 lbs.
Wax - Determine how much the lane is waxed.
BGM - Play with or without background music. If you choose "Off," you hear authentic environmental sounds (such as rolling balls, falling pins or a cheering crowd) instead of the background music.

The bowling itself is done from the first-person perspective, with the directional pad, you can freely choose the throwing position on the whole width of the bowling alley. Then, you affect the spin of the ball by stopping an indicator moving to the left and right with the A button. Last, an indicator moves on a lateral scale, on which you determine how strongly you throw the ball and then the time of release by pressing the A Button two times. This determines the speed of the ball.

Progress can be kept in the Tournament Mode by passwords.

Virtual Bowling is superior to Nester's Funky Bowling in just about every respect, and it also offers a more serious and simulation-laden approach.



  Virtual Fishing (ENGLISH VERSION)

Dive into nature with this fishing simulator! Virtual Fishing is a fishing action game where you cast yourlure within Mother nature for thrilling battles with the fishin the water, all with a sense of depth exclusive to the Virtual Boy!

Try to catch as many unique fish as possible across various game modes designed to give that true fun fishing experience.

Discover and catch 17 unique kinds of fish. experience seeing both above and under the water. Keep track of all your catches in a personal record book. Various modes of play include: Tournament, Free and Time Attack.

This game comes with cartridge, instruction booklet, box and more!




The game plays like a cross between Tetris and Pipe Dream. Worm pieces falling down from the top of the playing field must be arranged to form completely closed tubes. Pieces open to the border of the playing field count as closed, which, by the way, also includes the upper border. When all worm pieces on the playing field are removed, the level is completed.

Some worm pieces are already randomly placed on the playing field at the beginning of a level and are waiting to be removed by the player. From level to level, one finds a different number of already placed worms.



  Vue Snake

Snake clone for the Virtual Boy with three distinct play modes, including double mode, where each D-Pad controls one of two snakes. Choose from three speed levels.



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