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Astrohawk is an open space shooter similar to the original Asteroids.

This is the Super Nintendo version of the game published by Good Deal Games' Homebrew Heaven in the GameBoy Advance HomeBrew GamePack.



  Classic Kong

Classic Kong is a parody of the original NES Donkey Kong. The game features four stages similar to the arcade coin-op. Includes new upgraded 16-bit graphics and programmed from scratch from the ground up



Mazezam Challenge

Mazezam is a clever twist on the timeless Sokobon warehouse block pushing puzzle. Having been ported to many different systems such as the Acorn Electron, ZX Spectrum and the Atari Lynx, it now has an appearance on the Super Nintendo - adding that 16-bit charm to the taxing and often trapping mind-bender.




Mr. Bloppy Saves The World

Mr. Bloppy Saves the World was a platform game originally developed by Copmedia in the early nineties, but never published. Now it finally makes an appearance on the SNES. Can you help Secret Agent Mr. Bloppy stop the horrible comany known only as Pollution Unilimited which is destroying the ecology of the planet.

Features over 9 Worlds with many different levels
and a P
assword System.



N-WARP Daisakusen

N-WARP Daisakusen is free-for-all fighting game. It is a great game for a party or a family gathering as it supports EIGHT PLAYER simultaneous game play! Please note that the SNES Multitap is required to play with more than three players.



Super 4-in-1

This cartridge includes four fantastic new titles:
Mazezam Challenge, UWOL: The Quest for Money,
Skipp and Friends: The Unexpected Journey
N-WARP Daisakusen.

This is the only way to play
Skipp and Friends - Unexpected Journey

The object of the game is to move all three characters to the EXIT in each level. Each player has 2 limited special abilities that you may use to help advance through the level. The in-game status bar displays the name of each ability and how many times it can be used during that level.

All three players must be alive and to the exit to complete the level. If you get yourself stuck, press START to pause and then SELECT to restart the level.

After you complete each level a 4 letter password is given to you so that you may resume the game using the Password option at the title screen, after your system has been shut off.




UWOL: The Quest for Money

Uwol didn't have enough after earning about the 90% of all the income which resulted of selling retrovideogames in Spain and getting himself rich. Now he wants to experience the adventures of his good old idols while he keeps engrossing his bank account, because that's the very matter of his existence.

After gathering precious prizes following the steps of his favourite classic videogame heroes (this is, the fire which doesn't burn -which looks great in the hall of his house-, the proton pistol with the proton charger, three knickers from Gremla, the book of bills of Miner Willy, Wally's pajamas, the Sword of Power (just a copy, because the real one is in use), heaps of Saimaza coffee), he learns that a mysterious and excentric millionaire, formerly a thief, hides quite a big fortune in gold coins in a very old manor next to Canutos Forest -the so-called Storm Palace. So he decides to emulate his idol Goodie and steal them!

The problem is that it won't be very easy. The cellars of Storm Palace are quite deep and are full of nooks and crannies. Besides, the intrincate disposition of rooms makes it very easy to get lost and go back to the starting point. That's what happened to Uwol: his greed made him to get deeper and deeper into the manor so he got lost and trapped in the lowest labyrinth, inhabited by Vampy, Franky, Fanty and Wolfy, who will try by all means to make Uwol fail in his task.



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