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  Almost Hero

Choose your Ninja path, from self-defense class drop out, to industry-saving philanthropist. Play as either Ninja Hopeful, Orville or Reginald, and be the hero you always knew you could be as you battle against a colorful cast of villains in thie throwback to the beat 'em up genre.

Includes game cartridge, manual, and box.



If you like puzzle games and you're up for a challenge, AO is the game for you. The objective is to roll the brick around the game board and drop it through the goal pit.

It sounds easy, right? You'll have to avoid falling off of the edge while maneuvering around tight areas. Do you think you can make it through all the levels before your score reaches zero?

AO features 30 challenging puzzles for 1 or 2 players.

Includes game cartridge, manual, and box.


  Beer Slinger

Think it's easy being a bartender?
Try your luck at serving patrons during rush hour!

Beer Slinger is a fairly straightforward game - you play a bartender and you serve beers to your patrons. The catch? Not every patron orders the same beer, and you'll soon realize that you'll have multiple orders at once!

As the levels increase, the choice of beer changes, more orders come in, and it can become crazy in no time! To add to the pressure, the customers will only wait so long before they decide to go to a different bar!

To add to an already addicting good time, Beer Slinger uses voice samples for the patrons, stating the beer type they'd like. Do you think you have what it takes to be a true Beer Slinger?

Game ships with full-color box and manual.



California Raisins: The Grape Escape

The California Raisins: The Grape Escape was designed in 1991 but was not commercially released.

In the single-player side-scrolling action game the player controls a California Raisin through five stages in an effort to rescue the band and their band's musical notes that were stolen by the gang of jealous musicians. The player walk, jump, climb on vines, moonwalk and shoot an unlimited supply of grape jelly beans as projectiles.

The first four levels include The Grape Vine, The Factory, The Maize Maze and The Juicery. The final level takes places in The Clouds.


  City Trouble

The Jackal Gang is causing trouble and it's up to Amy to stop them!

You ar Amy and your mission leads you to the rooftops high above the town's not so pleasant districts.

So, take your trusty taser and electrocute all evil scumbags that stand in your way. Show those muscle-headed goons and them jumpy paradudes who's boss. Use your agility to pass over deep and dangerous gaps and outrun that pesky helicoptor.

It's a tough job, but not all is fore: Ther's your best friend Rachel waiting in the middle of the action to provide you some useful stuff to help you on your way.

You'll need it since it's only a matter of time until bad girl Scarlett bothers you again or you'll have to face another one of the jumbos.

Do you have the guts and the skills to rid the city of the Jackal Gang in this fast-paced arcade action game?


Includes game cartridge, manual, and box.


  Creepy Brawlers

After a spectral hand pulls you out of your seat and into the silver screen, you become the underdog in an underworld championship. Lace-up your gloves and get ready to duck, bob, and weave as you punch-out a marathon of movie monsters, including the wolfman, backwoods psycho, and a very slick vampire. Dodge special attacks and time your counters perfectly, because a KO means losing the round...and your soul.

- A marathon of movie monsters to battle through
- Each opponent has their own special power moves!
- Stun enemies with perfectly timed counters!
- Block, dodge, and jab your way to a championship belt!

Includes game cartridge, manual, and box.


  Dead Tomb

In the year 3017, the Videoway Corp., your employer sends you to study on the last ice age, which ended about 10,000 BC. During this long journey through space and time, your ship is experiencing some technical problems while you fly to Egypt 1300 BC. You have to land your ship for repairs. The only accessible place is the truncated top of a huge pyramid.

Includes game cartridge, manual, and box.



Seen it before?

No, this isn;t the ground-breaking, classic Tetris. This is better.
This is more tasteful as a NES purchase... this is Dushlan. Dushlan flips Tetris on its blocky head with new twists on a fundamental classic.

What's that, you say? You want a new challenge?
Then come get some.

We have upside down levels.
Levels with floors rising up, giving the player a sense of impending doom.
Most importantly? Dushan means challenge, and that's something every retro gamer needs more of. There's no story here, games. Just a cold, hard, blocky bunch of defiance for you to overcome.

-New shapes beyond the 7 present in Tetris.
-New features such as 'SAVE', allowing a player to save a piece for later usage and swap it with the piece currently in play, now you'll have the 4x1 piece just when you need it.

-Random block hazards
-Dynamic, horizontal attacks
-Random lines being added
-Bomb level where you must clear a targeted line before the clock runs out.
-Selection of music to enjoy
-Customizable controller options


Includes game cartridge, manual, and box.


  Drac's Night Out

Drac's Night Out for the Nintendo Entertainment System was not commercially released. Interestingly, the game endoresed the Reebok Pump.

In the game you controlled the infamous Count Dracula who, while wearing Reebok Pumps, had to walk from his castle to his girlfriend Mina's house in order to drink her blood. Along the way you could suck the blood of villagers in order to transform into a bat or a wolf.



Earthbound (a/k/a Mother in English)

Earthbound tells the story of a psychic boy named Ninten. He sets out on a journey to discover the cause of the mysterious phenomenon that occurred in his home one day. As the story develops, he meets friends along the way and they fight their way to the source of all their troubles. Mother takes place during a more modern time (1988) in the United States and has equipment like baseball bats instead of swords and psionic powers instead of magic.

The original Earthbound was was not commercially released in English or outside of Japan. This game is the prequel to the US EarthBound game released on the SNES, which was released in Japan as Mother 2.



Escape From Atlantis

It began with a trip to the Azores Islands, about 900 miles west of the Portugese coast. Martin, an eager young man, lost his job as a post office employee when the office he worked for closed down due to the imbeciles running the place ineptness at proper mail handling technique. Martin, a semi-pro billiards player became distraught at his unemployment and upset over the fact that his favorite Cue Stick had been stolen, decided to get away from it all and hopped the first cruise ship out of town. After a lengthy stop in Portugal, where Martin discovered the healing effects of alcohol, the trek continued on to the Azores Islands.

On the second night of the journey, awoken from a dead sleep after having a vicious nightmare about a blood-thirsty pig chasing him around, Martin got out of his cabin to have a nice walk on the upper deck to breathe in the fresh, salty sea air and clear his mind of the menacing swine. Leaning over the bow he noticed an orange light in the distance. It actually looked like an erupting volcano to him, but he could not really tell from that far.

Martin looked around to see if he could share the sight with another passenger, but did not see any around. He thought it odd that he actually didn't even hear the ship's engines, not even a hum. In fact, everything was now dark! He ran into the casino...not a soul to be found.

Panic was starting to set in. He ran back to see if he could make out the orange light and it was what he active volcano. As the ship quietly pressed on towards the volcano a feeling of dread overcame him. He looked around for a life raft, even a life jacket, but none were to be found. As he stared towards the volcano, he wondered if he should just jump ship and deal with the sharks rather than sail helplessly towards a fiery death.

Before he could make his decision, he caught a bit of movement out of the corner of his eye. Something was airborne and moving towards him. It looked like...a bird of some sort. A white bird, holding some kind of shiny object. He knew that white doves were a sign of peace, so a small glimmer of hope rekindled his frantic heart.

As the bird got closer, he made it out to be some kind of fat white bird...a Pelican perhaps (Martin is no ornithologist) and the shiny object to be a key. The bird landed on the ship's railing and made a very peculiar kind of squawk, sounding almost like an Indoran God from Algos.

"Nunhooooohavcumheeeerhavleftaliiiiiiv." The Pelican repeated this several times before Martin thought he knew what the bird was saying. Then, as the bird took flight again and headed straight for him, he heard, "Welcome to Atlantis!!" That part sounded clear as day, but when Martin realized that a fat white Pelican had just spoken to him, he had no time left to block the bird's charge, as it went straight for his head and knocked him out cold with a blow from its webbed feet.



Built for Speed!

If you've ever wanted to play a tabletop/card-based RPG, but have said things like, "I don't have the time" or "It's too complicated," then Expedition is for you!

Perfect for those of you who love RPGs but no longer have the time to commit whole wekends to a single game, simply plug in your Nintendo Entertainment System and prepare for a gaming companion unlike anything you've played before!

Easy to learn and play: Forget spending hours of setup and planning time, play in under 5 minutes!

Fast-paced combat: Your party has a limited amount of time to decide in combat what actions to take - better think on your feet if you wish to survive!

Endless possibilities: Simple does not mean shallow here, with community-written quests and advanced game modes, experience near unlimited replayability for you and your friends.

COMES COMPLETE WITH A COPY OF THE EXPEDITION CARD GAME! From thre, blast your adventure into 8 Bit awesomeness with the official Expedition NES companion video game!

Includes game cartridge, full-color manual, and box.


  Exploding Fist

Become a master of this mysterious ancient art: progress from novice to Tenth Dan and test your strength and discipline. Eighteen different maneuvers including blocks, flying kicks, leg sweeps, roundhouse, and even somersaults!

An unreleased prototype of Exploding Fist was found and improved. The game is now complete with all levels and an ending and also features faster game play.

This products comes with cardboard box, color manual and region free game cartridge compatible with most consoles that run NES games.


  EYRA the Crow Maiden

Eyra is a young priestess of the Koruhaurus, the tribe that lives in the temple city of the jungle. She's been trained by the elder mothers to become a wise one and aid their people through knowledge and wisdom.

All was peaceful until the evil Infernal Marauder came from far lands across the sea and kidnaps the brave warriors of the tribe. His plan is to experiment on them with forbidden magic and ancient powers that was thought lost in time and turn them into an army of darkness.

Now it is up to Eyra and her trusty trained crow, Nunkamah, to embark on a dangerous journey to save them.

Game ships with full-color box and manual.


  Family Picross

Do you like crossword puzzles? What about picture puzzles? What about puzzle games in general? If you answered yes to any of these questions, pencil Family Picross onto your list!

In Family Picross, you use the numbers on top and to the left of each row and column to help guide you to filling in the box. Once you've completed the picture successfully, you'll advance to the next level.

The pictures range from small to large, and some are very challenging. In fact, there's over 100 puzzles to complete! Don't worry, though, as there is a password system to let you resume where you left off.

You'll definitely spend hours completing all of the puzzles!

Game ships with full-color box and manual. Also: BONUS Solution Manual!


  Final Fantasy II

The game's story centers on three youths whose parents were killed during an army invasion. The invasion leader, an emperor, pursues world control using monsters and demons. The youths join a resistance to end the emperor's war.

Final Fantasy II introduced many elements that would later become staples of the Final Fantasy franchise, including chocobos and the recurring character Cid. It also eliminated the traditional experience point leveling system, and introduced a system where the characters' statistics increase according to how they are used or acquired.

The original Final Fantasy II was was not commercially released in English or outside of Japan for the Nintendo Entertainment System.



Free Fall

Free Fall is an unreleased game by Color Dreams. The game has been re-worked to fix game crashing bugs. Game now can be played from beginning to end. Use your enormous hand to take hold of the falling men that fling themselves from the girder above and rescue them by tossing them into a moving pipe from whence they came. Very odd game and oddly fun!


  Germ Squashers

Germ Squashers: An exclusive homebrew with proceeds benefiting the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Defeat germs, and sink into two player germ-squashing action, as you work towards the ultimate goal: a clean and healthy hospital!

Germ Squashers is a one or two player arcade action game where you have to clear the screen of all germs and viruses before time runs out in order to progress forward. Keep an eye out for the flashing germs. When they are defeated, you can gain power-ups like invincibility, and a temporary time freeze.

Germ Squashers will work on your NES, as well as aftermarket consoles like the Retron5. Proceeds from the sale of this game benefit the Children's Miracle Network.

Includes game cartridge, manual, and box.


  Get' em Gary

The neighborhood ruffian has gone on a rampage and started destroying the buildings in Westspring Manor. Equipped with the Mystical Squeegee of Maintenance, Gary is the only one who can repair the carnage caused by Rusty. Can you repair the windows and close the shutters before time runs out?

Inspired by Donkey Kong, Wrecking Crew, and Fix-It Felix Jr., Get'em Gary brings the classic arcade feel to your home console!

Includes game cartridge, manual, and box.


  Hero Quest

Control your barbarian in this fantasy role-playing game based on the popular board game.


  Hit the Ice

The popular arcade game on the NES. Control your three man team consisting of a forward, defender and goalie to victory against your opponant. Hit the Ice for the NES was not commercially released.

The NES version of Hit the Ice was the most unusual of all the home console ports, as it has a Quest Mode, which mixed RPG elements into a hockey game for the only time.


  Justice Duel

Take to the skies on the back of scientifically-engineered eagles and joust against AI patriots from America’s past. Dodge fireworks, bear traps, and dead presidents. The history might be wrong, but the justice is so right.

- Mech-eagle based combat for true patriots
- Firecrackers, bear traps & land mine eagle eggs to amp up the carnage
- Old Glory and Lincoln's Axe activate the ultimate power-ups

Want Justice for All?
Grab an NES Fourscore and enjoy 4-player combat the new fashioned way!

Includes game cartridge, manual, and box.


  Little Lancelot

Can you help Little Lancelot recover ancient artifacts and take them to King Arthur in order to become a knight? The game features multiple types of gameplay, but it is mostly a platformer.

This game was originally released originally only in PAL regions under the Prince Valiant license. In order to release the game in other regions, it has been rebranded using Lancelot as the primary character.

This product features a cardboard box, instruction manual, and a region free cartridge that will work with most consoles that are compatible with NES cartridges.


  Little Medusa

Get Ready to Gorgon!

Become a polymorphed deity and take back Mount Olympus in this action puzzler. The Titans have escaped their eternal prisons and transformed Artemiza, a young goddess, into a gorgon. Now she must petrify enemies, solve puzzles, and dodge traps in her battle to save the realms of the gods.

A lovable protagonist brought to life with beautiful, hand-drawn art that shines with charm! 5 worlds of puzzling petrification! Clash with centaurs, fallen heroes, and the Titans themselves! Challenging obstacles and brain-boggling action found in each new area! Solve the puzzles fast enough and unlock a secret world, complete with a new ending to the story! An exciting story inspired by Greek mythology, told through animated cut scenes! 15 unlockable achievements will keep you coming back for more! For all the Greek gods and goddesses out there, we've added Olympian Mode, a hard as rock challenge with permadeath. You've got one chance to get beat each stage, defeat all the titans, and Go Full Gorgon to unlock the final achievement!

Includes game cartridge, manual, and box.


  Log Jammers

Arcade sports on the Nintendo Entertainment System are always a gas and Log Jammers is no different! Select your avatar from a diverse cast of skilled Ax-Wielding characters, and complete in exotic arenas across a variety of different gam modes.

Go for theGgold or go for a swim!

The life of the professional lumberjack is as glamorous as it seems. The wealth, the popularity, the perfect hair, the chicks, the dudes - All that and more make this job one of the most honorable and worthwhile professions of the 21st century! However, even Gids can become bored with greatness after a while.

Tired with simply competing in log cutting and logrolling challenges, these lumberjacks are taking their craft to the next level!

Welcome to the exciting sport of Log Jammers! In this tournament of Champions, you will select your lumberjack, each with his and her own strengths and weaknesses, to compete for ultimate victory!

Includes game cartridge, manual, and box.


  Meteor Swarm

Meteor Swarm is a game inspired by similar titles from the early arcade era such as Atari's Asteroids. You the player, take control of a spaceship trapped in the middle of a hectic meteor shower.

Large, slow-moving meteors drift randomly as you maneuver to dodge and shoot them.  When shot, the meteors will break into smaller pieces until they eventually disappear into space dust.  Then you move on the the next wave where things go faster and faster! Good luck!


  NES Virus Cleaner

NES Virus Cleaner is pretty much a spoof of the NES Cleaning Kit. That thing barely helped clean the NES, just as NES Virus Cleaner doesn't do much for removing “viruses” from your NES. You guide Clik, the hero, around inside your NES and grab viruses in the various spots they are placed. The ultimate goal is to get to the lockout chip and destroy Virii, the main virus. The obstacles in the game are electric bolts, electric sparks, disappearing blocks, a homing missile system, and of course, time. If you run out of time on a certain level, the game is over. If you get hit by an enemy, you will respawn at the point where you picked up the last virus.

Includes game cartridge, manual, and box.



Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark is a NES game Run and Gun game developed by Source and published by Konami in European regions only. The game never saw the light in America or Japan, and let me tell you, this game is GREAT!

Noah has been commanded by God to put two of each animal aboard his ark to save them from the flood. However unhappy people from around the world have captured different animal species, preventing Noah from doing his job. Noah will need to visit these different locations and free the animals from the people holding them captive.

Noah's Ark is a side scrolling action game. The player, as Noah, must choose which level from several world locations to play. Once in a level, Noah can move left right, duck, jump and fire pellets directly in front of him. These pellets can be used to defeat enemy creatures and uncover hidden items. At the end of each level, Noah will encounter a stronger enemy creature who must be defeated. Noah's ultimate goal is to rescue the designated captive animals listed for each level.

This product includes a high quality cardboard box, color instruction manual, region free game cartridge compatible with PAL and NTSC NES consoles and clone consoles.



Perfect Pair

Cupid has a knack for bringing two people together.

Can you help Cupid bring together the perfect pair in this arcade classic? Link together all of the chains of love and collect hearts along the way to help bring this couple together for everlasting love.

Includes game cartridge, manual, and box.


  Pyramids of Ra

In this game you control an adventuring archaeologist who you navigate through a maze of tombs. Each level consists of tiles which must all be broken to proceed to the next level. In order to break the tiles you must first land on the tile, then jump off causing it to crumble. The tricky part of this game is that you need to first break all the tiles and then return to the start tile before advancing.

This is the finished and enhanced version of Scarabeus for NES under its original title "Pyramids of Ra". The game features the original soundtrack from the gameboy version and monochrome colorized graphics. This game has over 10,000 different levels!!

This product includes a cardboard box, instruction manual, and region free cartridge compatible with most NES consoles.


  Quest Forge: By Order of Kings

Quest Forge by Order of Kings is an Action Adventure RPG. You are Sir Nils, knight of the castle Axvald, and the king needs your help. The world orb has been stolen and the demon gate can now be opened. By the orders of the king, you have to stop whoever is plotting to unleash evil on these lands.

Includes game cartridge, manual, and box.



  Rock, Paper, Scissors (Limited Edition)

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a brand new homebrew title from Wry Games for the NES! In this puzzle game you use the simple concept behind the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors to clear columns of items. If you stack a tower of paper, crumple it with rock. You have to be strategic in order to plan out clearing large columns and score big points in nine increasingly difficult levels.

With bright visuals, and fast paced strategic puzzle style gameplay, this is a must have for any retro game collector. It comes packaged in a cartridge that works on your original hardware, or after market consoles like the Retron5!

Edition comes complete with:
-Professional, high quality box with metallic seals and foil #/100 label.
-Beautifully printed and assembled manual.
-Rock, Paper, Scissors game for NES on black cartridge.



Robocop Versus Terminator

RoboCop versus The Terminator is a video game released for a number of platforms and is based on the RoboCop and Terminator franchises, more notably the 1992 four-issue comic book mini-series of the same name. The NES version of the game was never commercially released.

In the future, human soldiers of John Connor's resistance force against the machines are fighting a losing war against Skynet and its robot forces. Discovering that one of the foundation technologies for Skynet is the cybernetics technology used in the creation of cyborg police officer RoboCop, Flo, a resistance soldier, is sent back in time to destroy RoboCop and stop Skynet from being built. However Skynet learns of the time travel attempt and sends Terminators to stop Flo...



Secret Ties

You plays as Silk, a treasure-hunter of questionable ethics. Working for Vince Brazen, a member of the World-Con Security Agency, you set out to steal ancient artifacts from an Inca temple and rescue your abducted girlfriend Reiko.
Battle your way through six stages in this game that plays very much like Ninja Gaiden and Vice: Project Doom.

Secret Ties is a game based of a little known comic titled Master Sugar Thief, a comic book written by the author of the Golgo 13 comic series. The game was never commercially released in Japan or in the United States.



Snakky is an Arcade game featuring your good old Snake game. Eat the fruit to go to the next level, but be careful of not biting yourself as each fruit makes you grow longer.

The game features 3 different gameplay modes: Normal Game, Score Attack, and Super Length. Play and compete with your friends to see who makes the highest score on Snakky!

Includes game cartridge, manual, and box.



Squashed is a vegetable themed an action platform game and stars a friendly ninjas named Maru and Cori. You must help King Kale battle robots and vegetable themed enemies in order to protect six worlds from being overthrown by his nemesis Vegetron. The gameplay is very similar to Super Mario Bros. 3 and the original Mega Man series.


  Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Play the game based on the 1983 movie scrip. Spock's brother, Sybok, discovers the location of the almighty God and attempts to make contact. This game was cancelled and was never commercially released.

In the game, you control Sulu, Scotty, and Kirk in several side-scrolling missions. This game also features a space shooting level similar to Atari's Star Raiders allowing you to control the Enterprise.


  Sun Man

Sunman, developed in 1992, was originally intended to be a Superman game, but later retooled before being eventually cancelled. As a result, SunMan was never commercially released.

Sunman is a five stage side-scrolling fighting game, with exceptional graphics for an 8-bit title. Kenji Eno, of WARP fame, was involved with the development of this title and appears in the game credits.



Time Diver: Eon Man

Time Diver: Eon Man was developed in 1993, but never commercially released. The game was originally being developed as a sequel to Wrath of the Black Manta before being retooled. The game features five stages which are randomized, allowing for some variation when playing through the game multiple times.

Earth, 60 years into the future. The world is virtually crime free thanks to the Clear System invented by Kane Nelson, scientist extraordinaire. That is, until a secret organization called Romedrux decides to challenge the system by unleashing a plague of crime. In order for them to succeed, they'll need to prevent the Clear System from ever being invented, and that means eliminating Kane or his ancestors. Los Angeles, 1993. Dan Nelson thought he was an ordinary student living in L.A. until the day he found himself under attack by Romedrux warriors. During the attack, Dan learns about his future son, Kane, and vows to protect his family past, present, and future. It's a race through time in this sci-fi thriller.



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