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  Anthropomorphic Force

A fast-paced frantic Sci-Fi Arcade Space Shooter with humanoid shaped robots, weird aliens, and more. Features multiple scroll layers, multi-colored player and enemy sprites.

This is a cartridge only release.


  Astro Invader

Astro Invader, originally released in Japan as Kamikaze, is an arcade fixed shooter developed by Konami, and the first arcade game published by Stern Electronics.

The player controls a small spaceship at the bottom of the screen. Like most Space Invaders type games of the period, the ship can move left and right (but not up or down), and can fire one bullet at a time. The ship may not fire again until its previous shot has detonated. Can you do it?? This is the question! Kamikaze is also included as a Bonus game.

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.



  Blix & Chocolate Mine

A new and improved version of BLIX reprogrammed from scratch! In BLIX, you'll shift three independent rows of shapes back and forth to match up three ina row vertically. Make matches to earn points and keep your energy up. The more matches you make at once, the more points you earn. Keep going until you run out of energy. Aim for the highest score you can get!

In the new game CHOCOLATE MINE, eat your wy downward through chocolate to find dollar-shaped Shards of the One True Signature Piece. The faster you find each shard, the more you earn for it. Move quickly, but watch out - Jawbreakers are hiding in the chocolate! Use your radar to determine how far away each of the Jawbreakers is from your position. The deeper you go into the mine, the more Jawbreakers you will encounter. Try to find all 40 shards as quickly as possible.

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays, plus a deluxe large jacket patch, an edible jawbreaker, and a golden dollar coin that represents the Shard of the One True Signature Piece from the Chocolate Mine game.



  Boulder Dash

Rockford 'digs' diamonds! He can't get enough of them and needs YOUR help to guide him. But don't dawdle, or Rockford will become impatient! Guide Rockford through 16 scrolling caves and four bonus caves in the classic original. Includes five difficulty settings.

Avoid fireflies, butterflies and falling boulders in a race against time to clear a path, collect valuable diamonds, open and find the exit! Be careful not to let Rockford become trapped! Surround the growing amoeba, use magic or drop boulders on butterflies to create even more diamonds!


  Copter Command

On your first mission? No need to worry, everyone gets nervous. Prepare yourself for some very tricky enemies and sophisticated equipment. Good luck on your mission, the guys are counting on you!  You are the pilot for a helicopter gunship. It is your duty to cover convoy's of tanks, ships, supply trucks, and ambulances, deep into enemy territory. Watch your long range scanner for squadrons of enemy aircraft closing in on you and the convoy's you are protecting. You must respond quickly or all will be lost!

For one or two players.
Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overalys.


  DIIK Arcade: Special Edition

One smart ape has escaped from his cage. Mario, the zookeeper, is in a real fix! The gorilla Darwin has captured a very special lady and made his way onto a construction site and up bewildering, unfinished structures and a veritable King Kong! Leap for your life over bouncing barrels, ride fast-moving platforms to dizzying heights, scurry under runaway springs, and avoid roaming flames and dangerous balls of gas as you make your way up. It will take not only Mario but one of his brothers Toni and Bruno to outsmart the big ape and return the girl to safety.

It's TWO games in one! The first arcade game, PLUS a second game with five all NEW levels inspired by the arcade hit D2K: Jumpman Returns! 9 Screens in total!

- New graphics & sound effects. Hear DK growl for the first time!
- Separate high scores for both games. Perfect for high-scoring competitions!

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.



DK Arcade

Classic arcade jumping and climbing action!
Two modes of play - North American and Japanese
It talks! - Without the use of an Intellivoice!
Play as 3 different characters with different capabilities

Authentic arcade action - 4 different screens!
- BARRELS …DK's tantrum has crushed and warped five levels of girders, turning them into a nightmare of ramps and rolling barrels! Jump for your life or grab a hammer and start smashing!
- PIE FACTORY …Treacherous conveyors, leaping flames, and "pies" that look almost good enough to eat… but don't be fooled! These trays of cement are massively dangerous!
- ELEVATORS …Two fast-moving columns of elevators and some nasty fireballs await you. Take the easy way out but be wary of the springs
- RIVETS …Your only chance to reunite yourself with your loved one! Dismantle the structure by pulling out the support rivets and give the big ape a concussion he won't soon forget!



Deep Zone

Your mission has taken you deep into space, and upon your return to your home world you encounter hostile aliens. The enemies have emerged from the moon not far from their planet, blocking your return. Your ship is heavily armed and ready for action, but will they overtake you before you can make it through safely? This may very well be your final battle!

Includes game cartridge, box, manual, and 2 overlays.



Defender of the Crown

Set in England in 1149 during the Middle Ages where, following the death of the king, different factions are fighting for territorial control.

Assumesthe role of a Saxon and try to fight off the Norman hordes and wrestle for control of England. Fight for territories, and potentially those controlled by other Saxons, if they have become antagonistic. Amass armies and fight for control of opponents' castles. Engage enemy armies in battle and loot or lay siege to opposing castles. Territories can also be won in the periodic jousting contests. Attempt to rescue a damsel in distress by appealing for help from the legendary bandit Robin Hood. The game's strategy boils down to a war of attrition as the player tries to amass larger armies than his opponents and manages to attack their territories at the right time.

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overalys.




Everybody grab a paint roller and head for the canvas! It's up to out paint your opponents before the time runs out! Play against your friends or the computer in your customized game. Choose different modes such as teams, elimination mode, top score, and more. With nonstop frenzied gameplay, you'll see why it is FUBAR!

- One to Four Players
- Can be played with or without the ECS Computer Adaptor
- Uses your ECS Computer Adaptor to enhance music and add controllers.
- Ability to customize game settings for enhanced gameplay.
- Choose up to 8 different game modes and reprogram for 8 AI players.

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overalys.



GoSub and Super GoSub

Navigate the mazes of the deadly seas
in a quest to find valuable treasures!

Deep Dive in your submarine in search of sunken treasure chests and vast wealth. But beware of dangers as these treasures are very well hidden in an underwater labyrinth. Carefully navigate through the perilous mazes, collect the treasures, and stay alive! You must pilot through the narrow passages with great skill, as a monster octopus is lurking around the corner, determined to crush your sub in its mighty grip!

This game cartridge also includes Super Pro GOSUB! It features more enhanced options, six new zones to explore, and new creatures! Bonus levels and enhanced graphics!

Limited run of 300. Compatible with both NTSC and PAL systems. Each game includes a professional-style cardboard box, color manual, flyer, two overlays and two 3-D Printed Octopus characters.



Hotel Bunny

Hop past the hounds to the hare's hotel.

You are a cute bunny, just trying to make it home toyour hotel! The only thing blocking your way are three angry dogs. If you get down on your luck, have some carrots. Your adventure may seem simple at first, but looks can be deceiving! Can you get your nine rabbits safety?

Includes game cartridge, box, manual, and 2 overlays.



Hover Bovver

The lawn needs mowing, and the wife is making your life miserable! What’s a skint Englishman supposed to do when he doesn’t have a working mower or two pence to rub together ? Borrow one ! “Jim won’t mind if I borrow his mower !” you think to yourself. Who knew how angry the poor chap would get? He wants his AirMo lawn mower back now ! So, sic the dog on your poor neighbour and try to finish the job ! Avoid making the gardener angry by carefully mowing around the flower garden. Doing the mowing has never been so much fun!

You've never played a game like this before! Your lawn needs mowing and your mower doesn't work. What now? Borrow your neighbor's mower when he's not looking! Mow your way through as many as 16 lawns whilst avoiding 3 angry neghbors trying to retrieve their mowers!

Set your dog onto the neighbour to help you out of tight spots. Make sure you do not overheat the mower or run over your dog! Do a good job! If you run over the flowers, the gardener will not be pleased!

Save your high score permanently on the cartridge. It talks! INTELLIVISION VOICE SYNTHESIS CARTRIDGE. 107k / 84 seconds of digital voice. Realistic dog barking! For one or two players.

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overalys.



IntyBasic Showcase Volume One

Featuring 3 games: Goatnom, Warship!, and Zyx
Includes game cartridge, box, manual, 6 overlays.



IntyBasic Showcase Volume Two

Choose between three different great games! Test your mental prowess and abilities, avoid the terrifying mummies deep in the tombs, blast your way through the endless meteors in space. Your fun and adventures are waiting to begin. Also includes a fourth bonus game!

Featuring 3 games: 2048, Meteor Storm, and Oh Mummy!
Includes game cartridge, box, manual, 6 overlays.



Jaw Crusher

Your trip to the candy factory has never been this exciting before, or as dangerous! Try to gobbleup all of the treats while under attack from the happy jawcrushers that are trying tocrush your teeth. Do your best to avoid them by using evasive moves in an everchanging maze. Chomp on the vitamins and then go after them. Winning is sure to put a bright smile on your face!

Includes game cartridge, box, manual, and 2 controller overlays.


  Jr. Pac-Man

The leader of the Pac is here! Enjoy the giant maze playgrounds while chasing down candy dots. Do your best to avoid the nasty bullies that will stop at nothing to catch you. You have a lot of ground to cover while trying to gather up your toys. Have Junior eat the power pills at just the right time, and you will have the bullies on the run!

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.


  Laser Sharks

For maYou command a fleet of spaceships srmed with laser blasters. While on patrol near the ocean planet Austin IV, you're attacked by creatures you've never encountered before - sharks with frickin' laser beams!

Includes game cartridge, manual, and a single controller overlay. No box.


  League of Light

Guide your Space Scientist through a celestial worm-hole and out of this galaxy, avoiding many deadly light bars along the way, and to help humanity make first contact with extraterrestrials through the use of colors and musical patterns.

There are two levels of play;

The Space Deflector
- occasionally, red space debris will appear in your path while you are traveling through a worm-hole. Act fast! You'll have to activate the space deflector to block this debris from destroying or damaging your hyperfighter. Timing is crucial. Activating the space deflector too soon or too late can mean the difference between life and death!

Musical Patterns - once you've made it safely through the worm-hole, your next task is to decipher the encoded musical tones along with their corresponding keys. React quickly for bonus points. You will also be rewarded with additional lives and space deflectors once you break the codes. Mankind is depending on you to break the language barrier!

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.



Lost Caves of Kroz, The

For many years, the Kingdom of Kroz has been a kingdom without a king! Can YOU restore the King to his throne and be the of the Kingdom of Kroz? Danger is everywhere, but so is fame and fortune! Explore the long forgotten Caves of Kroz and battle intricate puzzle rooms to recover the royal crown! Locate all 32 pieces of the crown in fiendishly clever puzzle rooms. Save your progress directly to the game cartridge on this officially licensed Kroz adventure.

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.



  Mad Bomber w/ bonus game Avalanche

The “Mad Bomber” moves back and forth randomly dropping bombs. As the game progresses, the Mad Bomber traverses the top of the screen much more erratically, dropping bombs at increasingly higher speeds, making each of the levels more difficult.

Meanwhile at a shack… Mad Bomber is very Bored. It is driving him MAD!!! He decided to get up and deal with the Boredom. The Mad Bomber decided to go out and wreak Havoc!! That simple classic game will test your reflexes as you catch the bombs!

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.



Match 5

You control the grid!

The 'grid' is an alien space ship wrecking yard! Your job is to link 5 or more identical space ships and blast them to smithereens with an electrical charge! Are you up to the task? Unfortunately, no one seems to last long in this job...

Some ships can be destroyed by linking to any other ships, but most can't. When the wrecking yard lanes get bogged down, bring in the bomb squad to blow up ships blocking the way! Bombs are expensive, so use them sparingly!

You will need skill and a bit of luck not to mess up the grid! If you do, over! You will be looking for work in no time!

Hopefully, they won't put you in a ship like the last guy! Good luck!

- Two game modes - Turn and Speed mode.
- Save high scores on the cartridge! Perfect for high-scoring competitions!

This addictive puzzle game is FOR ONE PLAYER
Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.




Listen up soldier, your military unit is relying on you! The enemy is attacking, and your unit has been sent to the front for the counter attack, but a minefield is in the way of your tanks!

Military Intelligence has captured some enemy soldiers. They have obtained some vital clues on the location of some mines. Unfortunately, they don't know where all of them are…your task is to use your powers of deduction and pinpoint those mines, marking them with flags so the tanks can get through!

Speed is of the essence. Sometimes, you'll have to guess; but remember: One false move and....KABOOM! Good luck soldier, you're going to need it!

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.



Miner 2049er

Bounty Bob is back on the trail of the treacherous Yukon Yohan! Over 35 years have passed since he first entered Nuclear Ned’s mine but now he’s more determined than ever to find him!

This time, however, is going to be even harder! Bounty Bob has discovered that there are actually 22 different stations (levels) of the mine and there are some areas even Nuclear Ned didn’t know about!

Bounty Bob must cover every inch of each level before oxygen runs out, all the while avoiding the deadly radio-active creatures that inhabit the mine. Join Bounty Bob in his intrepid search to finally track down Yukon Yohan once and for all!

Take on the role of Bounty Bob, intrepid member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, on a treacherous search for Yukon Yohan through Nuclear Ned's abandoned uranium mine.

Navigate a myriad of obstacles while avoiding the radio active creatures that inhabit the mine.

Collect objects left behind by past miners for bonus points!

22 exciting levels!
Experience the fullness of the classic 11 levels of Miner 2049er along with 11 new challenges created by the original designer, like the flooded cavern, the wind tunnel and the geyser just to name a few!

To complete the level, every section of the flooring must be covered. Each level is timed and must be completed before Bob runs out of oxygen!

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.


  Missile Domination

Your nation's cities are under attack! You command an arsenal of missiles and must have nerves of steel, pinpoint precision, accurate aim, and rapid responses to win! Wave after wave keeps coming, bent on destroying your cities and bases. Don't get overwhelmed in this tougher-than-ever game that TALKS TO YOU!

For one or two players. Play with either easy or hard modes.
Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.


  Moon Blast

Relive the laAs the commander of an intersteller fleet of spacecraft, your mission is to engage and take out the feared enemy forces at all costs. This is one mission you maye not survive! Your every move is monitored by the enemy, and their force fields counter your advances. When you destroy one wave of enemies, another one more advanced takes its place. Keep on fighting, you never know where your commission will take you!

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.



Moonsweeper is a shooter video game set in space and on the surface of satellites. It is now ported to the Intellivision!

You pilots the spaceship USS Moonsweeper with the aim of recovering the miners dispersed on the satellites of remote planets. This challenge is for you! can you do it!

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.


  Ninja Odyssey

The people from the remote village of Teguma always lived in peace and harmony but a few weeks ago all the animals begun to act aggressively and started attacking without provocation. Short after the villagers started to feel weak, sick, as if the life was being sucked out of them. They discovered that 3 ancestral ghosts entered our plane of existence through the 3 temples on the Teguma valley and they were draining the life force of all humans in order to return to life. But by the time they found out about the ghosts it was too late, everyone was too weak to do anything against them... Everyone except for one: The young Ninja Kasuhiro Kun still stands and he must travel to the 3 temples in order to defeat the ghosts before his life force is drained completely! And so, the biggest odyssey of his life begins!

This is a cartridge only release.



Old School

Bullies Beware! Nerds are fighting back!

Poindexter, the teacehr's pet, has been sent to clean chalk brushes and is using the opportunity to recover his lunch money and term paper! Unfortunately, two bullies, Fric and Frac have cut class! Travel the hallway of "Old School High" to collect coins, keys and recover the term paper. Steer clear of the two bullies to avoid getting wedgies!

Three skill settings and seven different levels. Save your high score directly to the cartridge.

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.


  Oregon Bound

Relive the laIt is time to bid farewell toyour friends, neighbors, and way of life as you embark on a 2,000-mile westward journey in a covered wagon! Many dangers await you and yourloved ones, such as severe weather, wild animals, tough terrain, sickness, hostile bandits, and more. If you survive your adventure and reach your new home, it will have all been worth it. Just try not to die of dysentery along the trail!

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.


  Paddle Party

Relive the late 1970s when TV Tennis was king! Play the computer in five different paddle themed games, or invite a friend over to your 'Rec room' for some head to head TV Tennis competition! If you don't have a 'Rec room', don't worry! Paddle Party's Air Hockey table recreates this fast paced game! Once you've had enough Air Hockey, get in your virtual bumper cars for a wild game of Handball Smash! And, finally blast off into space in your TV Tennis space ship for some competition...or, is that co-operation? Don't hit the meteors during your match or it is GAME OVER! You've never played a video game like this before!"

Written by Dave Akers the author of the smash hit Arcade game Klax!!

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.


  Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank must collect his inheritance from a long lost uncle's mansion. The neglected mansion is now overrun with local wildlife (including ducks, pigeons, rats, snakes and bears), some crazy robots and even the odd spook or two. The coins in each room must be collected before Piggy is overcome by the dust and fumes.

Released at PRGE 2015.

Twenty levels, fifteen enemies, three dificulty levels, high score table.
Includes game cartridge and bacon-flavored Dum-Dums lollipop.


  Programming Games for Intellivision (BOOK)
by Oscar Toledo

The excitement of having your own games console, the unrivaled emotion of opening a new game, the awe of discovery and the thrilling atmosphere of the 80s. Now you can feel all the excitement again, while developing your own games for Intellivision consoles. A smooth trip using an easily readable language across the foundations of game programming, including the complete source code to 4 amazing games: Game of Ball, Monkey Moon, Space Raider and Bouncy Cube. All tools and information are provided, as well as links to download the required development software. 190 Pages.


  Robot Rubble

A new expedition awaits Pitfall Harry in the treacherous mountains. On your trek through the desert terrain, you will encounter an onslought of deadly robot attacks. Equipped with your wits and weapons, you must survive several different types of robots, each just as deadly as the last one! Run, dodge, and shoot, or this could be your last adventure!

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.


  Sea Venture

Deep below the surface of the Pacific Ocean lies untold amounts of gold, just waiting for you and your team. As you begin to scavenge the boutiful shipwreck, things take a turn for the worse. It's an all out barrage of pirate subs after your treasure, and the waters are infested with deadly sharks. Do your best to survive and save your divers as they return ith the gold. They have been down there far too long!

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.


  Space Raid

Guide your fighter through enemy territory. Drop to ground level to blow up fuel tanks and gun turrets. Encounter and destroy enemy squadrons in space, but avoid their missiles. If you like the coin-op classic Zaxxon, then you'll love Space Raid!

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.



The ACME Steamroller Company is in a fierce competition with the NADIR Steamroller Company to win the city competition to fix potholes! Compete on a convoluted, diabolical test track, featuring bouncing robotic beach balls, bouncing bombs, potholes and manholes! Use your steamroller to repair the ever-deteriorating roads, crush beach balls, pick up prizes and of course, watch out for that other steamroller! With multiple levels and road mazes and ever-increasing speed, how long can you survive the non-stop frenetic action! Man your s teamroller and find out

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.


  Sydney Hunter and the Shrines of Peril

You control Sydney Hunter, the famous explorer who is off on an action packed quest! you'll dirct him through the dangerous forest, field and caverns on his way to the treasure. He must run, jump and duck to avoid the many hazards and elude the scary creatures along the way. Will you get Sydney Hunter to the hidden Mayan temple to get the diamonds? If you like the Colecovision classic Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle, then you'll love Sydney Hunter and the Shrines of Peril!

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.


  The Secret Government Waffle Project

Deep in an underground complex beneath a remote restaurant, hidden from prying eyes, lies a top secret government installation where waffles are weaponized. As Captain Robert Kellogg, you must stop the out-of-control waffle machines before they wreak havoc on the general population. Wave after wave of deadly waffles will bombard you. Do your best to destroy the waffle machines and make it home safe to your family.

Includes professionally produced box, full-color manual and set of overlays.


  TNT Cowboy

An explosive Western Action RPG! TNT Cowboy is a full blown action RPG with experience points, level ups, money, quests, et cetera. Imagine a Zelda or Final Fantasy style game with Bomberman combat elements. Literally, it is a BLAST!

This is the largest Intellivision game ever created = 200Kb in size. It features a real time shadow system which modifies the shadows cast by the solid elements in the game as they change (due to the explosions) and the main character gets affected by the shadows as well. Runs at a smooth 60 frames per second.

This is a cartridge only release.


  Ultimate Pong

Enjoy 15 different modes of play with up to 4 players and select various options for a total customized experience. Complete with beautiful game box, game cartridge, instruction manual, and 2 overlays.



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