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Alien vs Predator

Alien vs Predator is an unreleased 3-D strategy adventure game. Play as the Marine or Predator in this game that is similar to the popular corridor shooter Doom. The game is mission-based complete with level objectives. While incomplete (approx 85%), it is very playable
and is a showcase for the Atari Lynx.



Alpine Games

Alpine Games features nine different winter games, in a similar style to the old Summer Games and Winter Games titles from Epyx. Alpine Games is a 512K cartridge (with over 2MB of packed data), featuring use of more than 16 simultaneous colors, digitized sound effects, four-channel digitized music, seven different characters to play, BLL ComLynx Loader, and more. Alpine Games also saves your high scores to the cartridge, and your scores can be shared with other Alpine Games owners online. This is the ORIGINAL PREMIERE RELEASE!

Games include:
Biathlon, Snowboard Rush,
Freestyle Aerials, Speedskating, Slalom, Bobsleigh, Skijump, Snowboard Halfpipe and Figure Skating.


  Alpine Games Bonus Cart

This cartridge is especially for collectors, it contains one game and lots of demos:

Barrel Jumping Game
MOD Player Demo
Nebulus Demo
F1 Racing Demo
Downhill Demo
Karate Demo
Intro Figures Demo



Centipede is based on the 1980 Atari coin-op orignally designed by Donna Bailey. Rotate your Lynx 90 degrees to play with a long vertical playfield just like the arcade. The centipede generally makes its journey from the top left-hand corner of the screen to the bottom right corner, changing course depending on the placement placement of the mushrooms in its path. This unreleased game is very playable but unfortunatley lacks audio.


  Championship Rally

Championship Rally is just what your Lynx needs to roar again! This awesome multi-player overhead racing game will keep you occupied for hours.


Multiple AI levels
7 unique tracks with different handling
4-player comlynx support
Colorful, detailed graphics
Incredible speed and control
High frame rate
Overview map
Powerups and pitfalls on each track!
Configurable options

Packaged in a deluxe and sturdy Lynx-style cardboard box!


  Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure

CM2:BT takes the original Crystal Mines II game engine, including all 181 classic levels, and adds over 100 brand new levels to fry your brain! Whether you enjoy chaotic action or thoughtful puzzles, we've got every kind of new level imaginable in CM2:BT!

Packaged in a deluxe and sturdy Lynx-style cardboard box!


  Cyber Virus

Cybervirus is one of the most highly sought-after "lost" games for the Atari Lynx. Finally, a first person mission game for the Atari Lynx!

Cybervirus puts you in the role of the last surviving member of the Demolitions Ops Guerillas (or DOGs) of War. You've got to stop the horde of bio-mechanical nasties that are threating mankind with extinction!

Wide variety of terrain
Sixteen brain-frying missions Multiple weapons, including laser, grenades, and mini-missiles Battle bio-robots, mutant spiders, land mines, turrets and more! NEW! Stealth armor and more cheats than you can shake a stick at! Realistic 3D first-person perspective and motion, similar to BattleWheels.

Packaged in a deluxe and sturdy Lynx-style cardboard box!



Daemonsgate, while incomplete, is the most advanced RPG on the Lynx and provides a huge world for gamers to explore. Taking place in Tormis,
the capitol of the Civilized Lands, you will interact with inn keepers, guards, store owners and townsfolk. Address the "Amulet of Knowledge" to get answers to your questions. Kill monsters and collect money by looting private hoards located in various town buildings. Mix herbs and magic ingredients to create magic potions. Visit distant lands such as Anchor, Point Jornuli, the prison-city of Atteia and more.

Features a built-in map (option 1" and "A") which offers up to 48x magnification of the HUGE region included on the cart.


  Eye of the Beholder

The Eye of the Beholder demo takes you on an authentic Dungeons & Dragons adventure. This is a non-playable DEMO.



Hotdog is a fast paced, highly ambitious mascot game which was in development from 1993 up until Atari pulled the plug on the Lynx. Before Lore Design moved on to produce Highlander for the Jaguar they were able to create a fully playable demo featuring 5 distinct worlds and 8 complete levels.

Some features include: A hidden level and many secret areas to explore, A variety of power-ups and score bonuses, Fully implemented music and sound fx that give the demo a highly polished appearance and A diverse array of worlds to visit, with themes ranging from cheese to ice and palm.



Hyperdrome was one of the ill-fated Lynx games that was essentially completed but abandoned once Atari moved from the Lynx to the Jaguar. It's clearly a Ballblazer clone, with the added bonus of supporting up to four players via comlynx. Your goal is to move about a 3D arena, collect valuable items, and return them to your goal for points. Other players compete against you and arena obstacles will knock you around as you vie for the title of Hyperdrome Champion!



Lexis is an amazing twist on the classic "falling blocks" game concept. Try to spell words from falling letters. Spell multiple words simultaneously to score big points. And wait -- do some words have secret effects on the game? Get Lexis and find out!

This cartridge also contains a bonus hidden game.
All the more reason to pick up this fantastic game today!

Packaged in a deluxe and sturdy Lynx-style cardboard box!


  Lode Runner

This version of Lode Runner is a homebrew port of the Apple version of Lode Runner. The game contains all 150 levels and is a very faithful version of the popular game.




Loopz is the exciting game for one or two players, where you take pieces and try to complete "loopz" on the game board. It's a race against the clock, and sometimes against a friend! Score big points by creating ever-larger loopz. Try your hand at three different modes of play: Chain Loopz, Target Loopz, and Match Loopz. Two player support via comlynx cable.

Available in the original jewel case release or the new deluxe boxed release.



Lynx Reloaded

Lynx Reloaded shows astonishing effects never seen on the Lynx before, such as HiColor graphics - more than the 16 colors the Lynx normally can handle and a
digital soundtrack.

MultiPong 1k Minigame (1 and 2 player)
Othello 1k Minigame, a "Reversi" type of game.
Manual included in the cartridge

Includes the BLL Loader: Allows homebrew programs to be transfered to the Lynx through a serial Cable/Comlynx; speed selectable between 2400, 9600, 31000, 62000 baud.

Contains a hidden game for up to 4 players...



Trade Clever! Earn Money! Get Rich! Win the Game! In Lynxopoly you buy games and then license them to other publishers. This game plays similar to the popular Monopoly but in the world of Atari. Play two to eight players with friends or against the Lynx. Three different winning options, Saveable High Scores, Game Save option, 256 kb cartridge with 380 kb packed data. Mod-Sound with HighColor Graphics and even more options! Packaged in a very nice box with color manual.




The fun is just beginning in this explosive pack of games and tools for your Lynx! Enjoy the arcade action of ChopperX or Parafly, or kick back and relax with Password, High Roller or Blackjack. Looking for something really different? Give Sketch or Soundtool a whirl!

No matter how you slice it, no Lynx fan will be disappointed with MegaPak.

Packaged in a deluxe and sturdy Lynx-style cardboard box!



This is the game of Othello ported to the Atari Lynx. You can select from four aggression levels. In addition to a one player game against the computer, you can also play two players, alternating with the same Lynx, two players with two Lynx using the ComLynx cable and two player Lynx Game Sharing System.

Packaged in a deluxe and sturdy Lynx-style cardboard box!




Poker is a complete video poker game featuring a double-or-nothing bonus round for all winning hands, and a variety of options including auto-hold and strong pair adjust.

This Key features include: Auto-hold feature for beginners who are learning the game, Large on-screen graphics optimized for handheld gaming, Ability to adjust the strong pair ranging from all to ace only, Random, Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty levels, An assortment of animations and sound effects that bring the game to life!




This is basically the Poker Solitaire portion of the Atari 2600 game Casino or the game Poker Squ?res ported to the Atari Lynx.

The object is to place twenty-five cards out of fifty-two on a grid five rows wide and five rows deep to form the best poker hands you can, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. The better your poker hands, the more points you get.




Ponx brings the ball-and-paddle favorite that started it all to the Atari Lynx! But this isn't your ordinary game. You can select a play field color and the number of balls in play. Try adjusting the difficulty level of the Lynx controlled opponent, or in a throwback to classic handheld gaming, play against a friend on the same Lynx unit (no comlynx cable or second Ponx cartridge necessary)! Ponx will keep you occupied for many fun and furious hours of play.



Pounce stars a cute green dragon (the Loch Ness monster) named Pounce in a platform and maze adventure.


  Relief Pitcher

Relief Pitcher is a fast-paced baseball game that features two distinct modes of play: You can opt to play a full game from start to finish, or make relief appearances at various high-intenstity points within a game that is already underway. Players are able to control the pitcher when pitching or the batter when batting. Either way, once the ball is in the air, you must make split-second decisions as you instruct the rest of your team to make the best combination of moves possible!

Some key features include: Highly customizable setup that lets you choose the characteristics of you team, Full speech commentary from famous announcer Jack Buck, A near-perfect replica of the arcade experience, available on the handheld Lynx and a variety of distinct stadiums to play in, as well competitors with unique competencies.


  Remnant: Planar Wars

You are the last surving starship capable of defending your quadrant from a seemingly endless wave of invading aliens... can you stop them before they obliterate the human outposts?

Remnant features a pseudo-3D environment and plenty of space-faring combat to keep you on your toes. In this arcade extravaganza, you fight off endless waves of invaders. Try to survive multiple foes at once, meteor showers, and more!

Pseudo-3D space combat game with X,Y scrolling background Cockpit with transparent windows and status bars
Heavy use of Lynx scaling on debris and enemies
Multiple simultaneous enemies

Packaged in a deluxe and sturdy Lynx-style cardboard box!


  Road Riot 4WD

Road Riot 4WD is based on the 1991 Atari Games coin-op. Road Riot 4WD is a driving simulation from Atari featuring dune buggies mounted with guns. The object of the game is to complete 15 rounds within international settings such as Africa, Antartica and more and win the championship. Each course course is designed to match the terrain of the sponsor country. Dodge obstacles fill the raceway such as animals, fallen trees, mud puddles and even race fans. One or two players can Lynx up on this game.


Cart and Manual Version

(Jewel Case Version)

  SPECIAL FX: The Ultimate Audio Tool

SFX is an audio tool for the Lynx. Perfect for the hobbyist developer or the curious tinkerer, this sound utility will allow you direct control over the four audio channels available on the Lynx. You can adjust volumes, frequencies, waveforms, and more. With just a few moments of effort, you'll be hearing familiar engine hums, rumbling explosions, and computer garbles. Blend several channels together at once, tinker with them on the fly -- it's all possible with SFX!



Multi-card collection for the Atari Lynx. The card has 4 games and 4 demos. Three of them use a build on EEPROM to save highscores !

Included Games and Demos:
Dungeon Demo
MarbleMadness Demo
Wolfenstien 3D Demo
Poly Demo

Packaged in a deluxe and sturdy Lynx-style cardboard box!



This is the game Soko-Ban ported to the Atari Lynx. You control Harry the warehouse worker, who must push brown boxes onto blue fields on the warehouse floor.
This is the ORIGINAL PREMIERE release!

CART ONLY!! The orange box shown to the left is NOT included.



Lynx Solitaire! has 3 variations - Klondike, Spider, and Free Cell.

Obtain the high score to receive gold coins to unlock additional music in the jukebox. Solitaire features a very cool red cart, a manual in a plastic clam-shell box. This cart has an embedded chip to save high scores.



This is the game Tetris designed to run on the Atari Lynx. For those who have been living under a rock for the last three decades, I will explain: colored shapes fall from the top of the screen. You must arrange these shapes so they form a complete line across the playing field. If the stack reaches the top of the playing field, the game is over.



Yastuna 1: The Alchemy of Cubes

Yastuna 1: The Alchemy of Cubes features several games on one cartridge!

Merlain's Quest

This compilation also contains several hidden games.
Can you find them?


  Yastuna 2: The Space Incident

Yastuna 2: The Space Incident features several games on one cartridge!

Space Lock: Inspired by Lunar Lockout, has 60 levels of increasing difficulty. The game includes a level editor, in order to create and play to your own levels.

Space Shoot: Fight against a never-ending wave of enemies. Between each level, you can upgrade your ship at the Space Shop.

Space Dance: The only discotheque game on the Lynx!

Space Domino: Play against your Lynx in a game of Dominos.



Zaku is a lightning fast horizontal shooter for the Atari Lynx handheld video game system, containing 100% new and original content and produced with the aid of an official development kit. Running at an incredible 60 frames per second, Zaku is the fastest thing to ever blaze across the Lynx screen!

Game card with authentic plastic shell, 31 page full color instruction manual printed in English and French and sturdy cardstock box with slot to hold and protect the game card.



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