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Alpha Race

Destroy the droid ships while avoiding space mines and strategically bouncing off the edge barriers. Alpha Race plays similar to Omega Race, except that Alpha Race has an actual race against the timer component that adds extra tension. Plus, after destroying all the enemies on a particular level, you must escape by flying into a warp gate before the new more aggressive opponent blasts you out of the sky!


Asteroids Deluxe

...It seems as though you've been here before - but this time, it's much worse! The Asteroids are faster, the enemy ships are much more skilled marksmen than your first time through this galaxy...and what's this odd hexagon-shaped craft I keep hearing about? Asteroids plunge at you! Trapped in a gigantic cloud of asteroids, your struggling spaceship hurls towards its doom. You'll have to pulverize all the asteroids with your photon cannon to save your ship and your life!

Rubble from an exploding asteroid bounces off your ship's hull. A glowing blur flashes across your viewing screen. So that's where the rubble came from! The asteroid was blasted by an Alien Robot Saucer! Alien Robot Saucers are also trapped in the asteroid cloud. And they fire at you! You know that the metal in your ship's hull will register on their target finders before the asteroids do. The saucers could be a worse danger than the asteroids! More rubble strikes your ship. Its hull rings like a bell. If you don't get busy, that could be your death knell!

Robert DeCrescenzo brings another classic Atari arcade game to the Atari 7800: Asteroids Deluxe! If you're a fan of the original arcade game Asteroids or its sequel, Asteroids Deluxe, you'll want to grab your joystick and start blasting! Asteroids Deluxe brings new graphics and gameplay elements into play, such as the Killer Satellite that when shot breaks into smaller pieces that take direct aim for your ship! There are also two new game variations: Competition Asteroids where you compete against another player for points (and your shots destroy the other player!), and Team Asteroids where you and another player share reserve ships and don't need to worry about friendly fire. Asteroids Deluxe for the 7800 is an extensively modified version of the original Atari 7800 game Asteroids.


  Beef Drop VE

Beef Drop VE is a port of the popular arcade game Burgertime, which Ken Siders first ported to the Atari 5200 and 8-bit computers. 7800 owners are in for a special treat, as the 7800 version is even truer to the original arcade experience, and features better graphics than the 5200/8-bit version, making the 7800 version the definitive release of Beef Drop VE.

The object of Beef Drop VE is to score as many points as possible by making hamburgers. To do so, Chef Pete must completely walk over each ingredient (buns, patties, lettuce, and more) in order to drop it to the next level. When all of the ingredients reach the tray at the bottom of the screen, the hamburger is complete! Assemble all four hamburgers to advance to the next round.

But in this fast food joint, the food itself can be fatal. While Chef Pete is scrambling to make his burgers, his mortal foes, Frank, Mr. Yolk and Dr. Dill chase him relentlessly. If any of them catch Chef Pete, he loses a life. If Chef Pete loses all his lives, the game is over.

Pete is not without recourse, however. By pressing either fire button, he can sprinkle a dash of pepper on his foes. The spicy substance stuns his foes for a few seconds, giving Pete a chance to make a quick escape. But pepper is precious, and Pete only starts with five dashes of pepper. Collecting an ice cream cone, coffee cup or french fries earns Pete one additional dash of pepper.

Beef Drop VE includes the cartridge and 12-page, full-color manual. This cartridge has both NTSC/PAL support built-in!



If you've ever played the 1982 arcade game Q*bert, then you're already familiar with b*nQ. Ken Siders has created a faithful reproduction of the popular arcade game for the Atari 7800 ProSystem.

The object of b*nQ is to score as many points as possible by jumping on cubes, jumping on green objects, and luring the Snake to his death. When all of the cubes have been changed to the “change to” color, you will advance to the next round. After every four rounds you will advance to the next level. Later levels require jumping on cubes multiple times and the cubes will change in different color sequences, increasing the challenge of advancing to the next round.

b*nQ supports one or two players, so you can play alone or with a friend. You can select from one of four difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Adept, and Expert, for greater challenges as you become better at the game. You can also choose whether your joystick operates in "rotated" mode (where you rotate the joystick 45 degrees) or operate it in "normal" mode where you use your joystick's diagonals to move b*nQ around the pyramid.

Includes cartridge and four-page, full-color manual.
This cartridge has both NTSC/PAL support built-in!


  Combat 1990

Combat 1990 was the first original Atari 7800 game. A true labor of love by Harry Dodgson. Similr to the original Atari 2600 version of the game, you manuever your tanks withini the playscreen and try to obliterate one another. A new addition is the inlcusion of shields! However, when you fire your shield drops making you vulnerable to your attackers. Play control is enhanced over the original with the ability to steer in reverse.

Includes game cartridge, box and manual.




Tired of trying to juggle two controllers together playing Robotron: 2084 and other dual joystick games? Spending a fortune on duct tape after you realize that your two hands canít hold them alone. Try one of our new CONTROLLER COUPLERS that do the heavy lifting for you while looking all nice and fancy!

Works with Attack of the PETSCII Robots, Robotron, Space Dungeon, and T:ME Salvo.

Obviously, controllers are NOT included.
They are simply pictured to display how the couplers look.


  E.T. Book 7800

Inspired by the E.T. Book Cart for the Atari 2600, designed for the Atari 7800, the E.T. Book 7800 takes you on a fantastic interstellar journey beneath the deepest E.T. Pits and into Interstellar Space. Be enlightened by the deep Wisdom of E.T.. Read both the 1st and 2nd Interview of Howard Scott Warshaw when he was a disbeliever in the Atari Landfill. Educate yourself with the Ode to H.S.W.. Learn the Secrets of E.T.. Feel the sadness of E.T.'s tragic Epilogue. Read modern comments by various people involved with this 7800 release. Discover the little known E.T. Pantheon and the God and Goddesses that inhabit it. And don't forget to take the Quiz to test your knowledge. Expand your mind to epic proportions and read the E.T. Book 7800 today.



GATO is a submarine simulator originally released for several personal computers, such as the Apple II, Atari 8-bit, and Commodore 64. Atari had plans to release GATO to the Atari 7800. This cartridge release is only a DEMO, and is not a complete playable version of the game. However, if you want to see what might-have-been on a real Atari 7800 console, this is not to be missed.


  Jr. Pac-Man

Jr. Pac-Man is programmed by Bob DeCrescenzo and very faithful to the 1983 Bally Midway. The offspring of Pac and Ms. Pac stars in this side-scrolling maze game. Features bonus items that move around the maze, but be sure to grab 'em before they make contact and destroy any power pills!



Klax is an adaption of the 1989 Atari coin-op. The object is to line up colored blocks into rows of similar colors to make them disappear. An action puzzle game similar in style to Tetris or Sega's Columns.

This cartridge has both NTSC/PAL support built-in!



Merlain: An Epic Text Adventure

Travel back in time to a world of magic and danger in the twisted quest of Merlain. The protagonist wakes with a powerful headache only to discover he had been transported back in time to The Insane Kingdom ruled by the Sleeping King and the Angry Queen. Beware! There are hazards at every turn including the lair of the Red Dragon and other creatures far worse. Interact with familiar and strange characters that befriend you... or not! May the power of Merlain be with you, and may you succeed where others have failed.

Merlain started out as a parody text adventure for the Atari Lynx. The author,
A. Kurzawinski, gave his blessing to port the title to the 7800. The more the the programmer, gambler172, dove into the story, the more it was enhanced until it became a new magical creation greatly inspired by the original game.

Thanks to Matthias Luedtke,
Clark Otto, and Charles F. Gray for adding a title melody, adding the mini-game, and contributing to the storyline.

So drink the magical potion and travel back in time to the world of magic and the danger in the twisted quest of Merlain.

This cartridge is transluscent green!


  Missing in Action

Based on the 1984 feature film, Missing in Action features Chuck Norris as the protagonist. The game is a side-scrolling beat 'em up, taking place in Vietnam during the height of the Vietnam War. As Colonel James Braddock, a captured POW, your mission is to escape from an internment camp, rescue captured POWs, free the American embassy, and kill the evil drug czar. This prototype is about 85% complete and is very playable. MIA is NTSC only.

Available in GREEN or BLACK cartridge casings.


  Pac-Man Collection

Pac Man Collection is a round-up of the various official (and some not so official) releases of one of the most popular games in history. Now we can finally fill a void that was missing from the 7800 library for two decades. Within this game cartridge you will find:

Pac-Man (The Original!)
Puck Man (Same game, more difficult maze)
Hangly Man (Empty Mazes? Vertical Tunnels? Invisible Mazes?)
Ultra Pac-Man (6 New Mazes for a new variety)
Random Mazes (You just never know which maze will appear next!)
Ms. Pac-Man (The second installment of the Pac-Family)
Ms. Pac-Attack (Same game, more challenging mazes)
Ms. Random Mazes (Random Mazes above, but with the Ms. flavor)

Compatable with the Atari 7800 The High Score Cartridge.

Also included is the 'Plus' and 'Fast' variations of these games, which you can individually set on or off for each game. Plus Mode has the various effects when enabled:

Game Speed is increased, Bonus prizes are replaced with alternate items,
Bonus prizes now have the same effect as an energizer, except the monsters turn invisible (they are worth double points this way!), Eating a standard energizer doesn't always turn all four monsters blue..., Eating a standard energizer might make the maze and dots disappear for the duration of the energizer, Maze colors are different as an indicator of 'Plus' mode, 'Plus' mode is the equivalent of the arcade game Pac-Man Plus. 'Fast' Mode increases the speed of the player only when enabled. In total, you have 24 game variations to choose from!




Pit-Fighter was a 1990 arcade fighting game by Atari Games. It was revolutionary because it was the first fighting game ever to feature digitized characters using real life actors. The Atari 7800 version is a very early version of the game, and does not feature actual digitized sprite graphics like the arcade predecessor. While playable, there are issues with collision detection. However, if you want to see what might-have-been on a real Atari 7800 console, this is not to be missed. NTSC and PAL.




Plutos is a vertically oriented space shooter that features gameplay similar to Raiden. The game features six different levels, each with its own unique theme and boss. Only three of these levels are unique graphically--the other three are just color palette changes. Plutos offers one player as well as two player simultaneous modes, selectable with the left difficulty switch. Plutos also has features a unique weapons power-up system. There are three different types of weapons, each of which can be upgraded up to four times, as well as an invincibility power-up. The three different weapons are: Dual machine guns, spread gun, and energy gun.

Plutos is a long lost unreleased prototype developed by Tynesoft for the Atari 7800, and appeared to be a loose port of the ST/Amiga game of the same name. A partially compiled version of Plutos was discovered by Curt Vendel but was unstable and crashed frequently. The source code for Plutos was discovered in 2008 and thanks to the efforts 7800 enthusiasts Robert DeCrescenzo, Mitchell Orman, and Eckhard Stolberg, the game was compiled and now runs properly on stock 7800 hardware.


is now

  Possible Mission


The original RETAIL version of Impossible Mission, released in 1987, really was impossible due to a programming bug. This version has been FIXED and is fully playable and complete with ending... if you are skilled enough, that is!

Impossible Mission, which casts the player in the role of a secret agent infiltrating an enemy stronghold, is widely considered one of the best games for several platforms and inspired sequels and remakes.

The player takes the role of a secret agent who must stop an evil genius, Professor Elvin Atombender, who is believed to be tampering with national security computers. The player races against the clock to reassemble and decrypt the password to Atombender's control room while avoiding deadly robots. Password pieces are found by searching furniture in the rooms. When searching, the player can also reset all moveable platforms and freeze enemy robots for a limited time. The game also features similar rewards for completing bonus puzzles. Possible Mission enemies include two types of enemies. The first are the robots. These have a cylindrical main body. Their bodies are electrified, and some are able to use a short range death ray . Some are stationary; others move in patterns, and others specifically hunt the player. Some have to actually see the player, and others know where the player is at all times. The second enemy is a hovering, electrified ball. Most of these chase the player.



In the arcades, you'd destroy a fleet of attacking ships, whilst repairing any breaching they cause in your fort. "Prepare for battle", "build and repair", and "place your cannons." Please note that this game was in the prototype stage, and while playable, it is not a complete game of Rampart. If you want to see what might-have-been on a real Atari 7800 console, this is not to be missed.

This cartridge has both NTSC/PAL support built-in!


  Save Mary

Save Mary
is an action game that revolves around creating platforms to, as the title boldly states, save Mary, a damsel in distress. The character is a humble construction worker who must pick up crates to use as platforms to get Mary to climb up, eventually leading to the top of the valley. The villain of the story is a mustachioed fiend who keeps Mary at the bottom of the valley for his own perverse pleasure.

Save Mary was originally created for the Atari 2600 console, but not released. Now playable on the Atari 7800 in 2600 mode.



  Shoot the U.F.O.

Outer space is a dangerous place! This game plays just like it sounds - try and shoot the unidentified flying object. It is trickier than it sounds, as asteroids of varying sizes, flying in multiple directions, obstruct your shot. Blast through the smaller asteroids, but avoid the larger space rocks as they are impenetrable and deadly. How long can you survive in this fast paced space shooter?

Only forty-five (45) copies manufactured.



Sentinel is a fast action arcade-style game requiring lightning fast reflexes and skillful shooting through four deadly alien landscapes. You play as a scientist and you have developed a pulsating glowing orb dubbed the Sentinel. This invention absorbs and stores energy from enemy ground and air Attack vehicles as well as power cells.

Supports single or 2 player game play withand three difficulty levels.

Sentinel was a late release title made available in small quantities in France in PAL format. This is a NTSC version playable on North American Atari 7800 units. This game requires the Atari XG-1 or compatable light gun to play.



Sirius is a horizontally oriented space shooter that will feel right at home to those familiar with games such as Gradius and R-Type . The game consists of four different levels, each with its own unique theme and boss. Sirius deftly demonstrates what the 7800 hardware is capable of and compares favorably with NES and Sega Master System games of the time. Sirius is very difficult, so if you like a challenge, you'll love Sirius .

Sirius is a single player game only. The difficulty level (easy and hard) can be selected via the left difficulty switch. Sirius has several different types of weapons power-ups. The first is a "ghost ship" that follows you and fires when you fire. Other power-ups include rapid fire guns and rapid fire plus spread fire. You can pick up one extra of each power-up type for reserve so that when you are killed you won't be quite so vulnerable. There are also diamonds that you can pick up but they don't seem to do much other than reward you 300 points.

Sirius is a long lost unreleased prototype developed by Tynesoft for the Atari 7800, and possibly a port of the 1990 Amiga game Sirius 7 . A partially compiled version of Sirius was discovered by Curt Vendel but was unstable and crashed frequently. The source code for Sirius was discovered in 2008 and thanks to the efforts 7800 enthusiasts Robert DeCrescenzo, Mitchell Orman, and Eckhard Stolberg, the game was compiled and now runs properly on stock 7800 hardware.



  Space Duel

Space Duel is the third generation of Asteroids-style shooters from Atari, following on the heels of Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe. Unlike Asteroids Deluxe, Space Duel is a more radical departure from its predecessor, featuring a wide variety of colorful geometric shapes you must destroy, and several new types of enemies each with unique behaviors you have to contend with in order to stay alive! In addition, there is a bonus round where players can earn extra points. Like many great games, Space Duel is easy to learn, but takes time and practice to master.

Space Duel features several two-player variations including Competition Space Duel where you compete against another player for points (and your shots destroy the other player!), and Team Space Duel where you and another player share reserve ships and don't need to worry about friendly fire. Space Duel comes to life on the Atari 7800 thanks to the efforts of Robert DeCrescenzo, who extensively modified the original version of Asteroids to add all the unique Space Duel gameplay elements, graphics and sounds!

Version with four-page full-color manual available.


  Space Invaders

The original space alien vertical shooter is back and better than ever! Move your tank back and forth along the bottom of the screen and shoot endless waves of aliens marching towards earth. Shoot the flying saucer for extra points.

Bob DeCrescenzo has ported Space Invaders to the Atari 7800, and it is almost identical to the arcade coin-op.


  Super Cobra

A Good Deal Game's Homebrew Heaven EXCLUSIVE!
ONLY SEVENTY (70) Copies made available for sale.

In this horizontally-scrolling shooter, the player controls a helicopter and has to guide it across a scrolling terrain, battling obstacles along the way. The player uses a joystick to accelerate, decelerate, move up, and move down. The ship uses a laser and bomb to destroy defenders, tanks, and UFO's while infiltrating 10 Super Cobra defense systems. The ship has a limited fuel supply, which is depleted over time. More fuel can be acquired by destroying fuel tanks in the game. Please note that this is a hack of the game Scramble, and while similar in play, it is not identical to the 1981 Super Cobra arcade title.


  Super Pac-Man

Bob DeCrescenzo has ported Super Pac-Man to the Atari 7800, and it is almost identical to the arcade coin-op. Complete with level intermissions, this version of the popular Pac-Man game has a well-balanced difficulty, genuine arcade graphics and audio.



Help Brian the worm avoid the mushrooms and eat the flowers to escape from the garden. If you eat the mushrooms, bump into a wall or bite yourself you'll lose a life. Every time you eat a flower you get a little longer until you've eaten your fill. Both the flowers and mushrooms are placed in the gardens randomly. As you progress through the game you start each level longer than the last with more flowers to eat and mushrooms to avoid. After a certain number of levels you'll begin to get faster too.



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