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Fun Meets Money:
Three Games you Wouldn't Expect to Show Up in an Online Casino

by Stephen Benton

When one thinks of casino games, it's playing cards, dice, spinning wheels and chips that first pop to mind. And slot machines, of course - over the last century, slot machines have become the most-played casino games ever thanks to their ease of use, steep learning curve, and constant sense of accomplishment felt by their players. They are the most versatile games ever invented, too, capable of handling any and all topic you can imagine. If you take a look at you'll see that there's literally a slot machine for any player with any taste, covering everything from fishing to Norse gods, horror stories, and a night out with the girls.

Even though slot machines and table games are the most widespread games at casinos, online or otherwise, there are a few of them that venture into other territories for inspiration. One of the most interesting games at the Vegas Palms, for example, is one that fuses vertical-scrolling shooters with games of chance, with the result being something unique. In "Max Damage and the Alien Attack", players need to join Earth's unlikely savior Max in his quest to defend the world from invading aliens. Max hops into his trusted space fighter and starts shooting alien ships - the only issue is that they are sometimes shooting back. The game comes with a strong element of chance - each time an alien ship is destroyed, a bet is placed, and the ship's remains reveal the amount the player wins. The game comes with all elements it needs, including power-ups, boosters, and bosses that are increasingly hard to destroy.

Another game that would be a perfect fit for a social network but it's to be found at the Vegas Palms instead is Germinator. It combines elements from the popular "match-3" genre with a game of chance: its play area is filled with multi-colored "germs" that will only disappear if three or more of them land on the same row or column, touching each other. When this happens, they disappear, and others fall into their place, often starting a chain reaction. The game also comes with an "antibiotic" - when three of these land on the screen, players get to eliminate one type of germ from the screen. Germinator is a surprisingly captivating game that can tie its players to the screen for hours at a time.

Last but not least, let us mention one of the most captivating games the Vegas Palms has ever seen: Castle Builder II. Here, players will have to build castles - but not in the traditional way but through collecting building materials in a game of slots. Initially, players will have to choose one of the three builder profiles with their own unique perks and benefits, and go on a quest to build 75 castles across 15 kingdoms. During this time, they can unlock achievements and increase their experience - as they advance, players will unlock new perks and benefits.


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