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ReCap '03
by Steve Costanzo

G4 Videogame Television Interview

The PhillyClassic Trading Floor
Vintage Handheld Games
GCE Vectrex Systems
EVen More Handhelds
Computer Space Coin-Op
Steve Costanzo, Mike Hayes
and Christina Azzinaro
Nintendo Arcade
Deborah Palicia
Author of Pac-Man Collectables

Pac-Man about to gobble
up Mike Hayes

Dig Dug about to POP
Mike Hayes head

New Atari 2600 game
Stunt Cycle

Philly Classic Selling Floor

John DiFerdinando
GDG Free Ticket Winner
New and Rare Atari Games
New Atari 2600 Games
from Atari Age

Even More New Atari 2600
Games form Atari Age
Virtual Boy Store Display
Costume Contest Participants
Leonard Herman
(author of Phoenix)
and Julie Costanzo

Leonard Herman
and Steve Costanzo
  A BIG thanks to all those involved with Philly Classic as well as those that supported Good Deal Games -especially Steve and Julie Costanzo, Mike Hayes, Christina Azzinaro and Leonard Herman!


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