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The Biggest Slot Wins
by Carl Chapelle

The Biggest Slots Wins

We all hope and pray for a chance to hit that big win, though our main aim ‘should be', of course, to simply let our hair down a bit, and, to enjoy the games themselves. It would be naive of us to think that the thought of winning isn't in the back of most players minds when they play. For a select and very lucky few, the idea of winning on Slot Machines became much more than they ever hoped for or expected. 

How is Gaming perceived across cultures?

Gaming is socially accepted and a part of all western cultures; there may nevertheless, be cultural assumptions or class stereotypes which vary from country to country. Various commissions and authorities regulate and license casinos as well as monitor the market to ensure all regulations are constantly met. This is generally for brick and mortar casinos – when it comes to online gaming it is a bit different. There is no unified law which covers the gaming world online. The USA has the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) which affected the way banks deal with payments and transactions from casino sites – it didn't however, target websites or online gaming companies themselves and many online casinos exist including Slots of Vegas and Ruby slots casino. The UK is more thoroughly regulated – the Gambling Commission has an over-arching frame work which controls and oversees all online activities. Some of the leading online players are LeoVegas, Casumo and a host of others. Other countries in Europe all have different laws – some more lax some more rigid. Sweden has an interesting law that departs from that of many other countries. Here the gaming industry is government owned. In Sweden the governmental authority which deals with gaming is called Lotteriinspektionen, it has the task of ensuring the legality, safety and reliability of the Swedish gaming and gambling market. Svenska Spel is the state owned gambling business; brick and mortar casinos are very seldom with just 4 in the whole country. These casinos too are state owned and fall under Lotteriinspektionen. Advertising in Sweden, or rather any advertising to do with online gaming, also falls under the government. Only casinos licensed by Lotteriinspektionen can advertise in Sweden. There are however, a host of online casinos based overseas offering gaming services to individuals in Sweden and these include John Slots, SveaCasino and Slotsia as well as affiliate gaming sites such as or 2019 will see Sweden adopting a new regulatory framework that will affect internal operators and will alter the market in several ways. Norway will also adopt a very similar frame work.



Top 5 Big Slot Wins

Amazingly, all from the same awesome game Megabucks , h ere in reverse order are five of the biggest wins on record so far. It seems that is you want the challenge of a big win, a really big win, the USA is the place to go.

FIVE = $21.3 Million from Megabucks

Just one spin is all it takes for some, and on the 1st of June 1999, a 49-year old business consultant , put $10 in the Megabucks machine at Caesars Palace.

Within moments, he was $21 million richer!

He even won a $5000 extra, secondary jackpot!

FOUR = $22.6 Million from Megabucks

On March 27, 2002, 74 -year old Johanna Huendl from California put $170 in the machine at Bally's and hit the epic $22.6 Million jackpot.

At the time Huendl, a native of Vienna, thought she'd won a $2-million prize.

Off by one zero, she was more than pleasantly surprised when she discovered the full truth!

THREE = $27.5 Million from Megabucks

When, on November 15, 1998, a 67-year-old retired flight attendant from Vegas accidentally put $300 in to the Megabucks machine at Palace Station, s he couldn't be upset for long.


Well, because s he won the first Megabucks jackpot to top $20-million in history!

TWO = $34.9 Million from Megabucks

A 37-year-old cocktail waitress from Las Vegas , who played the Megabucks machine at the Desert Inn, on January 26, 2000 holds the previous record.

ONE! = $39.7 Million From Megabucks

THE BIG ONE however goes to an unknown 25-year-old from Los Angeles.

On March 21, 2003, whilst waiting for a basketball game to begin, he decided to pass a bit of time and spin a few reels in Las Vegas.

Quoted as saying ‘'It was the best decision of my life ''he ended up winning a record-breaking  $39.7 million!

Which he is receiving at $1.5 million per year - for 25 years!

The Myths Vs the Facts

There are many myths surrounding Slot Machines, which players believe to be true, despite them usually having no foundations in reality. Whatever the case, slot machines continue to evolve and entice with the new slot machine generation out there attracting young players, tailored to the ever changing demands and needs to the new gaming generation.

For your information here are just three of the most common myths and the facts to replace them with.

Myth 1: Slot Machines, when it comes to payoffs, are programmed to go through a cycle, once this cycle reaches its end, it will be repeated in the exact same order.

Fact 1 : This is a total falsehood, each and every spin is random, and completely independent of all previous spins.

Myth 2 : Slot Machines are programmed to pay off a particular percentage, so, after a jackpot is hit, the machine will ‘tighten up' and stop giving out winnings in order to get back in to balance.

Fact 2 : This again is totally false, as previously mentioned, each spin is totally independent of all past spins. So, for any given game, the odds remain the same.

Myth 3 : The Slot department can ‘tighten up' my game remotely, simply by pressing a button, if I'm not nice to the staff or if I don't tip them well.

Fact 3 : There is a hint of truth to this one, as the odds of a machine can be changed remotely. BUT these "server-based slots" are still considered ‘experimental' and are in a minority.

Also, it should be noted that even ‘'server-based slots'' have regulations in place to protect player s from possible abuses which could accompany them.


There are myriad amazing Video Slot Machines to play, both online and within land-based casinos. And, as is clear from our list of Top 5 Big Wins, there really is everything to play for! Who knows who the next record-breaking winner will be… Why not go start your Slot playing adventures and sign up and start spinning those wonder filled reels online today!


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