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How Playing Video Games is Good for your Brain
by Tim Frank Anderson

You may not believe it, but video games have existed since the 1950's. Since their inception, video games have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment for millions of people worldwide. Despite their immense age and popularity, a debate still rages as to whether video games provide any real value and substance to our lives, or whether they are simply tools to dumb our brains and promote bad habits and side effects. This argument has been debated for various other activities too such as watching TV so its nothing groundbreaking!

As the debate rages as to whether video games are beneficial or not, many researchers have actually taken studies and gathered statistics to help. The results are clear and show that certain types of video game do have beneficial elements for our brain power, reflexes and also to aid our education. There was a study by the American Psychological Association for example that showed how video games could benefit our mind. Furthermore, this review by a group of reputable scientists showed direct correlations between video games and neural stimulation in our brain.

To this end, it is clear that video games can indeed help our minds and development . Now that we have shown the scientific data, we have gathered several well-known browser games that have a clear benefit for gamers. These four titles are a heap of fun, but also have a positive benefit for our brains!

1. Slope.

Slope is an awesome arcade game in which you must control a ball through a series of challenging neon platforms. You must keep the ball on the track at all times and stop it from falling off - the track has many curves and twists and the ball travels at great speeds! This type of game helps improve our reflexes, concentration, and reactions as you must work hard to maintain control of the ball!

2. Wired

Wired is a rare game in that it is actually used for educational purposes as well as fun. In this title, you learn about electricity and have to complete a series of different tasks. The game is accompanied by a series of fun educational videos that explain about electricity and the tasks you are working on. WebGL technology has allowed for awesome graphics and superb enlightening gameplay.

3. The Idiot Test

Don't let the name fool you! This series of games actually pushes your brain to the limit and tests your logic, reactions and memory skills. In each version of the Idiot Test, you must answer a series of questions - these questions are all meant to test your mental power. In some questions, you have to use your memory, and in others you have to react quickly. If you complete the Idiot Test, we are certain your brain power will have increased!

4. Cut the Rope

Finally we have Cut the Rope - this classic arcade game is hugely popular and paved the way for various other games in this genre. This is one of the finest examples of Physics games as you must look at how the candy will fall depending on where you cut the rope. This game challenges your brain and makes you think hard about your choices - you learn about physics and gravity whilst also having fun!

As you can see, many games have real educational and developmental benefits for our brain! Although games can indeed help develop our minds, we feel that you should always put fun first - ensure that you actually enjoy playing the game too! Finally, we would also like to point out that video games are NOT a replacement for structured education at school - this should always be your priority! Video games can simply enhance your learning process!


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