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Hey, I Like that Game.
I Wish there was a Real-Life Version

by Alkesh Gupta

Remember back in the day when you used to get overexcited about developers making a game version of sports, activities, or films that you liked? Think games like X-Men and Batman where you could control your favourite comic book heroes, or games like FIFA , where you could be your favourite football stars. Nowadays, youngsters are growing up online, and often discovering games for the first time there. Many online poker players have only played from their computers, for example. Does the youth of today seek to play real-life versions of games like this after playing on the internet? And what other games are taking this opposite route?  


In terms of games that a lot of players start out playing online these days before even touching a hand of physical cards is poker. After the poker boom in 2003, the number of online players playing the Texas Hold'em variety of poker doubled every year until 2006 . More players sign up every year now, but that rate has slowed down. After playing online, the natural progression now is to move to playing more in the real world, and professional poker players like ElkY have taken this route. But as this 888poker guide about mastering home poker games explains, be warned that when you start playing at home with your friends, you will have to adapt your technique.


Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) all stemmed from Ultima Online in 1997, and are now hugely popular worldwide. They allow players to enter online universes and effectively become whoever they want to be. You have to really immerse yourself in the world, and take on your character's traits and the game's lingo. Now, there are hilarious threads online in which MMORPG fanatics talk about a fictitious game called “Outside”. The twist is that this isn't a game at all, but actually real life. What happens in the forum threads is that players describe real-world events in a MMORPG fashion.

For example, one user commented on Reddit ; “Why are there multiple forms of in-game currency?” In response another user said: “It's to balance out the effects of starting in a poorer guild. Should've gotten balanced out by the ‘communism' patch, but that was unstable and never hit the live servers.” The thread is full of wacky and funny comments like that.


The block-stacking game is one of the most famous classics of all time, and it stands to reason that it has been emulated in real-world settings. There are a number of ways to play Tetris in real life. These include physically positioning the different shapes yourself, using big groups of people to act as the blocks, using lights on skyscrapers, and creating Tetris-style art.

The good news is, that with the advent of augmented reality and games like Pokémon Go , more classic games could be recreated to be played in the real world. Now how about going for a game of real-world Pong ? (Tennis).  



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